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  • The New Girl's Secret (Peter Parker x Reader) COMPLETED
    45.9K 1.1K 36

    After the events of Civil War, life for Peter Parker has become boring and a giant waiting game for the next mission from Mr. Stark. But all that's about to change when a new girl arrives at school and she has a big secret. This is a Peter Parker x reader story and takes places in Spider-Man: Homecoming and follows t...

  • The New Girl's An Avenger (Peter Parker x Reader) BOOK TWO
    6.6K 212 16

    Second book of the New Girl Series and Sequel to The New Girl's Secret It has been two years since the events of Vulture and you gaining your new powers. Life wasn't perfect, but you were happy. What happens when you and your best friend and hero partner, Peter Parker, see an alien space ship while on your way to a fi...

  • The Forgotten Shade [Voltron WA 2018]
    41.5K 1.7K 24

    There were always five. Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, and Black. Five Paladins, five lions, five bayards. ... But what if there were six? Winter is a girl who was sent on a mission to Kerberos, one of Pluto's moons. Her mission served as a second attempt for the Garrison after Shiro and his crew went m...

  • Gardenias (L. Laufeyson)
    196K 8.4K 66

    {SET BEFORE THE EVENTS OF 'THOR'} - "Did you know," she said, sitting on the ground and turning to the prince, "that Midgard has an entire language dedicated to flowers? Each of them mean something else. It's a very sweet way they can express emotions to each other." Loki laughed quietly. "Midgard can truly be backwar...

  • Forget Me Not (Sequel to "Gardenias") COMING SOON
    1.2K 85 1

    Sequel to "Gardenias" COMING SOON

  • Trust Me (Steve Rogers Fanfiction)
    180K 3.4K 51

    An introverted waitress stumbles into Captain America during Loki's attack on New York. After taking a bullet for him, he lets her go, wondering. She's on the run, but he can't know that. When she meets the Avengers again, escape is all but impossible, and slowly, she begins to discover who she really is. America Eva...

  • Love Me (Steve Rogers Fanfiction)
    64.6K 1.7K 45

    After multiple run-ins with death and many shocking self-discoveries in the course of a few months, all America Evans wants to do is hide away in Washington with Steve until she finds out who she really is. But life as an Avenger doesn't allow for a lot of personal time, and soon she gets pulled right back into the th...

  • Remember Me (Steve Rogers Fanfiction)
    40.3K 975 30

    Living as a wanted criminal is no easy task, but if America Rogers knows one thing, it's how to run. She, Steve, Sam, and Nat begin new lives as vigilantes, traveling all around the world but never settling for long. Even though they're evading the law, life is good. That is, until a new force decides to threaten Ear...

  • Silent Raindrops Fell (S. Strange) ON HOLD
    1.1K 77 5

    When a stranger with mystical powers saves her from her abusive ex-boyfriend, Rosalyn Morissette has no idea that her life is about to change forever. She is thrust into a world she never even dreamed of, one with magic, monsters, and a chance for healing. Years later, an arrogant neurosurgeon appears on the doorstep...

  • The Water Tribe Girl (Avatar: The Last Airbender; Book One: Water)
    128K 3.1K 21

    Aya is Katara and Sokka's little sister(so original) and happens to be just like her brother; she isn't a bender. Physically, she loves that her sister is a bender, but mentally she envies her sister and is sad she isn't one. Aya believes she has bending abilities but just hasn't discovered them yet. She has hope that...

  • The Undiscovered Girl (Avatar: the Last Airbender; Book 2: Earth)
    75K 2.2K 18

    Having discovered her worst nightmare had come true, Aya is still traveling with her older brother and sister and the Avatar. Aya finally got her wish and discovered her bending ability but it's the one elemental she despises the most; Fire. Aya is beyond terrified and confused about her bending ability and how she go...

  • The Avatar's Angel (Avatar the Last Airbender: Book 3: Fire)
    68.1K 1.8K 22

    COMPLETED! 'Aya's my angel and I'm never letting her go.' After seeing Azula strike Aang with her lightening, Aya's entire world fell into a black hole. She thought she lost her Avatar, her Aang, but after a miracle happened, Aang was brought back and she felt whole again. The whole world believes that the Avatar is...

  • Water Bender(Prince Zuko x Reader)
    95.6K 4.1K 42

    Do I think this is gonna get read? no. will I write it anyway? you bet your butt I will I find that a lot of the stories including the ATLA universe tend to follow the story to a T.(Not against it I have a lot of those in my library). My story follows along to it loosely and has more moments where I can insert some cr...

  • Avengers Shattered
    99.4K 3.6K 39

    Thirteen year old Kayden Andrews her wold was turned upside down When HYDRA broken into her family home and executed her parents, A rebellious teen with anger that could put even the hulk to shame, What happens when she draws the attention of the avengers,

  • The Last Fairy~Prince Caspian~
    199K 5K 25

    Florence is High King Peters daughter, she was 13 when the Pevensie's left Narnia and her mother died protecting her. 3 years after they left, magic of Narnia was lost and Florence had to stay 16 for round about 1300 years. This is the first story I have written and I have only done one movie and I don't understand wh...

  • The Dawn Fairy ~Sequel~
    50.6K 1.4K 15

    Florence and Caspian are now together and on a adventure full of unforgettable experiences. Sequel to my first book 'The Last Fairy' please go read that one but also please read this one. Please don't copy my books!! -DISCONTINUED I just didn't feel anything for this story anymore and I'm sorry for who liked it :(

  • Ducktales: Abandonment
    10.9K 321 12

    Three year old Clarissa Duck was there to see everything. The launch of the Spear of Selene, Donald leaving, the family being torn apart, and Scrooge's descent into isolation, with her being the one light in his life for a decade. Della Duck had taken the trust and love of a three year old duckling and burned it. (Big...

  • Black Panther, Animal
    77.4K 2.7K 18

    What happens when T'Challa stumbles upon a child deep in the woods after stoping a poaching a little too late, "I am sorry," Black Panther said to the now dead Tiger, "Mommy?" A small voice called from inside the nearby cave Black panther's head snapped in the direction of the voice But all he could see was darkn...

  • His friend | Prince Zuko x OC
    117K 4.4K 44

    Legends of princess Lyra were different in every kingdom, but she become famous as first victim of war. When Avatar come back in life - Lyra did too. Lyra knew that Aang is gone, and he lost all hope to find her alive after seeing all airbenders dead. They found new lives, but what would happed when old friends mee...

  • The avengers mini Shadow
    17.4K 372 5

    Mia, is a four year old who was put through more pain than most adults, now on the run from HYDRA S.H.E.I.L.D and the avengers, with a power she hardly can keep in check, how will she survive being hunted by the most powerful people in the world

  • Survivor
    19.2K 508 11

    (rewritten) A murderer. That was her label. It didn't matter why she had got it, but that's all anyone knew her to be. A pawn in Hydras game. A game of death, but she doesn't want to play anymore. How big of a difference can a small piece make? Best ranking #3 for tortured 🥳

  • Survivor (Original)
    59K 1.2K 13

    "Good bye Hydra, hello freedom" Raven has been at hydra for most of her life. She was tortured and beaten. They forced her to go on missions and assassinate people. What will happen when she escapes and encounters the avengers who only know her as a murderer Best ranking #3 Clintbarton #1 tortured 🥳

  • Avengers: The Ghost Guardian
    387K 10.7K 21

    [Book 1] There once was an innocent little girl who had everything she could ever ask for. But one day it was all taken away from her. She lives in fear everyday that she will lose control. Her whole life is a secret that she locks up in her mind with her memories. People at S.H.I.E.L.D. call her a miracle worker b...

  • Old Memories • CATWS/Ghost Guardian
    77.9K 3K 18

    [Book 2] Life was finally going her way. She had two loving parental figures looking after her, An AI system to talk to, A home, Friends, An almost normal life, She has everything she wanted. She was finally at peace. But everything changes when S.H.I.E.L.D. asks for her help one last time. Old memories resurface, tha...

  • little lightning girl • the avengers
    162K 4.1K 16

    "i'm an 8 year old girl, not a piece of china made to be broken." {the avengers age of ultron} on hiatus/discontinued

  • Out of Time ★ [1] ✔
    1.2M 54.1K 37

    Highest Ranking: #48 in Fanfiction (10/5/16) PREVIOUSLY FEATURED A tale of loss, fractured bonds, newfound friendships, and action-packed battles, Out of Time is a fresh Marvel fanfiction for all lovers of superheroes. What do you get when you cross a sarcastic redhead with a master time traveller? M...

  • Saving Grace
    478K 12K 67

    Steve Rogers has a little sister, Norma Grace Rogers, who became an Army nurse during the war. Captured in Italy, Grace is taken by HYDRA, unbeknownst to Steve and Bucky. They find her frozen in a forgotten HYDRA outpost 70 years later, her memory gone. Follow her story through capture at the hands of HYDRA, and her l...

  • Shadowfax (An Avengers fanfic)
    214K 6.7K 15

    Jade Tarrow is only nineteen and she's already broken every bone in her body nine times. So her personal life (and that of her friends) is a pretty "hush-hush" situation. Of course that's pretty difficult when you literally crash into Avengers' Tower. Now it will take a patient Hulk, a motherly Black...

  • A child unknown
    27.3K 553 5

    Rey is the daughter of Commander Lila Beifong and another Commander who worked along side her mother. She grew up not knowing him but always dreamed she could meet him. Her mother is the daughter of Toph Beifong and a unknown firebender who passed his bending onto his daughter.

  • Until They Can Return in Peace - Hiccstrid
    104K 2.4K 60

    | Completed | Following the great migration of the dragons going to the Hidden World, Chief Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III marries Astrid Hofferson. The Chief, Chieftess and all of the gang are challenged to learn how to do life without their scaled companions. This tale takes place in the 10 years we don't see in th...