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  • Baby Harry (Drarry)
    40.6K 1K 6

    Harry accidentally spilt a de-aging potion on himself, causing him to return to the mindset and body of a six year old. Draco, unfortunately, is tasked with caring for the toddler until the cure is made. This spells trouble. Or does it?

  • Baby Harry (a Drarry fanfic)
    3.1K 129 4

    Harry accidentally spilled a de-aging potion on himself, causing him to return to the mindset and body of a six-year-old. Draco, unfortunately, is tasked with caring for the toddler until the cure is made. This spells trouble. Or does it? This book was started by @Elliahrose and they discontinued it after three chapte...

  • The Babysitter
    23.7K 768 10

    Harry needs a break from the Dursleys' house. Draco needs a break from secrets. They didn't take the babies into consideration. I know I can't write but idc so read if ya want

  • 10 years ahead
    312 2 1

    Sooo Rin's and Yukio's past selves come to le future and while they are preparing themselves to go to sleep they hear some noises coming out of the otha room. Also I got this from manga go I just made sum changes ig lol Short story btw

  • Baby Draco
    148K 4.1K 20

    Harry recently told Ginny and Ron he was gay and then being the close minded gits they were turned him away. As much as Hermione liked Harry she loved Ron and went along with what he said. During transfiguration they are practicing a spell to turn an animal into its baby form for up to 6 months. Ron tried shooting the...

  • Drarry - A cute beginning (and a smutty ending)
    289K 7.3K 5

    Super cute and fluffy fan-fiction following Draco and Harry as they slowly fall for each other. Gets a li'l smutty A/N: This was my first ever fanfic that I wrote purely for myself as a testing-the-water-thing. While I am extremely happy for entering this new world (for me!) of fanfic, this particular story reads like...

  • Draco's suffering
    74K 2K 31

    When Draco is in his sixth year at hogwarts, at sixteen, before he leaves, his father, Lucius Malfoy, beats him to try to get him to do better in his classes, but really, all that that does is send Draco into a mass of emotional and mental instability. Finally, will everyone at hogwarts see Draco for who he really is...

  • Anyone But You ( Billdip Soulmate AU)
    18.4K 736 25

    Dipper and Mabel Pines are now 16 and living full time in Gravity Falls. They atend the Gravity Falls highschool, and are finaly old enough to learn their soulmates! But what happens when your soulmate is an actual Demon? Can Bill change? Can Dipper forgive him? This is a soulmate AU to the wonderful show, Gravit...

  • The Death Eater with a Choice
    10.7K 503 7

    Draco has finally gotten what he always wanted. He is one of them. He is a Death Eater. But is it truly what he wants or is it just what Potter said: Because of his wish to make his father proud? Draco has to choose a side. This is the follow up to my other story "Love Revealed by Fear". and yes, it is Drarry, now you...

  • Love Revealed By Fear
    151K 4.3K 20

    Draco's biggest fear is revealed in their very first class with the new teacher, R.J Lupin. He had never seen it coming, just like the rest of the class. Draco Malfoy, child abused. But maybe the fear will reveal something that will make it worth it, in the end. (Drarry, now you're warned)

  • Mystery Account
    131K 4.7K 21

    While the day's low, Draco Malfoy bored out of his sane mind, he decides to message Harry Potter from an anonymous account... but he ends up messing up a little too much while he's slowly getting closer to Harry. highest ranking in drarry: #10 highest ranking in online: #27 [SO MUCH DRAMA; FINISHED AND EDITED; ONLIN...

  • It started in the shower (DRARRY FANFIC)
    761K 17.2K 14

    It started off as a prank on the last year of Hogwarts, after the war. But it lead to a steamy hour in the shower... which lead to a hot day, to a hot week, to a hot month... but they are only bump it bros, right?

    Completed   Mature
  • The Uncalled connection
    15K 485 18

    After the War, Harry decides to have a hard think about everything that went wrong, everything that just happened. He soon came to terms with the boy he had always liked, but with many unexpected adventures. But what boy did Harry choose? It was an unexpected connection, a very twisted one. Trigger Warning⚠️ Mentions...

  • Cafe Love
    27.1K 876 8

    •This is a muggle Drarry story! •Ships that will be contained in this story: Draco x Harry, Pansy x Hermione, Ron x Blaise, and maybe more •Draco is a college student at "Hogwarts College" and works as a barista, he has extreme depression and anxiety, can sing and dance but is shy about it •Harry is also a college st...

  • It Started With Letters - Drarry
    275K 12.4K 77

    BEST: #1 in drarryfanfic - Draco Malfoy's biggest secret is the box of unsent letters under his bed, letters that are addressed to Harry Potter. The war is over and the students are returning for their final year at Hogwarts, everyone's ready for a relaxing year but for Harry and Draco it won't be easy. The two boys...

  • Expectant
    34K 559 1

    "After he accidentally gets Malfoy pregnant on a drunken fuck at a club, Harry doesn't anticipate that it'd be just as easy to fall in love with him."

    Completed   Mature
  • Drarry into the omegaverse
    250K 4.4K 26

    A fuckload of drarry omegaverse oneshots because I've been writing these nonstop. I finally made a cover for this XD

  • Truth or dare (karmagisa)
    46.2K 812 9

    All you need to know is that it escalates real fast and I'm rewriting it to make it better I promise.

  • SAVOUR THE AMOUR | drarry
    110K 4.3K 9

    (COMPLETED) Draco and Harry are head over heels over each other, but of course, both are too daft to actually figure it out. Though, Pansy knows and is tired dealing with a melancholic and lovesick Draco, but luckily, she got partnered with Harry in an Amortentia project and she will make him take a whiff of the potio...

  • Inseparable || Drarry
    20.4K 915 10

    Literally, inseparable. Disaster hits. After a spell gone wrong, they discover they're bond together for the next week. Without being able to be touched, and without the ability to move further then a foot apart, Draco and Harry have to figure out how to live with each other. However, they soon discover its much easi...

  • Timer (A Drarry FanFiction)
    1.5K 166 3

    'If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?' Of course, Harry had to miss the moment his clock ran out. Canon AU, Eighth Year, no smut. 2.1K words.

  • Moonlit Revelations (A Drarry FanFiction)
    74.8K 4.1K 6

    When Harry returns for his Eighth Year at Hogwarts, he quickly suspects Draco Malfoy is up to something again. Drarry/Harry Potter Fanfiction. Eighth Year AU. No smut. 4.2K words.

  • Good Talk, Potter
    52.8K 1.1K 2

    Potter begins to take me apart, each savage, pounding thrust peeling away layer after layer of everything that I am, reaming me open in a way that makes me wonder how I'll ever be able to let anybody else but him fuck me after this.

    Completed   Mature
  • i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart) | zukka
    357 36 5

    COMPLETE Mondays used to be Zuko's least favourite day of the week. Until the boy with the ponytail starts coming to The Jasmine Dragon (Zuko's Uncle's tea shop) every Monday. His name is Sokka, and Zuko is in love. Or zuko works at his uncle's tea shop and falls in love with a customer. Disclaimer: I do not own Av...

  • All Mine (Morby).
    69.2K 2.2K 29

    Love can make us do strange, horrifying, things. But how far will Rigby go to get Mordecai's attention? A regular show fan fiction. Human form Mordecai <3 rigby smut(eventually)

  • Undying Love
    16K 633 5

    YAOI BoyxBoy 16 year old humanoid cat Gumball gets a new brother; a humanoid fish named Darwin. Realizing that he may be attracted to the boy, can Gumball hide his feelings, or will he let them show and hope that the fish boy feels the same way?

  • Gumlee & Bubbline One-shot's
    87.4K 1K 28

    some smutty and fluffy oneshots

  • All This Time... (Mordecai x Rigby)
    52.8K 2.1K 18

    Mordecai and Rigby have been 'the best of friends' as long as they can remember. But something has changed... Rigby has developed feelings for Mordecai. He can't remember exactly when, but he doesn't care. All he cares about is that Mordecai doesn't know... At least not yet. What Rigby doesn't know is that Mordecai...

  • Mordecai and Rigby
    52.1K 2.2K 12

    Mordecai and Rigby have been friends for a while now. One of them has decided "friends" is not enough. (Completed)

  • Gumball x Darwin Smut - { The Cat And The Fish }
    7.1K 84 5

    HEY BITCHHHH!!!!! I Hope u like this 18+ smutttt