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  • A Warriors Awakening: A New Life Part 1
    2.4K 324 29

    Janera Ace is a teenager that lives in Japan, is in high school, and loves Martial arts. He meets three people named Garet, Mila, and Joey and tries to get Sensei to train them Martial arts. Sensei wants to teach them the value of teamwork, wants to teach them how to become a better person and be successful. Assinato...

  • Mr. Hunchback's Theater Show: Until
    2.5K 463 9

    [ UNDER REVISION ] When I noticed a damp poster of a "For Highschoolers" Theater School on the cold and white street of Ontario Canada, I really screamed in French! "Putain in de merde!" Je suis le plus heureux des adolescents qui passent le réveillon de Noël dehors. But I have no idea, that there is a monster behind...

  • Precautions of Love || On Hold
    635 213 11

    "Maybe I'm scared because you mean more to me than any other person. You are everything I think about, everything I need and everything I want" ~ Penelope Reign and Alexander Orlando have been friends ever since they were in diapers and when they turned eleven, they started dating. For fifteen years, their relationshi...

  • Opulence Writer's Awards
    7.3K 743 32

    The Opulence Writer's Awards offers vast opportunities for undiscovered, new, and old writers who want to be recognised for their achievements and where you could be awarded In Honour of Opulence. (Graphics designed by 'Grafiko Coffee Shop' @TheSpadeAndAce) Closed for Participants [★] Closed for Judges [★] Judging...

  • What could have been.
    2.7K 303 18

    "I know now more than ever that we were destined to be together. How my cheek perfectly fits in his palm only confirms it." **** Everyone has a past, for some their past isn't so forgiving. Who they are now is a reflection of who hurt them then. The way they carry themselves, the way they feel and the way they treat...