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  • his little secret || regulus black
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    'i felt my existence was tainted, in some subtle but essential way' - donna tarrt • i only own selene fray and the plot line •

  • Regrets
    12.3K 490 13

    It's 1999, and it's been an year after the end of the second Wizarding War. It's 1999, and Sirius visits his brother's grave twenty years after he's left the world behind. In front of this gravestone, on which the final days of this forgotten hero are carved into stone, is where forgotten memories and regrets resurfa...

  • Eventually ~ A Regulus Black Love Story
    47.1K 540 6

    Although some could argue that their equally glorious, but also of different length hair sets them apart, James and Aurelia Potter tend to be mistaken for one another. This neither can understand. While James was sent to Hogwarts, Aurelia received her letters of acceptance to both Hogwarts and Beauxbatons, which led t...

  • MOONLIGHT SONATA . . . regulus black
    94K 4.7K 33

    MOONLIGHT SONATA ━━━ Regulus Black is the embodiment of bad juju but Hecate Lovegood deserves it. © solntserises cover! @vintagegrace

  • Lipstick Stains - Regulus Black
    97.6K 2.2K 13

    What if there was another Potter? A sister perhaps? What if that said sister was the same age as her brothers best friends younger brother? Also, what if those said siblings loved each other but couldn't tell there older said siblings? Join the journey of Potter and Black, not James and Sirius but Kathleen and Regu...

  • The Fifth Marauder - r.a.b
    66.7K 2.4K 51

    (EDITING CURRENTLY) "I don't need your pity." Regulus began pulling a box of cigarettes from his pocket "I know how shitty my family is." He handed a cigarette to Astrid, who placed it in her mouth before allowing Regulus to light it with his lighter. Regulus watched as she took a draw, her cheeks hollowing out before...

    Completed   Mature
  • 𝐩𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐨𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐛𝐢𝐚 || 𝘳.𝘢.𝘣𝘭𝘢𝘤𝘬
    450K 20.1K 78

    philophobia-the fear of falling in love or becoming emotionally connected to someone... ~~~ This is a story you've heard before, passed down through generations, about a young girl and a young boy who utterly despise each other. Then, somehow, they see that past the walls they've both built up, they can learn to l...

  • Jagged Rocks ❦ Regulus Black {AU}
    49.7K 226 2

    ❝To pull away from the current, is to hit the jagged rocks,❞ The Black family was well known for its nobility, for its twisted ways and dark tendencies. They disowned members of their own, and propelled others to the side of warlords, and forceful warlocks. They associated only with those of blood as pure as theirs an...

  • Storybook {Regulus A. Black}
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    "Your stories are the only thing no one can ever take away from you," she said quietly as if just remembering something. "Then why don't you tell me your's?" the boy asked. *** Constance Foster was the girl who went pretty unnoticed through all her life. From birth when someone had left he...

  • Sugar and Spice. | regulus black
    23.9K 638 14

    °* sugar and spice and all things nice *° [Marauder's Era AU] [Regulus Black x Hufflepuff! OC] [Canon Divergent]

  • Forget-Me-Not → Regulus Black
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    Aurelia Livierre was many things. To Remus Lupin, she was a sister. Aurelia was the first one to find out about his "furry little problem," and while he felt like nothing but a monster, Aurelia showed him that he was just as much a human as the students that walked the castle's halls. To Peter Pettigrew, she was a f...