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  • Black Dress Wedding- An ONC 2021 Novella
    293 80 13

    As the song came to an end, I wanted him to cling to me. I wanted this story to be different. I wanted to be wearing the white dress. But as he reluctantly pulled me from his chest, I caught a glimpse of my black dress; black, the color of mourning. Jen Morse and Jake Miller had known each other their whole lives. Liv...

  • Capstone- An ONC 2021 Novella
    156 65 10

    Delilah Taylor is prepared... always. But, when she is paired with Cale Benton for her junior capstone project, she has to learn to collaborate with her worst nightmare, a seemingly disorganized jock who otherwise wouldn't notice she was even on the same planet as him. How will they ever connect on a project about the...

  • Rewriting Shakespeare: An ONC 2021 Novella
    90 9 6

    Sadie just wanted one night to wallow in her single status. She wanted to watch a sappy love story, throw popcorn at the TV, and blame Shakespeare for all her false delusions on love. But when she wakes up to find herself transported to London in the late 1500s, will she have the courage to critique one of the world's...

  • Rigby: An ONC 2021 Novella
    77 22 13

    People are like cards. They stack together precariously to form a house. One slip and they all fall down. Riley Sims has built her house of cards on stability without even realizing her boredom until she stumbles into a secret club and meets Jacob Rigby, perhaps the most unstable card in the pack. Captivated by him, s...

  • What Souls are Made Of: An ONC 2021 Novella
    22 1 5

    The fact that the planet is nothing more than a zombie-infested wasteland, a harsh and unforgiving place, doesn't mean that true love doesn't exist but is it deserved? Should a pallid-green monster be allowed to pine for the tender softness of a soulmate? Are monsters allowed any joy? Seth was not always a brain crav...