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  • Resisting Her
    10.5K 876 10

    Lisa's parents cut off her financial support and repossessed her car when she dropped out of medical school to pursue her true calling. Broke and desperate, she took a nannying job for Roseanne Park's, a rich-gorgeous-successful business woman, six year old son. Converted. Adaptation. All credits belong to the rightf...

    Completed   Mature
  • Strange Addiction | Chaelisa
    587K 31.6K 254

    Lisa was a hardworking student. Chaeyoung was addicted to everything. Nobody seemed to care about the girl high on drugs. All except for one. Lisa. She cared. And Lisa wanted to make sure Chaeyoung wouldn't die. - DON'T BE SCARED BY THE LARGE AMOUNT OF CHAPTERS - This story contains hard to read scenes and topics...

  • the blind side of love | chaennie
    30.8K 1.9K 50

    Jennie Kim is a hot actress and secretly gay. On a trip to New York she sees the artwork of artist Roseanne Park, whose talent is not the only thing she's attracted to. Undercover of email, she begins a correspondence with the artist. When she comes to New York for filming and finally meets her, will she tell Roseanne...

    Completed   Mature