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  • Remnant of a new dawn (Male Byleth reader x Rwby harem)
    4.1K 129 8

    Y/n Eisner was a Mercenary who had caught the eye of a certain someone who worked at beacon. After being hired as a new teacher he is thrust into a sudden role as a teacher for the next generation of huntsman and Huntresses. But what will happen when he takes his job seriously and he grows close to his students and pr...

  • Ignite my Scarlet Soul🔥 Vol.1 (Yang Xiao Long X Original Character Story)
    705 51 12

    Follow the Adventures of Soul Ginart as he fulfills his Mother's Last Wish... to attend Beacon Academy, what shall he find? The Trill of Adventure? New Friends? Or Perhaps Something More? Keep in mind I don't anything besides the Original Characters, all media used in this FanFic Belong to their Real Owners and R...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Eldian sniper
    27.1K 537 31

    You are a warrior for Marley but your powers don't allow you to turn into a titan. I'll be updating this with the anime ( session 4 spoilers so you have been warned) there is also some stuff I know they don't have In the show but it's my story so who care and if you do care that sucks for you also I'm going to chang...

  • Our Little Wall | Mikasa x Reader
    19.2K 412 12

    (Waiting...) A 15 year old Scout Regiment was about to choose his rank. After many years of training, he only wished to enlist into the Survey Corps. From the past to the present, three familiar people caught his eye... and one caught his affection. I DO NOT OWN ATTACK ON TITAN NOR THE IMAGES!

  • Weaknesses (Aot 1 Annie Leonhardt x male reader)
    148K 2.2K 15

    (Part 1)Annie Leonhardt is having feelings for you(The shade) and she knows you feel the same. All she wants is to be close to someone and you are in her sights. Little does she know of the long adventure that awaits her I do not own snk aot or any of the pictures used They are only used to support a fictional story...

  • Beautiful Pain (Yandere Mikasa x Male reader )
    92.7K 1K 20

    What drives her ensane for him. His looks, smiles, or his blood. She met him one day but what happens when that one day becomes a living hell for him. Read to find out. Highest rank : #2 on Jan. 19 ,2019

  • The Rogue Titan (Warhammer Titan male reader X Attack on Titan)
    12.5K 151 4

    (Disclaimer: I do not own any of the picture in or the anime they belong to the rightful owners) After escaping from Marley leaving Reiner, Bertholdt and annie behind Y/n Escape to the Paradis Island with the power of the Warhammer titan.

  • Mikasa Ackerman x Male Reader - Beauty & The King
    325K 12.1K 54

    In the year 839, a scouting party beyond the walls, led by captain Erwin smith, stumbled across something remarkable. A four-year-old child alone and lost. Taking it upon himself to save the child from Titans, Erwin adopted the boy and treated him like his own. Y/n Smith, as named by Erwin's squad, was raised by the s...