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  • Bitterly Beautiful (Wednesday Addams X Blind Reader)
    71.2K 3.4K 8

    Nevermore Academy, a Boarding school for the outcast, the unwanted animals of the world and sometimes, the ones who cannot be contained, there exits a Boy Not able to see, but has a deep story hidden under his eyelids, and that truth shall be revealed as a new menace enters the School: Wednesday Addams.

    Completed   Mature
  • No Place For a Hero (Borderlands Girls X M! Reader)
    4K 252 3

    Welcome to Pandora Kid. The Hero of this story, no scrap that, there are no heroes in this tale. You're just one lucky S.O.B to make it out alive after Jacks plan. And since vengeance also coincides with you getting your hands on that sweet sweet loot, your goals Line up with each other. Bound with a cybernetic enhan...

  • yaoi rp (book of bottoms. I don't have a book of tops and won't)
    15.7K 166 59

    its a yaoi rp ok bxb. I have zero top energy so they are all bottoms. sorry