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  • 1986.
    4.1K 227 18

    Kanzie Thompson was a normal 18 year old living on the Strip in Los Angeles. The night she decided to let 'lose' she pisses off Megadeth fans and Dave Mustaine. However, David Ellefson falls almost immediately for the normal school girl and realizes this could end up extremely messy. Read as both characters go through...

  • She Wolf | David Ellefson Fanfiction
    603 69 9

    Abused Jolene is trying to get rid of her parents. Her best friend, David, is trying to help her. Read for more...

    Completed   Mature
  • Do My Dirty Work (James Hetfield × Dave Mustaine)
    5.6K 235 5

    "Do, do my work, do my dirty work scapegoat, do, do my deeds, for you're the one who's shamed." Dave Mustaine is on the edge of being kicked out of the thrash metal band Metallica, until James Hetfield has an idea to keep him in the band... (This book contains scenes that may be unsuitable for some audiences)

  • 40 More Ways To Annoy Dave Mustaine
    218 20 1

    Here are 40 more ways to annoy the Megadeth frontman. Don't actually do these things if you see him. He will probably kill you (or roast the living Hell out of you). Enjoy.

    Completed   Mature
  • 40 Ways To Annoy Dave Mustaine
    791 45 1

    Here you can find ways to annoy the Megadeth frontman. Don't actually do these things to him. He won't be too happy to say the least. Dave if you somehow find this story, I am so sorry. This is meant to be a joke.

  • Yet Another 40 Ways To Annoy Dave Mustaine
    77 6 1

    Here's yet another 40 ways to annoy David Scott Mustaine. Don't actually do this. He will probably try to skin you alive. This is for shits and giggles so enjoy. I don't own Dave Mustaine. Just this book.

    Completed   Mature
  • We Only Live Broken
    6.1K 362 7

    (Metallica/Megadeth story) Dave Mustaine is...different, to say the least. Ever since he was kicked from Metallica, he hasn't been the same. Sure, he had Megadeth, but they were only created to fill the hole made by his former best friends abandoning him. By chance, Dave runs into his old bandmates one day, and the...

  • Dawn Patrol - An Ellefstaine Fanfiction
    8.6K 456 14

    Dave has always had overwhelming and lingering fears as well as issues. He meets Junior and that all changes, he's better, but at the same time gets worse. He doesn't know what being in love feels like, but that's what he feels around Junior. Junior only watches in horror as Dave slowly goes from bad to worse, and can...

  • The adventures of frienzoned Dave (An Ellefstaine comic)
    495 21 3

    This is a small love story I'm working on rn. This time, it's in comic form! Hope you enjoy~

  • I PROMISE YOU (mustaineXellefson)
    554 33 1

    One-shot 'bout Ellefstaine. Enjoy!

  • Wake Up Dead... And Other Megadeth Songs
    1.3K 44 2

    Just a bunch off one-shots based off bad-ass Megadeth songs. Enjoy!

  • In My Hour of Need
    14.1K 1K 28

    When one of Dave Mustaine's best friends dies in a bus crash, he starts to act a little strange, and gets kind of moody. But he's not the only one with problems. David Ellefson, aka "Junior" has a secret he won't tell, and Dave starts getting really pissed off about it. (The story's written in Dave Mustaine's point o...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Darkest Hour {Ellefstaine}
    1.3K 138 4

    Letters from Dave to David. David left a few months ago, and Dave is still having a hard time dealing with the loss of his best friend and lover, who meant more to him than anyone can imagine. He regrets the things he never got to tell him, and tries to make up for his mistakes in these letters, hoping David could eve...

  • Not Even Close || Ellefstaine
    16.2K 687 15

    "And just what the hell am I supposed to do about your fucking blue balls!?"

  • 1000 Times Goodbye
    3.8K 188 18

    Megadeth fanfiction

  • 𝕐𝕠𝕦𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕒𝕟𝕒𝕤𝕚𝕒 - ℕ. 𝕄𝕖𝕟𝕫𝕒
    298 8 4

    Nicole Mustaine is the younger sister of Dave Mustaine. She was in a relationship with David Ellefson for four years, and then they broke up, and she began dating Nick.

  • Poison Was The Cure {Ellefstaine AU}
    432 36 1

    David is doing what he can to succeed at his new job, but when you're holding life and death in your hands, it's not always as black and white as you'd like it to be. Dave Mustaine, a junkie who's given up on by the rest of the world, crosses his path, and ends up changing more than just David's view of the world. He...

  • Sudden Death {Ellefstaine AU}
    358 33 2

    Ellefstaine AU taking place in the 12th century. A black root had started to grow in the pit of the well, spreading an oily ink through the fruitful water. It equaled the young prince's heart. The more he got corrupted by his father's sins, the number his senses would get. When the root had spread total darkess in the...

  • Remember to Forget {Ellefstaine}
    11.5K 824 20

    It was a day like any other for Dave, but when he walks home in the evening he notices some guys harassing a young man. Usually, he wouldn't have cared. These things were so common in this neighborhood. The kid probably even deserved it. But this was different, he knew these guys. This time... he wouldn't let them get...

  • Wild Waters Run Deep {Ellefstaine}
    1.8K 147 4

    They'd been struggling for years, Junior and him, but no matter how hard they tried, nothing ever seemed to get better. The drugs, the booze, the sex. It all came with a price. The year's 1985. A 23 year old Dave Mustaine is fighting to keep himself together, but after years of never-ending misery this seems like an...

  • Megadeth Incorrect Quotes, Imagines, Preferences, and One-shots
    1.7K 120 9

    "What is this garbage your watching I wanna watch the news... this is the news." This is a collection of one-shots, imagines, incorrect quotes, and preferences written by me about the one and only Megadeth. I'm only writing about: Dave Mustaine (D.M.) David Ellefson (D.E.) Marty Friedman (M.F.) Nick Menza (N.M.) Requ...

  • Trust Me (Metallica/Megadeth Story)
    4.2K 186 10

    (Sequel to "We Only Live Broken") Dave Mustaine is finally free. He's away from his abusive bandmates, safe with his old friends in Metallica. Despite the horrible memories of his time with Megadeth, he's beginning to dig himself out of the hole originally left by being kicked from Metallica. He's rebuilding his life...

    Completed   Mature