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  • He's Famous (Zarry Stylik) ✔️
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    In which Harry Styles is a worldwide known actor and Zayn Malik is just a boy who likes to post stuff on instagram and Harry Styles. All Rights Reserved 2018 Highest ranking #386 in fanfiction #62 in zaynmalik

  • SUNFLOWER🌻- Zarry AU Completed
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    He is cheerful. Hard-working. Ambitious. Determined. He doesn't feel loenely, even though he has never been in a relationship, because he was and still is way too focused on school. He never even thought about it. In his opinion he isn't really missing out on anything. He is happy with how things are going. He has h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Diana// h.s.
    51.9K 1.2K 11

    Diana is alone in a group of people. Depression is killing her from the outside in. Her only escape is One Direction. What happens when Harry Styles creates a fan account to save her life?

  • Please Help Me ..
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    Darcy isnt happy she cuts because shes bullied and she doesn't know what to do. Her mom doesnt know about this but she can tell she is sad so to cheer her up she got her One Direction meet and greet tickets. Yes she LOVES One Direction ecspacally Harry. When it was her turn Harry notice her arms , he became worried an...

  • Another Spy Story(a Niall Horan fiction)
    25.7K 613 34

    Arely Estes a regular world famous actress,model,and singer.Living the life with her two best friends Sarah Jones and Galilea Parker.One more thing they are spy's.Not just spy's ranked #1,#2,and #3 in the world. One is Arely.Two is GalileaThree is Sarah. What happens when they are given the ultimate mission that will...

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    ONE DIRECTION - ZAYN MALIK "Guys, please don't do this. I'm responsible for protecting you guys. Please don't risk your life." she begs us. "No, Natalie. We don't want to lose you again. You've sacrificed a lot for us." I say. "Boys... please listen to me. Zayn, Harry, give me those guns. Let me handle this." she say...

  • Babysitting Lux 2
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    After finding out that she is pregnant she will have to make hard decisions.By going through heartbreaks,breakups,and lies.Will she decide to stay with Harry or will she leave?Ronnie's world turns upside down and that's all because of Babysitting Lux. *Sequel to Babysitting Lux* @2014 *NO COPYRIGHTS THIS BOOK IS WRITT...

  • My Demons (A One Direction Fanfiction) COMPLETED
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    When Liam left for the X-Factor, I was torn. I wanted him to stay, but I didn't want to be the one that held him back from achieving his dreams. Liam was the one who protected me at school, and with him gone, I would be an easy target. My bullies made my life a literal living hell, worse off from the second Liam left...

  • Lily~Rose~Styles
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    A girl who hides everyday, hides in her room praying that he won't find her. Prays everyday, Many secrets she hides deep within. So deep that no one sees them. Abused&Hated. This is a story of Lily Rose the sister of the superstar Harry Styles. {WARNING: SOME PARTS MAY BE TRIGGERING. READ AT OWN RISK}

  • The Silly Girl (A 1D FanFic) [COMPLETED]
    59.4K 1.3K 34

    Excerpt From Chapter 8: "I swear, she's such a pain in the ass," says Harry. That's when I had it. "You know what? You boys don't understand anything! You've never been through anything hard! You guys don't realize life isn't always tickles and butterflies! Try growing up in an orphanage, being adopted for the sixth t...

  • Ignored.. Nialls Daughter.
    188K 3.1K 61

    {{Sequel is up!!}} Noelene Horan. The 13 year old, Whose Father Is Niall Horan. Ignored and Hurt by her own father. Lost in words and Mentally sad. Never experienced Love. Bullied and Cyber bullied. Hate from her Dads fans. Physically bullied In school. Will Niall regret his mistakes? Will Nolene forgive him? ...

  • Living with Styles
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    After her parents die, Bella is forced to make amends with her hated brother, Harry Styles.

  • Adopted by One Direction
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    Brooklyn and Bridget are two girls who are completely different but are the same in a weird way. They're step sisters. Brooklyn's mom died of cancer so her dad married Bridget's mom. Reason why, Bridget's dad died of drug overdose. Later on Brooklyn's dad started getting violent . He blamed Brooklyn for the death of...

  • My Big Brother, Niall Horan
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    Adriana Horan is Niall Horan's little sister, at age 12 going on 13, how will her life change when she tours with her brother in the states? Will Niall get a girlfriend who dispises Adriana? Will Drey stay with Niall, or go and do her own thing? With an unexpected twist that no one thought could happen, Will she stay...

  • My Royal Highness (ZARRY AU)
    49.1K 3K 23

    Zayn is a struggling College student, while Harry is a prince. Zayn is striving hard to graduate college while Harry, is learning how to be a King. Harry is the next heir of King Styles. And what if these two different types of people meet? And unexpectedly, fall in love? Will Zayn be with Harry? Or Harry will give up...

  • Ascension (Zarry Stylik)
    42.2K 2.7K 43

    Meeting people on the internet is fun. Right? ©Copyright 2020 Brozarry

    48.9K 2K 14

    A short story based on Harry's Hershey and MSG concert. "He couldn't believe his boyfriend was standing in front of him. Both the lovers hugged tightly and they couldn't help but feel at home. They're each other's home, each other's safe place, happy place and each other's warzone and paradise. They felt at peace just...

  • Searching For Love √ (Zarry)
    51.4K 1.9K 24

    "I want him right now. Even when you have to travel all around the world, go for it and get him right in front of me." Zayn screamed. "Yes, sir." The assistant of his run out of his life to find that missing one person.

  • ADORE YOU (Sequel To FLAMES)
    99K 5.8K 41

    The sequel to "Flames". 5 years later. The journey of separation, pain of unrequited love and the beauty of love, starts again. Secrets to be let out, love to see the light, jealousy taking over. What will happen here? THEY WONDERED WHAT CRUEL TWIST OF FATE BROUGHT THEM TOGETHER AND IF FATE WAS INVOLVED WHAT DID SHE...

  • FOREVER Together (ZARRY AU)
    94.9K 4.9K 23

    Zayn Malik and Harry Styles are neighbors and bestfriends. They go to the same middle school and high school. Harry's gay and Zayn knows that. He supports Harry on his drama club and Harry supports Zayn on his Basketball tournaments at school. They may be total opposites but they care about each other. Zayn got Harry'...

  • Hide and Seek (ZARRY AU)
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    Harry is a rich kid with supportive parents, a lot of friends, studies at a private school and has the perfect life. He has passion for helping other people. He's generous and kind hearted. His life is perfect not until he helped a boy from another school. Zayn Malik is the captain of the football team. He has the cap...

    59.3K 2.5K 16

    A bad boy bullies a nerd.. The bully sees the innocent boy's big heart and the nerd sees the bad boy's real kind nature.. They then fall in love... ja ja ja... Opposites attract.... A cliché love story... Let's put a twist on it!❤

  • Second Encounter (Sequal to The Spy and The Boyband)
    14.4K 427 9

    "Cassie" left One Direction for their protection and is now living a normal life as a 19 year-old. In college to be a lawyer and doubting she will ever see the boys again. But, what happens when she does? Does she hide still trying to protect them? The agency is still after her after all? And even more important, what...

  • protecting the people you hate
    48.3K 763 23

    This is the story of a girl that got bullied by One Direction. Now she's a CIA agent and it's her job to protect the people she hates.

  • bruised ~ ziam
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    "roll up your sleeves Zayn" tw • self harm • abuse • anorexia • depression • suicide attempts • more to come {i restarted this story because my tops sounded like bottoms oop} started : october 29, 2018 finished : june 19, 2020

  • Sick Zayn
    33.4K 595 6

    Zayn and the boys have a show to do. But Zayn gets a cold and doesn't know how to break it to the rest of the guys or how to deal with it because he must perform in Toronto in a few days. What will he do? Will he get any better? And more importantly how will the guys deal with it? Editors Message: Thanks for reading t...

  • 5 Idiots and Me
    46.4K 1K 32

    No one else could possibly know pain better than me. It was my only loyal friend sticking by my side every minute of the day. Now I only got pain for one reason, being Simon Cowell's daughter. That's right. Simon Cowell's daughter; Chelsea Cowell. Being bullied for being one of the world's most successful man in the m...

  • One Direction's Bodyguard
    79.8K 2K 22

    © Copyright. 2014. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. zenanda1912. Book 1 of the 'Cobalt and Cyan' series "We so need to hire her as our bodyguard." Niall said. ~ Sapphire had just got hired as a celebrity recruiter in her bestfriends new talk show Cobalt & Cyan. One problem, their manager Kristina doesn't approve of her and gives...

  • Protecting One Direction
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    Nicole A 16 year old girl that used to be bullied by : Harry Styles Louis Tomlinson Niall Horan Liam Payne and Zayn Mailk but now everything had changed . Now she is 19 years old and she is one of the best spy's there is she is part of the CIA . What if one random day her boss decides to tell her that she has a...