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  • Emery [bxb]
    524K 20K 186

    Player Brandon and shy Emery have been best friends since day one. Naturally, they room together in college. And med school. And at their summer cottage. They're close enough to eat off the same plate, so when Emery offers Brandon blowjobs or brojobs or whatever to keep him from bringing all those annoying girls home...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Fifth Brother ✔️
    235K 9.1K 41

    Elijah is the youngest amongst the five. Bullied and stereotyped as the weak shit of the family his brothers were never really fond of him. Little did they know that weak shit who goes to school every morning. Is a winning wrestler at night. The ring is his home. And the opponent's down fall is his happiness. [ Starte...

    Completed   Mature
  • Morning Shift
    293K 16.7K 23

    Jonah Moshe knew working over Christmas break would be awful, especially at Happy's 24/7 Pharmacy, where he'd get to start his day in a dimly lit convenience store that smelled like cat food and cigarettes, listening to his co worker blab on for six hours straight. But then Nicky Haddad comes in. And he comes again. A...

  • His Royal Highness
    1.1M 47.4K 40

    James Inkwell volunteered to sign the sorbea perpetua or the perpetual service for the state. It was a decision to save his father after failing to earn their debt of 50,000 docents. Enter Prince Gregory IV. The crown prince of the current Royal family, is a spoiled, arrogant, and easily angered prince. Everything th...

  • Brother Complex (BoyxBoy)
    713K 20.8K 45

    Charlie Haynes really loves his older brother, William. He really looks up to him. His friends often tease him that he has brother complex, that he doesn't listen to or take seriously. Charlie is gay and is 'in love' with his brother, therefore, he is not interested in having a serious relationship with anyone with th...

  • Being Wrong | ✓
    603K 31.3K 29

    When Charlie gets away from his drug dealing father and is sent to live with his grandparents, things aren't suddenly okay. Charlie's broken. He's not sure he ever wasn't broken. When things get unbearable, the only thing that helps Charlie feel grounded is music. What can he do when he runs out of batteries for his o...

  • brooks & hale ✔️
    738K 35.5K 35

    brooks and hale should be perfect. the sparks are there, the lingering looks and secretive smiles, the chemistry essential to any perfect romance. the only problem? neither of them are willing to drop the pretence of heterosexuality anytime soon.

  • Don't Tell My Brother
    3.7M 184K 65

    Lucas Sawyer has gotten used to being forgotten. His twin brother Mark, captain and star quarterback, everyone's favorite, gets the spotlight. Lucas doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke, he doesn't go to parties. His life is safe and logical, and that's exactly how he likes it. But when his brother's football rival and wor...

    Completed   Mature
  • Spots (mxm)
    3.5M 62.9K 38

    Book one of the Shifter Series. Arron had been asking his father if they could move for the better half of his freshman year because of the other shapeshifters and humans bullying him, but when his dad suddenly dies in a car wreck on the way home from work, his mother decides it's time to go. Arron thought that she j...

  • On Thin Ice
    3.7M 176K 56

    COMPLETED [boyxboy] After his religious mother kicks him out for being gay, Elijah Ellis moves in with his father, where his step-mother, step-brother, and half-sister also welcome him. Elijah aspires to continue doing what he loves and play hockey for his new school, but his past hookup with the closeted hockey capt...

  • Loving The Boss.
    872K 32.2K 31

    Melbourne has been Hugh's best friend, assistant and confidante for 8 years.Mel holds unrequited feelings for Hugh.Their friendship is toxic as Mel tries to escape from Hugh and the control he has over him.One night of passion leads Mel to a tipping point. Will the cruel businessman let go of his most prized possessio...

  • Unfaithful
    606K 21.4K 28

    My mother never could keep to one man. It wasn't like I went out of my way to fall in love. She was just blind, and he was just... perfect. It was impossible not to fall in love with my stepfather. The real question was... Did he love me?

  • A Forbidden Attraction
    251K 7.5K 34

    Book 1 in the Forbidden Series Whittaker Purcell grieved the loss of his older brother for over a decade. Finally gaining the courage, Whitt seeks help from his estranged father, Christopher Morgan, in search for his missing brother. What he finds in the meantime was something he never expected DNA was just something...

  • Driven by a Sociopath [BxB] 18+
    418K 17.3K 9

    complete✔"I don't belong to anybody," Jace breathed out, heart racing, cornered...yet does not admit to being inferior. "I'm not just anybody. You begged for me to fúck you," Victor growled, pulled his curls back so he can nibble on Jace's earlobe and jaw. "Because you wouldn't let me fúck anybody else..." Victor pull...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dirty Gold ✓ [bxb]
    977K 42.1K 42

    (WARNING. THIS IS MY FIRST STORY HERE. NEEDS SERIOUS EDITING AND REVISING. I WAS BUT A YOUNG LITTLE MELON WHEN I WROTE THIS.) Leaving his shaky life back in California, Kendall Ross moves to London to find at least a hint of normalcy in his college years. But after pulling a daring stunt on a night out with frien...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love, Romance And A Boy (bxb) - Completed
    196K 6K 20

    It was pure euphoria. When he pulled away, I immediately missed his lips against mine. "Fuck Zayn," he said hiding his face into the crook in my neck. "Why do you make me so happy?" Now that took me by surprise and I closed my eyes letting his soft kisses control my heart. Scott pulled back and cupped my face with his...

  • Haven Bakery (mxm)
    787K 29.1K 24

    Ethan Rein owns a successful bakery shop and will soon be able to expand his store. Due to a weird contract he struck with a lawfirm. He often comes in contact with the perverted, but very handsome, attorney Devin Carter. Who has been a pain in Ethan's side, because the man does not accept the refusal to go on a date...

    Completed   Mature
  • Oh god...I like my best friends brother...✔️
    378K 8.7K 13

    Noah Franco and Jade Gallagher are best friends. Noah has always had weird feelings for her brother, Blake which he just assumed was hate. But what happens when he sees Blake after summer break and realises that those feelings are not hate.... "For fuck sake I'm gay" (I'm not very good with writing description but tru...

  • Coffee, Brownies and the Ruthless CEO (boyxboy)| FILLING THE VOID series, BOOK 1
    552K 25.7K 56

    Oliver Brennan is happy and content. Living with his boyfriend of two and a half year, working at a night club as a bartender while attending classes at the university in hopes to get a degree at business, he is enjoying his youth to the fullest. He is completely satisfied with his life and doesn't need or wish for an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unworthy Of Love (BXB)
    468K 23.3K 45

    Seventeen years old James is used to having foster kids around the house. Some stay for weeks, others for months, and even the most problematic of them tend to open up to his mother's kindness and gentle discipline. Until the new kid arrives. The one nobody else agreed to foster due to his history. He's trouble, and J...

    Completed   Mature
  • Deputy Hutton
    516K 19K 43

    Being the son of the sheriff puts a huge target on Liam's back. Innocent, shy, Liam Rawley is a victim of harassment by some of the older boys in town. It wouldn't be a problem if the people harassing him didn't have any kind of criminal records. Liam's father decided to make one of his deputies lookout for Liam at al...

  • Midterm Madness (manxman) Short Story
    575K 14.3K 5

    Brian Lerner and Noah Carter have been best friends since conception. They grew up together, come out to each other. And they have lived and laughed through it all. That was up until they both went off to college. Both deciding to attend their parents Alma Mater, an Ivy League University where Noah chose Law and Brian...

    Completed   Mature
  • Troublemaker
    128K 3.9K 50

    Felix is a nerd, reading in the library by himself and focuses on lessons. But at night he is known as Razor, a dangerous street fighter. Kaiden is a jock, he spends his time with his friends or on the court. But at night, he is sleeping. With a father who is on the police force, he often hears the name 'Razor' altho...

    Completed   Mature
  • Boot(s)
    304K 25.2K 50

    Sergeant Jackson comes home. But he isn't staying. Bobby O'Callahan is going to change that, damn it. A novel in two parts.

    Completed   Mature
  • Why the Straight One? | Book 1 | bxb
    1M 45K 65

    Why the Straight One? Or, my struggle with being gay and married to a totally straight prince. Yeah, you guessed it. This is about an arranged marriage between me and the prince of my country, but this isn't you regular fairy tale. First of all, my husband isn't going to be king. And as you can probably tell, he's t...

  • Rage With Benefits
    3.7M 158K 62

    "I fucking hate you." "You shouldn't really say things like that when my dick is up your ass, Norris." Two hot-headed athletes with overflowing rage and unwinding sex drive is very much never a good combo. Bryce and Ian never see eye to eye on things. Despite being caged in the same group of friends in the same swimmi...

    Completed   Mature
  • tangled up in blue (boyxboy)
    374K 20.5K 51

    FINISHED EDITING :) COMPLETE, BUT STILL UPLOADING BONUS CHAPTERS "I hated his stupid, dark waves, and his annoyingly soft smile, and the disheveled way he looked in the morning. And his eyes- god, they were the worst part. They were deep enough to pull you in. Deep enough to drag you under. But if he was the ocean, th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Anything But Normal
    728K 49.5K 26

    Matt has a poster of a girl in a bikini above his bed. Cash Ryder has the scores for every one of Mozart's pieces glued to his walls. Matt plays soccer. Cash Ryder hates organized sports. Matt has two best friends. Cash Ryder hangs around with the kids who ride motorcycles on the weekends. Matt's family is conservativ...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Lord's Favourite Dealer (BoyxBoy)
    851K 37.4K 59

    Alexander Richardson is a nineteen-year-old attorney in the making. He spent his childhood reading through his father's law books. When his parents died and the killer was never found or convicted, Alex began focusing his entire being on getting one man in jail. Sergio García Marquez is undoubtedly not one of the best...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Promise Fulfilled [WattyAwards#2012]
    308K 15.4K 23

    What do you do when an enigmatic stranger buys you a beer and turns your life upside down? A certain stockbroker is about to find out exactly what it means to cut all losses. Copyright © 2016 by Yukigosa