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  • Collision
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    Originally Posted on Ao3- bri607 Cover Art: RealJams Inhaling sharply, Yoongi tried to think of a plan. There was a large, probable wolf on his porch, that was injured, and more than likely dying if he didn't do something. Oh, there was also his partial blindness, the storm, and the fact it is in the middle of the nig...

  • Omelas ~ BTS AU [✓]
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    ❝ We're risking our lives doing this, all for a boy we don't know anything about. ❞ ✫*゚・゚。.☆.*✫*..✫*゚・゚。.★.*。・.✫*゚・゚。.☆ Dark secrets. Forgotten memories. Mysterious people. Maybe the perfect town of Omelas isn't as peaceful as it seems. And it's the job of Yoongi and his friends to do something about it. ✫*゚・゚。.☆.*✫*...