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  • Jennie and Jisoo's Library
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    A different cover. A different feel. A different story. A different title. With every book, tells a different version of Jennie and Jisoo.

  • Imagine Me and You
    7.3K 633 17

    It is nice to have a crush but what if it develop into something deeper? who is responsible to the consequences?? Jisoo find herself into a difficult situation because she has been in love with her besfriend, jennie for more than a decade. what will happen to them if jisoo wanted to move on after those painful years...

    Completed   Mature
  • Heartstopper
    11.5K 848 16

    Kim Jisoo is not an ordinary highschool heartthrobs. She smart, pretty, athlete, dork, could be a brat sometime but also has a very kind personality. Many girls are drooling and swooning over her but not to one certain person. Jennie's also popular among athletes boys because of her beauty and her smartass. However je...

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  • living on a fault line || Jensoo
    46.2K 2.3K 23

    "It didn't feel real, you know? Logically, I knew it was over, I signed the divorce papers, I moved out. We share custody of Charlie didn't feel real. And now with Kai. What happens if they get married? When Charlie has a mom and a dad and a house in the suburbs, what happens to the crappy apartment and the e...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Dewey Decimal System is Not That Hard
    43.8K 3K 68

    Originally written by MusicLurv Converted F/F Summary Jisoo was just doing her job, trying to write a book at the same time. Jennie was just trying to get through school and become a doctor. They had probably crossed paths hundreds of times. But two papers, a thesis proposal, and lab work brings them together. The Lib...

    Completed   Mature
  • with the door open
    6.9K 302 9

    CONVERTED © All Rights Reserved Originally by awkwardrainbow She felt the girl shudder to her touches, heard her hum to her kisses, swallowed that hum as her tongue pushed into her mouth to touch her own and Jisoo answered with her own hum because kissing Jennie Kim was like breathing for the first time, or like exper...

    Completed   Mature
  • She
    15.2K 600 8

    Originally written by thefooliam Converted F/F I think this was published before by other person, I just can't find it Summary Her roommate looks at her sometimes and Jennie is never sure if they're going to kill or kiss each other. When Jennie Kim forgets to complete her sophomore year residency application, she ret...

    Completed   Mature
  • Meet the Kims
    13K 1K 22

    Meet the Cabots Originally written by Bellatrix wannabe 89 Converted F/F It's Christmas, and Jisoo is meeting Jennie's parents for the first time. Theres just one little issue; they don't know Jennie is gay or in love and living with Jisoo. Will Jisoo convince Jennie to come out, and will the stuffy Kims even like Jis...

  • Everything to Lose
    73K 4.5K 83

    Originally written by clexa_is_endgame47 Converted F/F Reminder: 1. Angst 2. Mention of cheating 3. Mention of drugs (Chapter 31 and 32). 4. Slow burn (83 Chapters) 🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞 One mistake. Jennie made one mistake and it was enough to end everything she had been dreaming about for a life with her soulmate Jisoo. But wh...

    Completed   Mature
  • Don't Deserve You || Jensoo
    382K 18.5K 61

    "Do I mean nothing more to you?" "Why is it that just when everything is starting to get better, she's becoming so distant?" "I'll always love you Jennie Kim, I'd search the whole UNIVERSE for you." "Do you no longer love me?" "Think what you want, it doesn't concern me."

  • Alone | Jensoo
    20.8K 932 18

    Jisoo gains herself a new neighbour.

    25.4K 1.8K 21

    Jisoo,a girl in her early twenties living in a poor neighborhood in Gunpo,gyeonggi province in south korea with her sick mother and her younger brother. Her father abandoned them for a rich women and they were left sinking in dept, but what if one day jisoo had an opportunity to change her life and her family by jus...

    Completed   Mature
  • Endless Smile (Jensoo)
    112K 9.2K 67

    Where Kim Jisoo doesn't like kids and is afraid to settle down until she met Jennie Kim who is a married woman with a lovely daughter.

    Completed   Mature
  • From Day One | JENSOO
    26.9K 1.8K 46

    Jennie and Jisoo were once inseparable, then life intervened and they drifted apart. Now that they both have new people in their lives and are striving to make ends meet, will they be able to find their way back to each other and reclaim what was once lost? - Converted story. All rights and credit go to the original...

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  • My Last Love [ Jensoo ]
    69.5K 2.3K 37

    "I might've not been your first, but I know that I will be your last." - Kim Jisoo

    39.2K 1.7K 24

    There is two hearts and soul that were tied and connected to each other and no one can change that. just another imagination came to my mind😭☠

  • 90's Love
    94.9K 3.5K 31

    This is! A Futanari fiction. Where two bestfriend promise to see each other again after 20 years and in order to keep the beautiful memories and culture they left behind, Both decided to bring both daughters into a marriage. "It might sounded insane but it's 2020!". Sanghoon screaming from more than five thousand mil...

    Completed   Mature
  • Scheduled In
    34.8K 1.3K 20

    Originally written by Superwayhaught100 Converted Jensoo F/F Jennie is a straight-laced, very focused student in her last year at university. Her friends talk her into a night out before the school year starts and she meets a beautiful blonde. What happens when they decide to become "Friends with Benefits" and it turn...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lost In Counting
    46.6K 2K 27

    Updating once in three days.

    Completed   Mature
  • she. | k.js + k.jn
    101K 4.9K 31

    texting au kim jisoo, an art student, transfers to the kim jennie's room. completely contrasting to jisoo's sly, and troublesome personality, jennie discovers their differences as she repeatedly denies the fact that opposite's attract. #1 jensoo #1 blackpink #1 jisoo cover cr: pinterest prompts cr: tumblr

  • It Just Happened
    20.8K 1.4K 13

    Just another JenSoo story.. more fluffy, a little angsty..

    Completed   Mature
  • My Ex & Why's | [JenSoo]
    218K 10.1K 44

    "Just business right?" Jennie says nervously. In which Jennie has to work with her Ex-Wife Jisoo Kim. will she handle the pain? will she handle the fact that she left her and their daughter? "o-of course" Jisoo replies.

  • 5 am
    7.8K 422 5

    A converted JenSoo fanfiction. Story not mine. All credits go to the original author. Multishot story with 5 parts. (Although this is a converted story, I have done major editing in terms of grammar. I also did minor editing in order for some plot details to fit jensoo and blackpink better). © KBLin0708 As I casted on...

    Completed   Mature
  • Show Me Jensoo
    55.4K 1.6K 28

    Jennie is a cold hearted girl that doesnt like anyone but Lisa and Rose, or at least she can withstand them. When one day Rose's friends Jisoo moves to town and transfers to there school, will Jennie open up to her or treat her like the rest. Will Jisoo be able to change Jennie. Can Jisoo show Jennie Love

  • Teacher's Pet (Jensoo)
    124K 4.1K 31

    Jennie Kim is starting her senior year this year and she's got a pretty easy schedule. But as her friends tell her about the Creative Writing teacher and how no one has passed her class with an A, what will she do? And who exactly is this 'bitch' as they claim her to be? Jensoo Student/Teacher AU Converted Original...

  • ONE MONTH (Jensoo)
    96.5K 3.8K 40

    Jisoo and Jennie has a great relationship at first but after knowing that they're going to get married because of fix marriage and knowing that they have nothing to do everything was ruined. Will they ever fix there relationship? Highest Rank #1,2 & 3 - Wenrene #5,10,23, 28 & 35 -Jensoo

    40.6K 2.2K 47

    Credits to the Owner

    46.7K 2.1K 15

    You may think she's the worst when they called Kim Jisoo obsessed, but she's not. She just saw this certain beautiful smile and she was caught by it. Literally... caught by the world. By her world and the world. A/N: WARNING MATURE CONTENTS ORIGINAL AUTHOR: ICECREAMPRODUCTION

    Completed   Mature
  • ACE OF SPADES: The Last Mission
    24.1K 1K 49

    [COMPLETED] June 15, 2020 - June 29, 2020 There are only two choices in this world. Fight or Give up? Are you going to fight like what you've been doing for the past years or are you going to give up and live a new life with the person you love. Far from dangers. Far from the Philippines. But a place with peace and...

    Completed   Mature
  • gifts from god | jensoo
    41.1K 3.1K 36

    Everybody's born with a gift from God, each and every one differing from each other. It takes time to discover this gift, but once you do, you can use it however you want, to sin, to do good. It's all up to you to decide. However, your gift may not work on everyone, and that can sometimes be an issue. Jisoo was born...

    Completed   Mature