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  • Saiki x Kaidou because why not
    22.8K 793 10

    I like this ship (idk the ship name)

  • •|му σмєgα|•
    650K 26.8K 96

    This is an Omegaverse •~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• 'I made a sharp turn towards my dorm and kept running. If anyone was walking during this hour then I'm as good as dead. I could practically see my dorm room as a smile of relief washed over me until I saw him. Kacchan walked out his room which happened to be...

    Completed   Mature
  • Spirited Away (sasunaru)
    158K 4.6K 10

    Naruto and Sasuke has been banished from the spirit world and into the human world. What will happen? Will they ever be able to get back to their world? I suck at summaries as you all can see from my previous books so... It's better to read to find out what the story is about! Highest ranking: #1 in sasunaru #4 in...

  • Why? (Saiki X Kaidou)
    128K 4K 35

    ⚠️Photos are not mine⚠️ Saiki k x kaidou First fanfic I've wrought. I'm rewriting it but keeping in the original too. Please point out any mistakes in the rewritten version. Boy x boy. Don't like? Don't read.

  • My Roomate (saiki x kaido)
    88.4K 2.5K 22

    Saiki Kusuo is a guy with no love interest. but that soon changes on the last day of PK Academy, where all of his "friends" decide ... they will live together. how will this affect Saiki's and Kaidou's relationship? BTW the pic I used isn't mine.

  • Slow Dance (Saiki x Kaidou)
    21.2K 750 14

    [Story inspired by Why R U?]Kaidou shun's life was normal before he was cursed, how exactly? It all began when his sister wrote something about him and a boy Saiki Kusuo. She ended up making his life flip! With Saiki Kusuo and him falling in love in the end, but with that Kokomi Teruhashi wasn't gonna let it happen ea...

  • A Fox's Heat (sasunaru)
    94.7K 2.4K 17

    Naruto woke up in heat. What will happen when Sasuke finds out. Will he help. Will something start to grow in Naruto's stomach. Will their relationship grow into something more. This is my first story so sorry if it's bad. I don't think I need to say any of these because it's obvious but. I don't own the pictures, th...

  • A First Kiss Is Never Forgotten
    153K 4.4K 27

    Hi, My name is Naruto Uzumaki! I'm a ninja of Konoha. I'm in Team 7... I've been crushing on one of the teammates ever since the academy, and no... it's not Sakura Yep, you guessed it, I have a huge crush on Sasuke. Sakura is just a false direction so no one gets suspicious on who I actually like. My cheery and loud...

    Completed   Mature
  • Help Me!
    6.6K 237 16

    This story is about Naruto and Sasuke. Sasuke is obsessed over Naruto he would do anything to get meaning killing anyone who would touch or hangout with him. Sasuke even came to the point to kill Naruto's parents and kidnaped him. Sasuke was madly in love with Naruto.

  • Finding His Mate
    232K 8.1K 42

    Naruto goes into his first heat, and is mated by an Uchiha neko. When Naruto ends up pregnant, he tortured and tossed out in the streets. Will Sasuke's owners take Naruto in or will Naruto die in the streets? Neko Naruto Neko Sasuke Neko Itachi ON HOLD!!!!

  • Bittersweet Tricks Of Destiny (SasuNaru)
    91.1K 3K 34

    Read and find out the story yourself. I don't want to spoil it. But, Pss, it involve body swapping.? Rate: Mature *I don't own anything according Naruto. Cr: art from ig; narusasu00 Ranking🏅 #607 in sasuke {29-04-2021} #143 in narutoshippuden {29-04-2021} #82 in narusasu {30-04-2021} #185 in sasunaru {02-05-3021} #14...

  • Taking Care Of Sasuke
    2.9K 52 3

    Sasuke was on a mission and had a jutsu cast on him that turned him into a kid. And poor Naruto has to watch him, but watching Sasuke isn't that bad, it's bad cause the blonde has a major crush on him! ||Naruto does have the Nine-Tails & Sasuke has his Sharingan||

  • Narusasu Oneshots
    355K 5.2K 29

    This book is just a bunch of oneshots I'll be making. you are free to give me any ideas that you would like also their will be LEMON AND FLUFF in these stories. If you don't like lemon then skip the ones that say lemon next to the title. . . . Comment, Follow, and Vote!!!!!!!!

  • ¦shinobi and wizards¦ Naruto & Harry Potter Crossover
    51.2K 2.3K 17

    After the events of the last school year, Dumbledore asks the Hokage for help to protect Hogwarts and Harry Potter. ! your stereotype Naruto and HP Crossover ! ! bl (Sasunaru/Narusasu) ! ! sideships (SakuIno, Drarry) !

  • Sasuke Says {SasuNaru} - FastForward (BoyxBoy)
    190K 6.6K 21

    Sasuke Says » Minato Namikaze took everything from the Uchiha family. Their money, their business, their home, absolutely everything. Now, Itachi and Sasuke are going to take it all back, and the only way to do that is to take what Minato holds dear. Payback's a bitch. (SasuNaru.) Completed.

    Completed   Mature
  • A Heartbreaking Dare
    17.7K 890 28

    Sasuke never thought a simple dare could lead to so much pain, lies, and secrets. Naruto does not belong to me nor does the cover art!

  • sasunaru | demon world (EDITING SOON)
    734K 24K 36

    Sasuke is a single Vampire demon and he is looking for a Mate. Who's the mate? --- Warning: Sexual actions, cursing, perviness

    Completed   Mature
  • Demon Alpha Sasuke x Omega Naruto { Omegaverse } //COMPLETE//
    31.8K 871 18

    { Sorry about the cover photo.. I'll find a better one soon enough, I hope.. } //Edited: This was edited// I started this about a year ago and now its officially finished! ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ I got to admit. This was(and still) super crappy. Thanks to those ppl who put up with this book till the end! (≧▽≦)

  • So This Is...Love
    6K 166 17

    ~Hey guys! So this is my first SasuNaru and I hope you guys like it!! Btw I suck at summaries A story in which, Sasuke Uchiha, a cold hearted mafia Lord, falls head over heals over a blonde haired Beauty, Naruto.

    Completed   Mature
  • Heatstroke
    46K 1.2K 31

    The hero Naruto finds himself stuck in an awkward circumstance that he just can't fix himself... Luckily, Naruto has some good friends who are begging to help him out, including his rogue ninja ex-best friend. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 WARNING: The story has some explicit HETERO, BI , and GAY scenes (mostly gay though, gay always w...

    Completed   Mature
  • His blond
    20.1K 577 24

    Naruto Uzumaki is an quite guy who's life was pretty perfect. He had a bunch of friends, perfect grades, a pretty girlfriend named sakura who he loved. but suddenly everything changed, his girlfriend left him for a popular guy named Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto couldn't stand that bastard but what will happen when he got to...

  • I Wish I Knew...
    14.9K 344 38

    [#14 in Wishes on 1 Jan, 2019.] [10K views on 27th April, 2020, 10:46pm IST] It had been years since he left and I was sure I didn't need him but someone else did........she did..... "You broke me, you made me cry, you left me and now you want me back? This isn't some joke and you know that! Stop ruining my life!" A r...

  • The Aggressive King 👑 || Official || Sasunaru
    33.1K 1K 21

    Naruto was confused on how he woke up next to the sleeping king. Now go read dumb roach 😒

  • Selfish Prince
    232K 9.2K 21

    When young Prince of Konoha, Sasuke Uchiha, meets a mysterious boy, he calls the press for help in hopes of reuniting. As King Itachi watches his little brother fall in love, there are things he must do to ensure that his brother lives happily, even if it means making his own life miserable.

  • The Dark Side
    8.5K 249 10

    What if Sasuke convinced Naruto to join him instead? Placed after the 3 years of training each experienced when Team 7 (led by Yamato) break into Orochimaru's hideout. Also spoilers about major character deaths if you haven't finished shippuden. Obviously characters and the naruto plotline are not mine!! All credits...

  • The Neglected Shinobi
    328K 8.9K 18

    What if Naruto's parents were alive? What if he had a brother and sister? What if his parents neglected him for his siblings? What if Naruto wasn't the idiot, mistake, and/or weakling they thought he was?

  • My light in the dark
    82.6K 3.1K 30

    Natuto is an orphan and lives his life working day in day out. Everything changes when he meets Sasuke, a mysterious man with a dangerous life. Naruto cant help but fall for his charms and Sasuke for Naruto's brightness. Can they truly live a happy life when danger is waiting around every corner? *I don't own the cha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Vampire Perfume (Sasunaru)
    345K 13.1K 38

    All the girls are using the new perfume called Vampire. They believe if they spray it on themselves that they'll actually attract actual vampires. But such creatures do not exist do they? When Ino accidentally knocks into Sakura, he gets the perfume sprayed on him instead! When Naruto walks home after school, he's att...

  • Broken
    40.9K 2.2K 57

    Ranking Naruto's looking forward for college with Sasuke by his side but something happens. SasuNaru, ItaNaru, AU. All titles for this is based on songs. Mpreg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dont forgett to comment to tell me what u think and vot ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~°•...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Song to You
    10.4K 550 35

    Naruto is dating the very popular, Sasuke Uchiha, and trying his best to reach his dream. That is until Sasuke drops the 'break up' bomb leaving Naruto to fall into a state of depression. Naruto loses all motivation to go for his dream.