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  • Espresso Love
    26 12 2

    [OFFICIAL ENTRY TO WATTPADROMANCEPH's HEARTROMA] There is only one thing I am sure of - I like Brent. But something is hindering me from confessing, and it's the fact that we're childhood best friends. Should I take the risk of losing the friendship we had for something more? Is it worth it? Date started: May 12, 2021...

  • Encounter with a Berberoka
    69 15 1

    Some encounters are worth forgetting for.. An 'Ang Lagim ng Unang Pagsinta' entry. Date Started: Oct. 31, 2019 Date Finished: Oct. 31, 2019

  • 3.1415926535
    173 25 2

    "I like you till the last digit of Pi." Winning Entry for the Romanceph's Love Wave contest.

  • REV. (ONC 2021 Entry)
    164 40 12

    On such a fine day and bright afternoon, Evergreen City was painted in blood and cries of agony from everyone as the undead with insatiable hunger tore through every single human they could put their hands on. But not everyone is lost and gone forever; with sheer luck, Anita and her colleagues still have their heads...

    Completed   Mature
  • Winter Bear (ONE-SHOT STORY)
    70 9 1

    She looks like a blue parrot. But she sleeps like a winter bear. Theme: A Writer's Romance ---- 2nd place in Wattpad Notification's second Writing Contest with the theme "A WRITER'S ROMANCE" held last August 26, 2019.

  • 445 : tayo lang naman
    203 35 2

    Isinalba niya ang kerubin sa kapanglawang dala ng malawak na karagatan- kahit ang kapalit nito ay ang pagnipis ng hibla ng kanilang ugnayan. [ an entry for april blues by romanceph. ____________________ illustration rightfully belongs to: @rei kato on twitter ]

  • Hangganan
    54 6 1

    Walang kapayapaan sa pusong hindi matahimik. Hanggang kailan? Hanggang kailan ka mananatili? **** An entry to RomancePh's AprilBlues

  • Papara na rin.
    96 9 1

    Paanong ang taong nagpasyang tapusin ang lahat ay siya ring hindi makausad?

  • Salamat sa Pagpili
    38 10 2

    Kakayanin mo bang sabihin ang mga salitang hindi mo nasabi ngayong ito na ang huling pagtatagpo ng inyong mga tingin? ***** An entry for RomancePH's April Blues contest. Filipino - English

  • The Broken Mirror (ONE-SHOT)
    18 3 1

    Everything has a limit, no matter how strong it is. Just like me.

  • Me With You
    20 4 1

    Magiging kasing pait pa kaya ng black coffee ang timpla ng love life ko kung hindi na lang #bestfriendzone ang peg ko sa kaniya? Ah! Ayokong umasa! Alam ko kasing sa huli masasaktan lang ako nang sobra-sobra... An official entry for Wattpad Romance PH's Heartroma

  • Mr. Coffee Do
    215 18 1

    "Miss, bagay sayo ang decaf coffee," Napatigil si Eunize sa pag-iyak, "anong decaf?" "Decaf, decafinaglaban." Akala ni Eunize hanggang decaf coffee nalang siya. Grateful she found "Mr. Coffee Do."

  • I Wouldn't Mind
    45 7 2

    - Official entry for WattpadRomancePH's May Flowers Bloom contest - Date Started: 06.05.2021 Date Finished: 06.05.2021

  • Devil for Hire
    735 315 11

    He was hired to kill people. She was fighting to live. Two persons with two different purposes in life. What will happen if their worlds collide? (SOON TO BE EDITED)

  • Three Points of View
    112 26 4

    Entry to RomancePH's Summer of Hope 🌸🌸🌸 Three point of views. Three degrees of love. Love letters. Flowers. Cell phone. Three love stories entangled in the red strings of fate. Will love spring as the summer blooms? 🌸🌸🌸 Started: 6.11.2020 Ended: 6.12.2020

  • Recuérdame
    38 3 1

    An Entry for May Flowers Bloom by WattpadRomancePh

    18 7 3

    Three is a powerful number. It balances three points, all are center on their own accord. We already met multiple faces grouped into threes--one of the most known and strongest--the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. But what about 'them'? --- Genre: Horror - Supernatural Language: English Photo from: wallpaperfla...