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  • Hells Angel - Bang Chan X Reader
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    All hell broke lose when the elevator arrived. Citizens avoided it. The government closed it off. Demonic screams echoed through the town. The town stood quiet as the ground shook, steam radiated from the cracks in the door. It's been here for months, and now the doors have opened. "The Hellevator is here, Hells Gate...

  • His little sister (colby brock X reader)
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    You are Elton's little sister. You have moved out of your hometown Michigan to get away from a problem. You're 23 years old and as a surprise to the guys and to help you, Elton wants you to move in. Your name is Y/n. Have fun reading because I'm not saying anymore than that. I'M REWRITING THE CRINGEY CHAPTERS, I'M SOR...