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  • Marvel: Our Sweet Life (Male Reader)
    4K 243 5

    Everything is fine. All is calm. This is Ivan Bullock talking to you. Don't read this. This is nothing. Nothing is wrong. All is right. Hail Hydra.

  • Marvel: Our Sweet Hell (Male Reader)
    694 53 2

    Continuation to Our Sweet Life. Y/N L/N has lived a peaceful life with his wife, Nadia Van Dyne. However, this all ends when his past as the Phoenix finally catches up with him. He awakens nearly three years later with no memory of his life with Nadia. He finds the world a broken and cruel place filled with new danger...

  • Avengers (Male Reader Insert)
    42.8K 1.1K 23

    Set in the world of the Avengers 2020 Video Game... A-Day was a day that will go down in history. The Avengers were disbanded, AIM was created and grasped control, Inhumans appeared and were shunned, and the world forgot the heroes that once protected them. 5 Years after A-Day, a young Inhuman named Kamala Kahn decide...

  • Monster: Year 1
    73.8K 4K 60

    Y/N is a boy who knows little about his life. Experimented on as a child, he was freed by the Creator. Following his death, Y/N finds himself with no home, no trust, and no friends. After a chance meeting, Y/N finds himself in the middle of a much larger destiny. Reboot of Monster

  • The Astonishing Spider-Man (Male Reader) Vol. 1
    15K 702 9

    Earth-65 Y/N L/N was a normal boy. At the age of 6, his family was killed in a horrific accident that led to him being adopted by George Stacy. At the age of 16, he was bitten by a radioactive spider that gave him spider like powers. Since then, he has been known as the Scarlet Spider-Man. However, not everything is a...

  • The Astonishing Spider-Man Vol. 2 (Male Reader)
    2K 172 4

    Y/N and Gwen are back, and with more problems than ever. When an old friend resurfaces and new faces begin to pop up around New York, the two spiders find themselves with more on their plate than ever before. Mutants, Monsters, and Gobilns. Just another day in the life of the Spider-Siblings.

  • X-Men (Male Reader)
    40.8K 2.3K 21

    Their world was destroyed, turned to ruin by the arrival of Apocalypse. With no other option, Charles Xavier sent his team of young mutants to another world in hopes of saving them. The youngsters find themselves in a new world, one that is years ahead of theirs. With their adult versions of themselves dead, the young...

  • X-Men Season 2 (Male Insert)
    12.6K 960 24

    The X-Men are back again, now bigger than ever. The Future is in danger? Call the X-Men. Mutant hunting robots? Call the X-Men. Vampires invading? Well, maybe the X-Men could help. Since when were vampires a thing? Y/N finds himself having to save the future from certain doom, while also bringing up a team of young mu...

  • Monster: Strikers
    25.5K 2.1K 75

    Y/N Romanoff lost a lot during Carnage's invasion. But he did gain a bit of knowledge on his father's whereabouts. This clue leads him to Burns, Alaska. A small village where Y/N would soon find that not everything is as it seems. Along the way, he will meet new people who are misfits in society much like himself. Tog...

  • The New Spider-Man (Male Reader)
    54.2K 3.6K 44

    Y/N Parker lives a normal life as a high-school student being raised by his single mother, Mary Jane Parker. Having never met his father, Y/N is surprised to learn that he has quite the family lineage. Now with newly revealed powers and some old technology, Y/N takes up the mantle of Spider-Man to protect his home aga...

  • Spider-Man (Male Reader Insert)
    2K 81 2

    Book 2 In the Leviathan Series Be Greater. Y/N has saved the world and every Inhuman from the evil AIM and MODOCK with the help of his family, the Avengers. However, now that he is a public figure, he must learn what it means to be a hero to the people. After learning of a new possible threat, Y/N travels to the Big A...

  • Darkest Hearts (Male Reader)
    205 27 1

    New York is the center of activity for all kinds of action. The Avengers protect the world from intergalactic threats and otherwise. However, there is more than that to worry about. Morgan Stark, the daughter of the late Tony Stark, finds her world shattered when the discovery of another Stark child it revealed. Y/N p...