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  • Sokeefe- The Official
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    Hi everyone! This story is about SOKEEFE!!!! There will be some Fitzy drama.... start reading for more!! ALSO: the first couple parts of The Sequel is posted!! Go check it out after you read!!

  • Sokeefe Forever COMPLETE
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    When Sophie is 18 years old and the Neverseen has been defeated what happens with her love life? Will she try to get the her matchmaking scrolls again now after the mix up when she was 15? Read to find out!

  • Sokeefe memes
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    Sokeefe!!! Sokeefe!!! here are sokeefe memes sokeefe is awesome!

  • Sokeefe one shots
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    Just your usual sokeefe romance. Also Sofitz is trash so is Dophie All characters belong to Shannon Messenger