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  • Can't Stop Me (Sick!Deku AU)
    133K 3.7K 26

    Izuku Midoriya was born an adventerous, cheerful child. He became friends with Katsuki Bakugo when they were still in diapers, both of them had high hopes to become heroes as both of them were huge fans of All Might. Everything came to a crashing halt when Izuku developed his own quirk though. Bakugo's quirk was somet...

  • Boku No Ghoul
    1.4K 47 2

    Being Quirkless wasn't so bad for Izuku Midoriya, He has great friends and a "Happy" family. But after a certain accident happened his life was turned completely upside down. The world he once knew was different? One question was always on his mind. "What's One Thousands Minus Seven?" Villain Izuku/ Insane. Later...

  • 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝖍𝖔𝖑𝖑𝖔𝖜 𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖔
    84.6K 1.3K 10

    Izuku Midoriya was born with a strange and powerfull Quirk, which made his life change completely. Suffering inside but showing no emotion, still wanting to prove the world that he can be a hero.

  • Izuku, The Teacher of death
    219K 3.6K 14

    Suicide warning izuku was always a happy kid but when he was diagnosed quirkless, it all changed. bullying/beatings from friends, family, and teachers. When he finally jumped just like his child hood friend said that's when he gained a quirk. All he was thinking was "why?" "why?" "why now of all times?" what he late...

  • Izuku's past
    25.9K 364 7

    The teachers decide to invite all the parent's of the students. What happens when secrets get revealed?

  • Ring-ring
    135K 3.7K 29

    *discontinued* Hi guys! As you might have guessed this book is a insane deku AU. Where deku (Izuku Midoriy) has a quirk called "control". The way it works is the user says something like "(Name of someone or something) speed advanced to 100000 km/h" More info inside the book. Bye! I do NOT own My Hero Academia nor any...

  • I See Your Monsters
    66K 2.3K 12

    The heroes are dead. To survive, the former class 1-A must return to UA, which had been reconstructed as a villain academy, and have a boy their age named Izuku Midoriya as their homeroom teacher and principal. This day just got a lot more interesting.

  • No Control
    128K 4.2K 15

    A villain deku AU where Deku was kidnapped instead of Bakugou and is brainwashed.

  • Muon
    83.3K 3K 14

    This is a Deku vigilante AU(UA backwards, huh?). While this has no real reason, I seem to enjoy these more when browsing WattPad and thought, "why the hell not? Let's do it", and as such I have come to write for your reading pleasure, or displeasure. I am also going to try and write in an only third person view, see h...

  • Into the Light
    109K 3.4K 11

    Izuku, even as a child, had a mind like no other. He absorbed information like a sponge, told he had an eidetic memory. Whehn his secondary quirk develops what will he become?

  • Subject 1-A: Midoriya, Izuku (Villain Deku)
    476K 12.2K 38

    Just a story I came up with while seeing all this cool Villain AU stuff for mha/bha on Pinterest. I don't know what the actually story behind this AU is. This is just what I was inspired to write about. Izuku has been kidnapped by the League of Villains. They've brainwashed him, forced him to kill, and to use his qu...

  • midoriya izuku is not depressed
    47K 1.9K 7

    Midoriya Izuku is not depressed. Contrary to what you may think, the years or torment that he's been through weren't really anything. He swears he's fine; perfectly happy with life and his place in it. ----- An introspection on Izuku and his struggles. Slight spoiler warning.

  • ShadowTagger
    52.5K 1.2K 11

    (Not being rewriten anymore) Izuku, son of the most dangerous serial killer and most notorious villain called Devour, but also son of the Number 3 heroine MoonTagger, was born quirklees but loved by both of his parents. Until a accident that was famous by the destruction caused,he was declared death together with his...

  • izukus MPD
    29.5K 560 6

    what if izuku was born with a quirk and was adopted by Shota Aizawa after a villan kills his parents i dont own my hero academia nor the characters i got the idea from other books so check them out

  • despite the scars
    160K 6.7K 41

    Izuku doesn't like heroes, most are fake, they like money and popularity. Izuku knew that his new home needed a hero, left with few choices, he became his own hero. how does Izuku manage to get through his new life, with new people and challenges? Can he really trust these new people?

  • You can only see the mask I wear
    69K 2.5K 12

    Izuku Midoriya is a optimistic, happy student attending the prestigious UA hero school. Always looking for the good in everyone. Well that's what most people see. Because that is his mask. Depressed!Izuku Suicidal!Izuku Dadzawa! °<Warning>° Suicidal thoughts Cutting Swearing Also I do not own BNHA or any of the...

  • Galaxy Eye (Indefinite Hiatus)
    77.9K 2K 27

    In Japan there are several vigilantes. Knuckleduster, Popstep, Crawler and even for a brief time Stendhal. However none of these even compare to the Galaxy Eye. A one eyed man with a glowing eye like the stars hence the name. He is known for several things flight, speed, strength, tearing his victims apart with his b...

  • Swan dive (BNHA)
    518K 19.4K 36

    Not all advice is good advice. But even bad advice can be better than it may seem. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of faith. Or a willingness to face the end.

  • Gone MAD
    68.9K 2K 8

    Midoriya Izuku, a hero in training and a simple child. But after days of being bullied, pushed and "useless"; He becomes more and more depressed by the second. Izuku started being a loner and passes time in empty alleyways or streets, hoping to clear his mind. Shiragaki Tomura, a villain. Almost everyday he notices I...

  • Right On The Edge (Quirkless Izuku Fanfic)
    120K 4.8K 38

    This is my first story. It's basically Izuku without one for all. Watch his guest become the world's first quirkless hero, or does he? Will there be an unexpected twist? What will happen when Izuku leans on the other side of the edge? You're free to criticize the story all you want, I don't mind mean comments. If the...

  • Clouded Eyes ||Blind Deku||
    75.2K 2.3K 22

    Izuku Midoriya, the young, super-hero loving kid always his bright eyes twinkling. That was until the incident. Katsuki Bakugou, the bullying friend of Izuku never changed. Until Izuku's incident. Both boys must learn how to come to terms with what happened and how their lives will always be intertwined. Agh, the stor...

  • Lighten up, baby (ON HOLD)
    13.6K 504 2

    Izuku has always been different in his childhood. So what if he likes to listen to death metal? So what if he likes wearing black? So what if he always makes self depricating jokes that may or may not be serious? He can easily take the spotlight with his amazing, super awesome, better than All fucking Might's quirk Fu...

  • cigarettes and blood (no one cares for the boy in the corner)
    48K 1.7K 14

    Izuku Midoriya really doesn't want to be a hero. At this point, he doesn't even think he can be. But UA is the safest place for him right now. Well, that's what he thought, anyway. or Midoriya has been missing since he was eight years old. Here's what happens when he is found. or even Karma is a bitch. (He really is...

  • apathy
    433K 23K 37

    ap·a·thy /ˈapəTHē/ noun lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern By the time that Bakugo puts his hand on Izuku's shoulder and tells him to jump off the roof, Izuku is already shattered beyond repair. Or, the one where Izuku gives up-yet somehow becomes a hero anyway. #1 in #deku (march 9, 2020) (june 25, 2020) (novem...

  • The emotionless hero
    68.1K 1.5K 7

    Izuku is cool..... izuku gets hit in the head and loses all emotions. will izuku find out who his parents are? how much quirks does he even have?