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  • You Are Not Tony Stark
    85.5K 2.3K 28

    Basically Pepper and Peter scenes. Not all of them. There is also Tony and others. ••• I apologize for mistakes in advance, English is not my native language. However, I love Pepper and I absolutely need more stories with her and Peter. ••• 21.4.2020 #1 in pepperony Dedicated to @smilingxqueen 💙

  • Peter Parker
    553K 18.5K 67

    This is going to be a one shot book of Peter Parker and his adventures being a super hero. [On Hiatus]

  • Wanda x Peter = Endgame
    3.6K 98 12

    This is after infinity war. I might do another one, but with Peter and Wanda as a married couple, should i?

    Completed   Mature
  • Spider-Man Oneshots
    45.9K 1.5K 46

    Just Peter Parker oneshots, they're mostly unoriginal but some are my own ideas, have fun!! Also I limited the amount of sad shizzle so it's mostly just fluff but there is some sad bits!!