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  • Twice the Heartbeat
    2.4K 333 18

    In which Sonnet likes Margot who is Paige who likes Misty who is also Sonnet that doesn't like Paige who is also Margot that doesn't like Sonnet. The most interesting thing is that this can't be put in any simpler way.

  • Her Name is Not Avery (Kyoku #1)
    31.2K 2.5K 25

    Kyoku #1 Kitaro's first love is named Avery, the only daughter of the richest family of their town. Kitaro had always loved her, but one summer, Avery Vescilia appears to have changed. He doesn't know what happened to the Avery he'd liked from childhood, the things that she seem to be hiding, but whatever those are...

  • moon washed wish
    4.1K 432 8

    the moonbeam festival is coming near . . . and a girl is trying to make a wish.

  • Playlist of a Lovesick
    803 82 1

    Cielo likes Luella -- the girl who listens to music all the time. Cielo noticed that she doesn't have any love song in her playlists, until one night, Luella began listening to one. ∘˚˳° | a sapphic one shot

  • si sav at si sof
    813 178 11

    sav and sof has liked each other for years, but neither of them has ever confessed yet, thinking that their feelings are probably not the same. the very problem is that prom is coming near and they are stressing out as it draws closer. had it not been for that certain promised dare they made when they were kids . . . ...