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  • Blame Game || Veronica Lodge
    4.5K 157 3

    " Yes, because I look like a cold blooded murder, " In which Brent Alvarez spends an unfortunate fourth of July at Sweetwater river, thinking he only wants to get away from his house, but instead becomes a murder suspect for the most popular kid in town. Riverdale || Season 1 - 2 Veronica Lodge x Male Oc Cover by: Me ...

  • worse • veronica lodge
    55.5K 1.8K 13

    "he is not good for you ronnie." "and why is that archie?" "because he's worse than anyone in this school." in which eric cooper is worse than anyone and the raven haired girl falls for his charms. au male oc x veronica lodge short chapters

  • Myths <> Cheryl Blossom
    339K 14.5K 64

    "No, you ghoul!" "It's Ghoulie, actually."

  • [1] Hades - Betty Cooper
    19.5K 765 6

    Lawson a mysterious footballer player catches the attention of a nosey blonde who can't leave well enough alone. [S1-2] [BETTY COOPER] [RIVERDALE]