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  • The Children of the Stars
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    [ A Minecraft Story] >> now being written by minjad and published here "Herobrine? Yeah, we know him. He haunts children's stories and jumps out at you from your closet. Then gives you candy. Long story short; he's just a story character meant to scare kids. He's not real." Herobrine was the center of ideas for chil...

  • Falling From the Moon
    1.4K 87 3

    First year of high school! Time to make a first impression! Yeah... Not so much... The thing is, Becky's known the same people since first grade. And whether it be new students or old classmates, no guy at her school is quality crush material. Until an old friend comes to town. Join Becky in her Freshman year of high...

  • The Herobrine Quest
    12.9K 854 78

    Ten Minecrafters embark on a perilous journey to find the source of Herobrine's power and destroy it for good. Along the way they will meet new friends. They will make new enemies. Heroes will rise and fall. Sometimes villains will prevail, but nothing will stop them from completing the Herobrine Quest. (This entire t...

  • ToxicArrow's Book O' Randomness!
    43K 3.3K 9

    Welcome to the black hole of my mind. This is the time were you may begin to question my sanity, or the lack there of. I strongly advise that you begin reading my everyday life with an open mind and perhaps some gummy worms.

  • Midnight: You Haven't Seen The Evil Yet
    3.9K 247 63

    You've been a natural born Brine this whole time. There's a possibility that our family ties into Herobrine's actually." Midnight didn't say anything at first she couldn't handle it; normally she could handle anything, but not this time. Midnight let out a small cry and covered her eyes, now she knew the truth and the...

  • Art
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    This is a compilation of all the artwork that I have done and will do. It has drawings, paintings, and will soon include other things as well. I hope you enjoy my art!

  • I wear the Crown
    192 30 12

    This is a Alice in wonderland fandom. A lot of blood and 'stuff'... Stay tuned for public announcements... So this is my first story so PLEASE give me feed back and suggestions!!! I'm really opened minded when it comes to writing for stuff! So message me ideas!!! Warning! GuyxGuy (gay) them!!

  • Midnight: The Fiery Flames of the Nether
    9.4K 446 64

    "What-Just how?!" I screamed. "Magic.." He said with a sly grin as my now brown eyes, darted back and forth from the mirror then to him. "Enjoy your stay." Was all he said before walking out locking me back in. I clutched my stomach as a knife like piercing released itself through me. He was right I was no lon...