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  • Ramayan: Untold Romance
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    So this is my first story on wattpad. I think there is a lot about how the lovely couples from ramayan stood strong during the toughest time and how their love remained unaffected. But we need more (infinite) fanfictions on their love before, during and after their marriage. So I present you all...random collection of...

  • Ⱥƒէҽɾ Ꭰվմէ : ҽʍօէìօղʂ ⅋ çօղƒҽʂʂìօղ (On Hold Till July)
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    || After Dyut : emotions & confession || In the age of Dvapar..... "Bishwas" - trust "Prem" - pure love "Aahuti" - sacrifice "Sangharsh" - struggle "Tapasya" - austerity "Dharma" - righteousness Are the words to describe the eternal six lovers as one ...... Pandav and Panchali ...... But ...... After the destructive...

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    after marriage,how arjuna and subhadra become a beautiful couple and how subhadra becomes Arjuna's love 💕