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  • Sleepover
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    It's probably not a good idea to have a sleepover with the girl you're crushing on.

  • Lern Jergi imagines (2)
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    another book of Lauren Jauregui imagines (taking requests guys)

  • camren smut
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    just thought i could gather all my fav camren smut one shots so yeah enjoy u filthy lesbians this is all fiction and is not my work i do not own any of this all the rights to the respective authors

  • The RoomMate (Camren)
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    Camila is living alone in New York and puts out a flyer for a new roommate... that's when Lauren comes into the equation. Recently out of a relationship, will the simple joke of the two Cuban girls being soulmates become a reality? Highest ranking in FanFiction - #25

  • Need your Love
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    Lauren is and 18 year old girl who lives on the streets, everyday it's a struggle for her because she has no source of support. She eats from the left overs in the bin that the restaurants discard and she drinks from any place she finds water or a source of liquid. She has high hopes that one day someone will help her...

  • Lauren Jauregui Imagines.
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    This book of imagines will include; •Fluff •Drama •Smut ((if you guys wants)) •GxG •And G!P ((Again if you guys want)) If you guys have any request, please feel free to message me.

  • Lauren And Camila Texts
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    Camila: hey lauren Lauren: hey girl wassap Camilas pov: I'm texting the most beautiful girl ever and I think I'm in love with her still I've been in love with her since I seen her

  • Fifth Harmony Imagines
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    This is just going to be different imagines that I'll right for the girls. The order will probably be Ally, Camila, Dinah, Normani, and then Lauren.

  • Fifth Harmony Imagines
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    I'll be writing imagines for each of the girls. I take requests :)

  • Babe || CAMREN SMUT XX
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    Camila and Lauren smut fanfictio. Ayyee Robins story

  • Fifth Harmony Smut
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    Credits to Tumblr for most of the imagines♡

  • 5H Imagines
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  • Fifth Harmony Imagines
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    This is a bunch of random one shots that you are in as a character! I'm open for suggestions and I'll try to update as much as possible! I hope you like it! (:

  • Fifth Harmony Imagines
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    Hey everyone it's just me and fifth harmony one shot so message me any ideas and I'll promise to put them up. Love ya all

  • Camren One-Shots
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    Just some Camren One-Shots for you Fifth Harmony fanatics that happen to be in love with Camren :-)

  • Fifth Harmony One Shots
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    This will be a mix of these ships; Normila (Normani x Camila) Camally (Camila x Ally) Camren (Camila x Lauren) Laurnah (Lauren x Dinah) Caminah (Camila x Dinah) Alnah (Ally x Dinah) Alren (Ally x Lauren) Normally (Normani x Ally) Norminah (Normani x Dinah) Laurmani (Lauren x Normani) Okay if you have any id...

  • Fifth Harmony One Shots
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    This is a collection of Fifth Harmony one-shots and possibly requests that I have decided to write. ^.^ They will contain various ideas that I and possibly fans of the one shots come up with that I have actually written out. I decided to test out my one-shot writing skills and here I am. I really hope you guys enjoy...

  • Fifth Harmony one-shots
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    IDK... Expect the unexpected Just saying this may or may not, kinda, a little bit hint at ageplay at some or more parts

  • Fifth Harmony Preferences
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    Fifth Harmony Preferences: •Camila Cabello •Dinah Janes Hansen •Lauren Jauregui •Normani Kordei •Ally Brooke ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ ▲Cim_Direction5H

  • Fifth Harmony Imagines
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    Fifth harmony imagines for all the girls and ships

  • Fifth Harmony One Shots
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    Hey people!! I am in love with Fifth Harmony and I thought why not share my love? So these are some one shots that have popped into my head. Requests welcome.

  • Fifth Harmony Imagines
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    So here are some 5H imagines! (: and if you're uncomfortable with this stuff, then don't read!

  • Fifth Harmony One Shots
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    Some /you one shots for y'all to read. Please feel welcome to suggest ideas as it'll help me loads!

  • Is she the one? | Camren
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    What happens when Lauren gets the wrong number?

  • Fifth harmony imagines
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    fifth harmony one shots for yall harmonizers

  • through the mist ➵ camren au [hiatus]
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    Those weren't typical brown eyes, hers had fire in them. Her fiery gaze attracted mesmerizing eyes so pure and green that they held the sea. One feared to drown while the other feared to burn. "You don't need water to feel like you're drowning, do you? A single glance was all it took." (Fifth Harmony and Percy Jackson...

  • (discont.) case studies ➵ camren
    39.6K 1K 7

    If there's one thing Camila liked aside from Law school, it's the beautiful girls who attended it. And God knows Lauren Jauregui was one of them. fifth harmony + law students au // camren as of 4/27/17: this story has been DISCONTINUED.

  • Restart
    1.2M 37.1K 37

    Lauren had never loved anyone the way that she loved Camila. But things don't always work out the way you expect them to. The two girls drift apart and life goes on. So what will happen when the two girls reunite nearly seven years later while dropping their daughters off at school? (Trigger Warning: mention of abuse...

  • Lauren Jauregui Imagines
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    Read the title then there's your description. G!P is going to be in some imagines. Please request your ideas. All Rights Reserved to rideonlmj

  • You're so beautiful, yet so unaware of it
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    PART OF THE DO THE DEW UNIVERSE Since everyone ships Charlotte and Clare so much, I decided to give y'all what you wanted and made a Carlie fic :) How they met, fell in love. The whole shebang. Lots of fluff :3 Also Camren