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  • My Guardian Angel (girlxgirl) (SEQUEL)
    15.3K 781 22

    Book 1: Never Worry About Me (girlxgirl) Book 2: My Guardian Angel (girlxgirl) Angelica and Katherine have overcome the impossible, staying together, despite their fate. But, what happens when the world begins to shift, inducing a darker and unknown future?

  • I Adored You (girlxgirl)
    96.9K 3.1K 11

    Emilia's charming best friend from two years ago has returned, and so does the unraveling of her infatuation for her...

  • Bewitched (girlxgirl)
    338 30 1

    Olivia finds herself stuck at the last place she would like to be, though it leads to her meeting a strange woman who claims to foresee her future, and, specifically, who she is meant to be with...