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  • Forbidden | Ahsoka x Reader
    464K 10.6K 108

    The story of you and Ahsoka Tano. A great love story with the background of the destructive clone wars. Every challenge and fight you face will take you by surprise. All the mysteries and questions, shocking you once the answers are revealed. The fate of all the Jedi, all of your friends and the whole galaxy lies on y...

  • Star wars clone wars : Ahsoka tano x male reader
    140K 1.1K 13

    A star wars story to fill up the lack of Ahsoka tano x male readers stories out there This will contain a dark side/light side reader with guns, knifes, black lightsaber, grenades, Who knows what more I don't own anything expect the story blah blah blah

  • male reader x Ahsoka tano
    527 21 4

    you are the second Jedi that came out of mand'alor from the vizla clan.

  • All that Matters... (Ahsoka x Male Reader)
    13.6K 445 49

    It's the midst of the Clone Wars, and things have never been more tense. Your 15 year-old self along with your Mother and Father are living on the planet of Coruscant when things take a turn for the worse. Your family, along with many others, are the victims of an attack, but you find out that maybe you didn't know yo...

  • I Am No Jedi: Ahsoka x Male Reader Jedi
    38.7K 1K 79

    #10 in Ahsoka #1 in aaylasecura /// Ahsoka Tano. Jedi Padawan of Anakin Skywalker. What if Ahsoka was romantically involved with another Jedi, similarly to her own master? Meet y/n. From youngling to Padawan, his and Ahsoka's friendship develop...into love. Learn about y/n's Dark past, and how the two Jedi will hide t...

  • Let's Get Chaotic
    837 22 3

    Jack is a pro when he plays Chaotic. Whether it's in real life or online. Then he gets a package with a scanner that leads him to the world of Chaotic. This was no ordinary scanner as it gave him the power to change into creatures, use battlegear and mugic when he's in Perim. What will he do with this unknown power? C...

  • The Lost Barian Emperor (Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal X OC Reader)
    381 10 1

    On an ordinary day, the Tsukumo family found a young boy named Davis who has total amnesia of everything except his name. The boy was soon adopted into their family and had become close with everyone, including his adopted brother, Yuma. Years later, Davis and Yuma meet Astral whom they help to recover number cards, w...

  • The King of Summoning (Yu-Gi-Oh GX X OC Reader)
    252 10 1

    Attending Duel Academy, one of the best duel schools in the world, is a great opportunity for any up-and-coming duelist. Markus, a young duelist with self-created decks, has his sights on this school. He's the only one who's achieved the summoning methods: Fusion, Synchro, XYZ, and Pendulum. Now, Marcus and his friend...

  • Ahsoka Tano x Male Reader LEMON
    67.1K 252 2

    18+ enter at own risk

  • A Forbidden Love [Jedi Male Reader X Ahsoka Tano]
    287K 8.8K 68

    The rules of the Jedi were held sacred by all Jedi, they followed them and aimed to be the best Jedi they could, but once Ahsoka Tano and (Y/n) (L/n) meet and fall in love they put the rules aside and do what they feel is right. But how will this play out for the war ahead of them? Don't own star wars

  • Ahsoka x reader The Mandilorian Sith
    116K 1.7K 35

    I am Y/n a Mandilorian, I am the apprentice of General Grevious not really a Sith but a amazing combat teacher plus building robots and other things too. I had to learn about the force from Count Dooku also do other training with him too. And lastly I have fun hanging out with Ventress having fun and training. I got m...

  • Star Wars Ahsoka X OC
    214 9 2

    This is my OC from the Star Wars universe enjoy.

  • The Line Between (Ahsoka x reader)
    27.1K 433 28

    I decided to write my own novel so I could give it the content I wanted. I do not own star wars and I do not make any money from this novel. In this novel you are a Jedi padawan that ran away from the order after your master was killed by rouge pirates. You tapped into the dark side of the force and you killed them al...

  • Hidden | Ahsoka Tano x Reader
    29.9K 802 43

    *DISCONTINUED* Ever since you were brought to the Jedi temple, you wanted to be the perfect Jedi. Whether it be training for hours on end about lightsaber combat, or perfecting the force, you lived by the Jedi code. But that is thrown out the window when you fall for Ahsoka. Can you avoid the watchful eye of the c...