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  • Holy Water.
    47.7K 846 11

    For your smutty fanfiction needs.

  • peppa pig x dora
    105K 3.1K 23

    In this 100% Family Friendly fanfic, Peppa pig and Dora The Explorer have grown up and now happen to be roommates at college. What could possibly happen when you throw these two together? Marriage. They get happily married. That's the story summarized. If you want the full story with more detail I encourage you to re...

  • Jacob Sartorius x Donald Trump x Kim Jong Un
    5K 118 3

    Secksi storry

  • Trump's Secret Affair
    1.2K 28 4

    Donald can't stand Kim's rough way of living and decides to run away, but on his way out of America, he finds a wall-builder called Garry and they have a one-night stand, only Garry doesn't want to keep it as just one night... What will happen to this political trio and their love triangle? A Trump x jong un Dedica...

  • Donald Trump X Kim Jong Un
    11.3K 265 8

    A crazy love story with a happy ending. This is my first book, sorry if it's bad.