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  • Kotlc, Hoo og Hp into the Hungergames !!! :)
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    read the name :) ill be adding extra characters including: Stina and Malfoy.... ill reveal no more!! by the way, this is the sequel to 'ULTIMATE WEREWOLF' and the story i wrote with SparKotlcAlicornGirl: 'COPS AND ROBBERS' bty the awesome cover was created by @--ZigZag-- go ahead and check out their graphic shop!

  • kotlc, hoo, hp roleplaying the game: ULTIMATE WEREWOLF
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    Hi! in this story HOO HP and KOTLC characters play a game together, ULTIMATE WEREWOLF. beware, this story includes: Group Physical Therapy, Teddy Bear Picnics and a Banana (Keefe calls it 'Bahama') Eating contest! this is my first story and its written by me -nicknamed MOCKINGLARK- and the amazing SparKotlcAlicornGirl...

  • KotLC sleepover
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    Sophie Foster goes to a sleepover with her friends at Everglen. All credit for characters goes to Shannon Messenger. Go check out her series if you haven't read it, it is amazing. Also @queenbiana- made the cover so thanks for doing that!

  • fate sokeefe
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    WARNING !!! This is my first story so it might suck : Lies and betrayals , secrets and darkness How many secrets full of darkness are hidden under a sparkly world ????? in this story Sophie has always been an elf