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  • The Chosen One's
    186K 22.6K 68

    Arranged marriage's,where the bride and groom are selected by our folks.A martial union between two people. Many people run away from the idea of arranged marriage's,but what if the bride and groom opt for an arranged marriage on their own? A bit lame in this generation I guess right? Meet Mahir Sehgal and Bela Sharma...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sweet Temptations
    205K 41.5K 101

    Sujoy Khanna is a playboy and is known for chasing after anything in a skirt. He does not believe in love and has had many relationships with no strings attached. He is really proud of the fact that no girl has ever been able to resist his charm. Until one day... He shares a cake with his sister, which she was crazy...

    Completed   Mature
  • Till Forever Falls Apart
    680 114 3

    Bihan and Adya, the once 'two-body-one-soul' like friends drifted apart. Friendship of years old broken, or better put to halt, for some reasons that hurt both of them. Seven years later, the families come together and get them married. Some say they married for convenience, some say for family, some say the old frie...

  • Impeccable Matchmaking
    308K 37.2K 74

    Siddharth Jindal is a young Dermatologist. He is everything a girl could want in her life partner... He is tall, dark, handsome, rich, funny, successful and has a very cool family. Girls are crazy about him but he is just friendly with everyone. Until one day when he goes to do some lighthearted friendly ragging of...

  • The Love That Bounds
    380K 21.7K 48

    Sanyukta Ahuja is her father's princess but heartbroken as her mother died when she was at the tender age of 4. Living up to her mother's dream she became a doctor, owning her own house and driving her own car, but the one thing that she always wanted was her mom. But she didn't know what secret her father was keeping...

  • Warm Hearts ✔
    2.2M 72.3K 49

    (PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS BRIDE & PREJUDICE) Cliché alert! Highest Ranks:- #1 in billionaire, cute, India, Indian, marriage, wife. #1 in the Heart Series In which Adra Seth makes Armaan Grover realise that his cold heart is just an illusion. cover by the amazing @maahiyax Copyright © 2019 by Hazel PS : this is my first b...

  • Reconciliation
    251K 11.2K 31

    Myra, a single mother and a leading Architect in construction industry. Being a single mother in a Indian society is very tortuous when her own family has disowned her because of her past deeds. Advik Bhatt on the other hand who happens to be a sexy pilot is not known to the sins he did which is making his ex-girlfrie...

  • ☾︎Perfect Little Pieces☽︎ ✔︎
    470K 22.1K 51

    ~Won in the Romance Category in Wattpad South Asia Awards 2021~ • Adira Singhania, 24 year old famous psychologist in Mumbai. Being completed her PhD at a young age and dealing with people in a patient and smart way has made her an epitome of admiration by many. Family is everything for her and after her mother passed...

    Completed   Mature
  • Flying High ●Completed●
    157K 11K 46

    Neither She is a Damsel in Distress nor She need a Knight in Shining Armour #highest ranking 4 in India Falling in love is easy, staying in love is tricky, But at the end of the day Anything Worth Having Is Worth Fighting For. ************* "Do you really think you can make me do this?" I asked in my most intimidati...

  • Forever And A Day || Completed
    881K 96.7K 72

    Note: Previously known as 'A Star-crossed Love' ****Can be read as a general fiction. If you want an arrange marriage tale with humor, emotions and love, hop in right away**** Love is supposed to be a beautiful feeling, and that's doesn't stick true only to romantic love. Every kind of love, friendship and family, ro...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nikolai: Sniper's series: one|√
    74.4K 351 4

    "If you want to understand love then open your heart, feel the love then you will know. If you see it from the body and brain you wouldn't understand" Nikolai Aaron Knights, the firstborn of the Knights family. He is kind, calm and smiles with a mischievous glint in his eyes. He didn't feel anything until the girl who...

  • Mr. Executive
    22.4M 774K 65

    Alexander James is at the top of the food chain with his multi billion dollar company. Just the sound of his name makes men's blood boil in jealousy and women to go to long lengths just to get a second look back for his other worldly good looks. He's known to be a player and getting every woman he wants with just a sn...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Love Only You.
    11.3K 803 37

    "Don't touch me,"she said swatting my hand away from her I pushed myself more to her because I don't know why her fragrance always pulls me towards her. Damn Abhi snap out. "What the hell are you doing here?,"I asked furiously glaring at her. "That's none of your business and stay away from me. I Knew you are marrie...

  • Splinters Of Ice | Pranbir
    5.2K 344 16

    ..... Prachi x Ranbir AU ...... An enigma she was, unfathomable depths she held within herself. Every interaction with her asserted the same. Yet like moth to the flame, he was drawn to her irrevocably. The plunge into the abyss called Prachi Mehra was inevitable for Ranbir Kohli! Music was his passion while writing h...

  • For The Eternal Togetherness ❤ [Ongoing]
    92K 5.6K 41

    "I am touching my Wife and that too after getting an official license" He said while his hands were touching her bare back, her bare waist . He had a strong grip on her so, that she could not get out from his arms. "Offic....Official License?" Jhanvi asked being very confused. "yes Baby!! Official License." He pressur...

  • The Cell Phone Swap
    124M 3M 49

    Keeley accidentally swaps cell phones with a rivaling high school's star quarterback. Unable to switch back until a week later, she must interact with the arrogant boy, passing along texts and voicemails. As she gets to know him better, she realizes there's more to him than sexual innuendos and egotistical comments. B...

  • Down To You[Wattys2017]
    335K 14.7K 52

    [Warning: PG-18] The healing process after a break up shouldn't be this difficult. Soccer player Annabelle Hart gave up on relationships after her quarterback boyfriend Jacob cheated on her. She thought she had pushed him out of her life, until Jacob kept taunting her. Everything escalated from there. Anna's best frie...

  • Playing for Keeps[Kingx#1] [COMPLETED]
    16.3M 488K 70

    Highest ranking: #1 in teen fiction. I though I knew Archer McCarty. The controlling, stubborn bad boy who always try and get his way, the bully who made my childhood days waste away. The guy who grew up to be hot as hell. That was why I agree to play the game, for revenge. I wasn't prepared to see a whole di...

    Completed   Mature
  • For him (Complete) ✅
    4.8K 309 17

    This is the story of two best friends... Priya Singhania- A soft spoken girl facing her hurdles alone... After her parents divorce she was alone left to manage her deeds herself.. She had two best friends Varun and Priyanka.. Varun Kapoor- he was sweet.. but..... Will he be able to understand Priya's love for him? ...

    Completed   Mature
  • I fell in love with her heart and soul.
    529K 24.3K 92

    what I heard is true Advaith? answer me ! stop yelling veer! don't forget that u are standing in my office.We will discuss it in the evening. oho seriously! do you think I will wait till evening? Is it true what aashi said that u are marrying a girl who is not beautiful? Are you serious advaith ! Are you marrying a...

  • The perfect groom ||
    5.8K 753 16

    Rehaan Deol or as his parents still call him "Chetan", the boy who changed his name for the love of a woman. The woman who left his heart shattered in pieces. He says he is ready to marry Ishleen and give love a chance while his sister-in-law, Samayra can easily see through his lies. Samayra is still trying to get p...

  • A Kiss Lead To "Forced Marriage" (On Hold)
    267K 23.3K 66

    Swarna A cute, caring, understanding girl.. Whose life revolves around her family... She loves her family so much.. She can do anything for them.. She is what her name describes.. Swarna means gold.. She is pure gold in a human form.. She wants a fairy tale love story... Avyaan He is stubborn in nature.. And a manw...

  • Best Indian stories on wattpad
    155K 600 55

    Just a guide to help you find a book to read on wattpad

  • Love, Arranged by mother nature
    278K 12.7K 31

    #Winner The Golden Bird Awards Amrita is a dynamic woman, but with a lot of short comings. She is picky, guarded and does exactly what she loves. She has created a successful bakery in the heart of her city and following her love for pastry making Amrita now wants to become a professional pâtissière. The plans are al...

  • ❤️UNAWARE❤️
    74.6K 4.4K 41

    "I used to be proud on my restraint and control but being intimate with her tore my restraint to the core..." Araisha Sharma was a beautiful,sweet and a tough girl..she is a fashion designer..she is soft spoken and was enticing....she loves her mother to the moon and back and will do anything for her happiness... Kabi...