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  • drifting away (scömìche)
    609 32 5

    Mitch and beau get engaged in Paris, what happens to Scott and mitch's friendship?

  • Bad Baby Boy
    40.4K 1.1K 59

    He's everyones crush, guy or girl. He is also gay, and one of the only few in the whole school. Girls either want to get him into their mini skirts, or be his best friend. Guys are willing to take him to bed even if they are 'straight with girlfriends'. Teachers love how smart he is, and at one point his father was...

  • Pretty Girls (Scomiche)
    7.6K 1K 19

    Scott just wants to be pretty too.

  • Mind Over Matter | Scomiche
    34.1K 2.1K 17

    MMA fighter, Scott Hoying, struggles to cope with the loss of a friend following a tragic accident and can't seem to get back on his feet when it comes to his career. When all else seems to fail, Scott makes a visit to a respected chiropractor in the medical field in hopes that he can help straighten out his life. Wil...

  • • SCOMEGA • |Man X Man|
    22.6K 1.6K 42

    |SCÖMÌCHE • FAN FICTION| "Woah! You're pretty tall for an omega." Scott rolls his cerulean orbs at the now annoyingly redundant scenario. He sighs in exasperation, blowing warm air from his glossy pink lips. "Never heard that one before." His statement draws obnoxious giggles from his two best friends situated behind...

  • scomiche; broken (omegaverse)
    10.2K 1.2K 19

    Alpha Scott Hoying disappeared six years ago, and nobody could figure out his disppearance. The police have been looking for him ever since he disappeared, but Scott's given up hope on ever being found and rescued. But, what happens when he does get rescued? Will he be the same as he's been taught to be by the Alpha w...

  • Please, don't try to fix me. - Book 2.
    658 46 8

    Mitch and Scott are engaged. They settle things for their wedding. After all they've been through, Mitch hopes for the best. But will it be?

  • Numb And Frightened
    807 75 5

    Mitch was taken by a psychopath a year ago. In order to earn their freedom he has to assist in twenty murders. He's doing what he has to in order to save his sister and himself. But when a certain blonde boy becomes the next victim Mitch starts to learn that everything he's been told is a lie. Mitch's captor will do...

  • Twins??!!
    6K 235 21

    Pregnant With Twins. What No?

  • Unexpected
    20.5K 914 72

    Scott Hoying,25 a single gay pregnant man comes into a OBGYN doctors office to meet Mitch Grassi,24, single and Gay. Soon, they realized they unexpectedly fell in love with eachother.

  • more than just a fan. (scomiche - book 2) // COMPLETED
    21.8K 2.3K 37

    Scott and Mitch's journey continue after Scott is finally free from his possessive ex-boyfriend. They're a powercouple now. Will they be able to handle the new fame? Or will things fall apart? This book is filled with drama and the relationship between Scott and Mitch.

  • Different Paths to Scomiche
    11.8K 527 4

    Collection of oneshots, naughty and nice:)

  • Halo
    119K 12.7K 91

    "Angels have no philosophy but love." -Terri Guillemets-

  • Color
    193K 16.7K 135

    "Not everything is black and white." *Thank you AGAIN to the marvelous @kirstin_fanacc for the cover* **Also p.s. This is book 2 to Black and White in case I didn't make that clear ❤**

  • Smutty Scömìche One Shots (Rated R)
    5K 270 5

    A book of either very cute or very sexual one-shots about two choir nerds written by a teenage girl. Updates are very random!

  • Bubbles (Scomiche)
    52.1K 3.1K 30

    DD/LG Scomiche One Shots. !Daddy - Mitchy !Little - Scotty !Feminine - Scotty

  • Threats
    11.2K 1K 38

    Mitch was dared by his friend, Kirstie to send Scott , the most popular kid in school, a death threat. Kirstie dared Mitch to send it to Scott because she knew that Mitch liked Scott. Mitch and Kirstie took it as a joke. But Scott, not so much. Yes, Scott was the popular kid in school. Yes, Scott acted like nothing...

  • '05 Ford Mustang
    47K 3.3K 29

    "I take every boy there just to make out with them, you were nothing special, Scott." But he was. Scott was special. Mitch just didn't want to admit it. Not after they fought for so long and broke up. Scott had a hurt look on his face, but Scott isn't really one to share his emotions or burst out crying in front of...

  • Always Dark
    105K 8.3K 44

    (Blind Mitch AU) --Thank you @RoseGoldHeart for the cover--

  • Cookie-Cutter (Scomiche) - COMPLETED
    32.7K 2.5K 16

    Fifteen chapters showcasing the interesting relationship between Scott and Mitch.

  • Dollhouse (Scomiche) - Completed
    97K 7.9K 42

    In which a seemingly normal psychologist is actually a mentally unstable psychopath who's sickly obsessed with dolls.

  • this don't even feel like falling
    16.5K 414 2

    This was originally posted on AO3 on New Year's Eve 2015. fictionalcandie's notes: All blame for the conception of this fic goes to duvalu. All I did was write, uh, a few words to go with it. Everybody shout out to her for doing real actual writing for the first time in years, though!! So proud of her. ♥ duvalu's note...

    Completed   Mature
  • scomiche; arranged marriage (omegaverse)
    139K 7.8K 38

    Mitch is an Omega who likes to fight for Omegas rights but his world comes crashing down when his parents force him to marry non other than Scott Hoying, an Alpha who hates him. Will they be able to put aside their differences and make their marriage work? Or will their marriage fall apart?

  • Daisuki - Scomiche
    22K 1.3K 18

    Mitch lives in Japan. Scott lives in California. The two boys meet when Scott's class goes to Japan for a school trip. What happens when they fall in love, but Scott has to go to America again?

  • I'm in Love Now
    10.7K 421 2

    Mitch and Scott have been hiding their feelings for each other for a long time. But during the Australian and Asian legs of the PTX World Tour, their feelings finally come to a head. (Two parts, 11k words)

  • Cool (BoyxBoy)
    83 6 1

    "Why do you try so hard for a boy that loves someone else?" He lit another cigarette and took a puff, placing it between two of his fingers. "Because no one can make me feel as happy as he can." Oh, Mitch. If only you knew I'd take a bullet for your love. ~ A Scomiche One-Shot based off of the cold weather and 'Cool'...

  • See Through My Eyes
    9.4K 591 20

    When Scott gets a call from his boyfriend Mitch that he's been in an awful car accident, he fears that death is the worst case. However, he quickly finds out that Mitch may be wishing death upon himself rather than the hell they are both about to endure. The journey follows the recovery, and the new lifestyle both men...

  • Natural Disaster
    21.3K 1.3K 15

    When Scott Hoying is sent to a mental hospital the least he expects is to find love. --------------- cover by - @BonitaRogue

  • pet | scömìche
    11.5K 621 10

    scott is a little. he's stuck in an abusive relationship, leaving him broken and bruised. mitch is scott's best friend. he's always there for his scottie. even when scott's boyfriend starts to put him in danger too. +++ lowercase intended