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  • Nightmares
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    [A Wattpad featured story] " Don't check under my bed, Check inside my head. " ●but why does reality feel like a birdcage?● #3 in poetry on 17.6.16 Cover made using

  • The Thickness of Ice
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    This is a short story based on the poem, of the same title, by Liz Loxley Copyright © 2014 colourmerandom ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

  • A Note From Nina
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    She wrote him notes, he never responded. When she needed help, he wasn't there. When all was wrong, he disappeared. Life was crashing down for Nina, and there was only one person that could help her. Only, he wasn't around anymore. Copyright © 2014 colourmerandom ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

  • With and Without Dylan (boyxboy)
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    A boyxboy one shot competition entry.

  • The Best Friends
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    The story of me and my "friends".

  • Fred
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    I don't know how to describe it...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Spirit Within (A Disney Fanfiction)
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    Three friends, Sadie, Amber, and Prism are given a class project called 'Disney Through the Ages'. While working on the project, their teacher pulls the three friends aside and gives them a mysterious book with an old tale about a spirit that inhabited an old puppet. When the three friends read the story aloud...

  • Rant Book
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    Just things that get me mad sometimes. I'm doing this for therapeutic purposes only. Read if you want to. I'll debate with you on some of it if you want to.

  • Suicidal Poems
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    These are some suicidal poems that i didn't make so yea hopefully you read them i guess and some are long or mostly all and also the poems don't belong to me so yea and also please vote and comment if you want...

  • Love Poems
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    These are some love poems that i didn't make but that i like and decided to share with you guys and well hope you guys also like them and if you want you can vote and comment thanxs

  • Funny Text Bloopers
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    Collection of 'Funny Text Bloopers'.

  • Drowning in Black
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    "I am writing myself away, using my blood as ink." "I am left here, just these blood red words and a pen." The writings of a depressed girl, who is stumbling in her walk through life.

  • You
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  • Scary Little Thoughts
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    These are the thoughts that I believe all people, at least once in their lifetime have. The thoughts that you will most likely never say. The ones that stay in your head. They are not prominent, no, they're anything but. But in the end they're there.

  • Depressed
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    Quotes & my attempt at poetry

  • Extremely Short Horror Stories 2
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    1 - 4 sentence horror stories. Cover by @I_Luv_Oreos_Girl Daily additions!

  • Two Sentence
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    These are just some short, very short stories.... just cuz Most are stories of abuse... Some are just random things

  • Creepy Things Kids Say
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    The title says it all ;)

  • Teenage Posts
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    Teenage Posts

  • Celebrity Burn Book
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    The coolest burn book in town (Highest ranking #1 in random)

  • Girls Only
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    Definition: Girls Only - noun. Girls only means.. Girls only. It also means NO BOYS ALLOWED. 13+ please :) twitter: catietempleman instagram: catetempleman