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  • Wattpad Love Awards 2021
    1.1K 63 7

    OPEN For Submission ▪︎ Only Books falling under mentioned categories will be accepted: ♡Romance ♡Chicklit ♡ New Adult ♡ Young Adult ♡ General fiction ♡ Dark Romance ♡ Bromance[LGBTQ] It is all about love, so gear up and read the rules. Submissions accepted till 11 July.

  • A Curvy Girl at an All Boys School
    74.9K 2.1K 30

    Collins Prep has been an all Boys school for over seven decades, however, the new principal finally turned this traditional school for boys to a co-ed school where both boys and girls could thrive in this prestigious acadamy. Sunny turned out to be the only girl that registered that semester, making things abit akward...

  • Her Secret Love
    37.2K 2.3K 60

    What happens when a nerd falls irrevocably in love with the handsome hunk? ❤ (Note - Cover is made by me.) Top Rankings- #10 in #Sandhir - 21/07/19 . #9 in #Sandhir - 23/07/19 #8 in #Sandhir - 27/07/19 #7 in #Sandhir - 28/07/19 #6 in #Sandhir - 30/07/19 #5 in #Sandhir - 8/08/19 #20 in #youth out of 7.3k stories #2 in...

  • Her Unrequited Love (Completed)
    276K 7.8K 79

    Love is the thing which make life heaven or hell💕 Highest rankings #1 in Tamil out of 1.09k #1 in painful memories out of 328 #1 in Krishna out of 320 #1 in Meera out of 74 #4 in betrayal out of 67.4k #5 in women out of 10.4k #9 in girllove out of 1.42k #9 in firststory out of 20.6k #11 in non fiction out of 33.2k #2...

  • Married to my Giggle mug(weekly updates)
    2.5K 250 11

    DAKSH ELLI SHRAMA: An arrogant, sly & cunning handsome prodigy who is famous for his coldness for his entire university. He is a heartrobe of computer science department. Girls fall at his feet but he doesn't even bother to glance at them. Not to forgot he is the owner of Info tech software company which he is starte...

  • You came to my life
    524K 18.7K 56

    " What were you doing with him ?" his voice was low but husky.. Oh jiya just control... " It's none of your business Mr. Raichand. Its my life , So you better stay out of it. " I replied I know am walking on a thin line. But still he needs to know hIs limit . " Believe me my love ,As long as i...

  • Beyond Temptation (On Going)
    5.9K 748 20

    "Pardon me...Did I hear it right ?" Aadya was bewildered. Is it a dream or reality? "Yes.. You heard it right" Vikram's velvety voice reached her ears, as he tucked a strand of hair behind her left ear. His cold fingers slightly brushing her red cheeks..sending shivers run down her spine. "Marry us" Rudra whispered...

  • The Love That Bounds
    152K 9.1K 48

    Sanyukta Ahuja is her father's princess but heartbroken as her mother died when she was at the tender age of 4. Living up to her mother's dream she became a doctor, owning her own house and driving her own car, but the one thing that she always wanted was her mom. But she didn't know what secret her father was keeping...

  • Stepbrother Dearest
    913 55 29

    You're not supposed to want the one who torments you. When my stepbrother, Elec, came to live with us my senior year, I wasn't prepare how much of a jerk he'd be. hated that he brought girls from our L ll his rock-hard tattooed abs and chiseled 00000⁰ hated that he took it out on me 9because he didn't want to be her...

  • 1928 ✓
    47.6K 3.3K 30

    Rose Davies, a modern-day university student, finds herself trapped in the body of a 20s Lady, who had been brutally murdered at her time. Cutthroat gangs, fancy pubs and a new aristocratic lifestyle pull her into the hazardous world of Old London. An encounter with the Walker Twins, leaders of a subversive organisat...