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  • Ember's Awakening
    690 102 7

    When Ember moves with her Aunt to a small island off the coast of Ireland, to live with her Grandmother, she thinks this will finally be her chance for the normal life she has always craved. She soon realizes nothing in her life will ever be normal. With one family secret revealed, Ember tries to adjust to the legac...

  • Out of the Blue (Being Rewritten/On Hold)
    2.5K 607 17

    Martha gives birth to Josanna then one the baby mysteriously disappears. Unconvinced by everyone Martha sets out on an adventure to take back what was lost. While on her adventure, she discovers things that should be kept a secret. Throw a couple of fairies into the mix and disaster, is bound to strike. Thank you @th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Outcast (A TWD Fanfiction)
    16.9K 3.7K 59

    (DarylxOCxNegan) A medium prior to the apocalypse, aggressive outsider Eleanor has always had an abnormal connection with the dead. But in this new world, Ellen is forced to rely on her survival skills and nerve to withstand another monster entirely: the living.

  • Empire of Flames and Thorns
    167 21 5

    Lyssa , a 25 year old , trying to find her place in one of the most ruthless gangs , her family gang , The Royal Thorns . Will she take what's rightfully hers and be the leader , or will a rival gang threaten her plans to rule ? Will she prevail or will family destroy her vision and hard work ? Will she successfully...

  • Cinderhella
    8.5K 864 32

    "I will unleash hell, and then and only then will you understand that that girl in that fairy tale and I have nothing more in common than a name. I will destroy you. I am that horror to rival all horrors, that myriad of evil never written about. I am Cinderhella," I said with fury as I stood mere centimeters away from...

  • Fake Me To Church
    27.2K 2.6K 32

    Steven Hall has never once doubted his status. The son of esteemed Pastor Marcus Hall and his wife Evelyn, Steven was born atop the tentative peak of public opinion within his Ecclesiastical city of obsequious religious devotion. And when new adoptee and Muslim-turned-Christian Ahmed Heavenstate enrolls in EdgeWay Aca...

  • Captivate
    838 139 8

    Abram has finally found her--his father's killer. It's been ten years, but she hasn't aged a day... He has answers Veronica has been seeking her whole life. Are they worth a bullet to the brain?

  • Carmine (Completed)
    3K 901 81

    The King of Ascus is dead. The other nations and powerful nobles move, their goal is simple. To subvert the country. That means they will destroy any person or thing that stands in their way. Even a young woman, she must survive witches, assassins, evil nobles and dangerous monsters. If they kill her, Ascus will likel...

    Completed   Mature
  • Jamdown
    1.3K 207 41

    One young Jamaican man has been running from his problems all his life now he is asked to run for an American Football Team competing in Jamaica. Will he touch down or fall flat on the ground... Currently going through editing, bare with me please. **Mature Content Disclaimer** Strong Sexual Language Homophobia Racism...

    2.6K 1.7K 39

    The Devil didn't come from hell, he lived right on Earth. There's nothing much more dangerous than a clique of wealthy men, billionaires to be precise, going wrong and turning against each other. When family and friends becomes the major bait and attack, which led to sleeping with one eye open, because........ You don...

  • Kit and Tully, Love or Music - Oddballs & Outcasts | Teen Fiction | Audio
    15.5K 2.2K 31

    🥇 1st Place - General Fiction - Punk Rock Awards 2020🎖 Featured on Love Actually Reading List #YA Ambassadors🎖Love or Music... Which should they choose and what price do they have to pay? Love will give Kit and Tully a future together, but music can make Tully's dream come true. Sixteen-year-old Kit has zero intere...

  • More to Life ✔
    20.3K 2.9K 123

    When her first love falls apart, a Filipina-Canadian foodie is devastated as she believes she's to blame. To prove her devotion, Maria joins a social-media cooking contest despite her family's advice to move on from the toxic man. It draws him back until he reveals his loyalty to his new girlfriend. Crushed, Maria upr...

    Completed   Mature
  • Watched (ONC 2021)
    1.5K 289 13

    Fitness-trainer Winston settled in Corbeau Woods for a quiet life with his husband, free of the superstition and madness of his childhood. When a mysterious statue of an eye circulates the town, people go missing and he and his husband make a shocking discovery about their neighbour's inexplicable fate. After the stat...

  • Institute Of Salvation
    702 82 15

    After 15 long years of war going on between the Divine and Humans, peace was finally Agreed-upon. As a result, a school was made just for selected Human and Divine to test drive the idea of a Co-Ed school. That's where The Institute Of Salvation comes in, The first school ever to be Divine and Human Co-Ed, crazy right...

  • Loud Minds (Complete)
    528 66 30

    "I guess they made you a part of the madhouse." Ashton was struggling through her awkward junior year with her quirky best friend when her world was turned upside down. After a fatal car crash, Ashton was pulled into a secret society, GENE, that creates mutant humans. She woke up with strange powers that she didn't as...

  • A Hopeless Pursuit - ZJ x Nick Edition
    1K 322 70

    29 year old ZJ is an average, strong willed, tomboyish Malaysian who grew up in Manchester and lost her family in a car crash when she was 18. She does waitressing job, pursues part time college degree and often hangs out with Abs, her guy best friend whom she has feelings for. Nick is a 26 year old successor to the l...

    Completed   Mature
  • Infamous Last Words (ONC 2021 Honourable Mention)
    930 244 13

    ~ONC honorable mention~ ~ONC round 1 ambassador pick~ ~Featured on StoriesUndiscovered~ ~Featured on WattpadDarkFantasy~ ~Featured on BadassReads~ When your boss shows up angry at your door, you know your day is going to suck. When said boss happens to be the local crime lord, it's going to suck even more. And when an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Keychains ✔
    1.7K 369 17

    It's been ten years since Nora Whelan ran away, taking with her the painful secrets that shattered her family. Her ability to peer into other people's lives had saved her own. Now as the marketing manager of a technological enterprise, Nora is determined to succeed and leave her past failures behind. But when Nora dis...

  • Ruined | ✓ [EDITING]
    973 231 27

    A sophisticated orphan, Sakura who tries to find the truth behind the life-changing story of her family but, what will happen when she will face more problems because of a mysterious high school? The life of being in a famous highschool is great but what if that becomes a fear? How is this all related to Sakura? Start...

  • Always the Bad Girl
    3.9K 474 20

    Leah Mercer is West Mount's Bad Girl. She gets into fights - sometimes for money - she swears worse than most sailors; she skips out on school, and spends most of her days recovering from the previous night's drinking escapades. Leah, however, is observant, knowing most of everyone's dirty laundry in West Mount. But...

  • What Comes After | ✔️
    1.8K 246 26

    Trapped between the stresses of high school life and his fear of upcoming college, Neal feels smothered by the overwhelming amount of change and responsibility he is going to face in the future. However, all of this changes when an asteroid crashes into the moon, pushing it much closer to Earth than anticipated, leadi...

  • You Are Always Mine
    12.6K 1.3K 12

    #1 Romance Of 2021 #1 Drama Of 2021 ------------------------------------ I dream that the above two statements will come true :) Was I expecting too much? How about you read and find out. ROMANCE/POETRY/PHILOSOPHY/HUMOR/DRAMA -------------------------------------- Jaikar, a civils aspirant falls in love with the gir...

  • 3 days and 3 nights
    159 9 3

    What would make a person-just drop everything and go? Jal weighed down by guilt, stress from college and the pressures of trying to please his only remaining family member books it to Peru, last minute. Flattened, winded, mountained terrain-is not the only terrain that has to be discovered. Jal has decisions to make a...