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  • Till' My Last Heartbeat (Iz*One Au SsamYen)
    4.9K 272 20

    Choi Yena, a successful doctor. The most famous doctor in South Korea. Kim Chaewon, a successful Singer and Dancer who debuted in the group called Producers along with Lee Chaeyeon, Ahn Yujin, Jo Yuri, and Kwon Eunbi. Both have successful lives but both of them had to give up. The reason? Well, read to find out. A Ssa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Crazy In Love With You (Izone AU Ssamkura)
    518 50 4

    Kim Chaewon, the school's sweetheart. Many girls and boys would give anything to be with her, but she only want's one person. Miyawaki Sakura. Miyawaki Sakura is the school's Ice Queen. She's not interested in anyone except her bestfriend Lee Chaeyeon. But Lee Chaeyeon is the Chaewon's half-sister from her mother. Cha...

  • Iz*one Shots: Book 2
    36.9K 1.2K 28

    Can't get enough of my iz*one shots??? Well fam, worry no more since the book two is here HAHAHAHAHHA. This book is going to be filled with fluff/angst shots so please, enjoy ^^

    10.4K 873 20

    (THE INCORRECT QUOTES ARE NOT MINE, CREDIT GOES TO THE OWNERS) (mostly incorrect-izonequotes on tumblr) welcome to eyes on me | the crackhead version ! you can find everything iz*one related here, mostly crackhead stuff as the title says, but there will be some not comedy oneshots as well hope you enjoy ~ started : ju...