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  • Starry Days & Sunlit Nights: Volume 1 - Reluctant Blaze
    49.7K 2.3K 55

    [Please support us on Patreon at ( or buy the eBooks from Blurb or Amazon Kindle to read the story in full!] In this world, there are two sides to everything: good and evil, love and hate, fear and courage, day and night. In Liberta City, a place of promise and freedom...

  • The Light in my Darkness//Zane~Chan
    25.2K 935 30

    As my life dragged on, I felt my mind and the feelings along with it disappear. The love for my brothers, parents, and close friends faded. My senses to pain, happiness, sadness, and anger left like a Sunday morning breeze. I thought my life was over. I kept telling myself horrible things. For instance, that nobody w...

  • His Hostile Facade
    1.7K 81 9

    Zane lives alone, an empty studio apartment with only three rooms in use out of many. When Zane's older brother Garroth and his two friends Aphmau and Kawaii~Chan move in due to complications in their previous neighbourhood, how will Zane cope? Will new bonds form? And will love finally blossom for this desperate soul...