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  • Trying to 'Tap' into Love
    1.3K 55 2

    After mean newscasters break Amy's heart with lies on public television while openly degrading her, Amy pleads for Sonic to show her even the smallest bit of comfort from his heart, reassuring her that he cares. Sonic's torn but ends up doing what he can to let Amy in his heart. Even through simple and small means can...

  • Sasaki-sensei [Haise x Reader]
    338K 16K 71

    In this story, Sasaki Haise is a high school teacher. About his past and his affiliations with the CCG will be revealed further in the story. This story is intended to be Haise X Reader fanfiction. But instead of using [reader] or [y/n] or [you] etc, I use the first person point of view [I] to avoid hassles and to ma...

  • you matter to me (karamatsu x reader)
    57.9K 2.2K 19

    "why do you put on this facade, Kara?" "because if I don't then nobody will pay attention to me. they don't anyway. I don't matter. I'm not important." "you matter to me." //angst

  • lovely (karamatsu x reader)
    14.8K 596 9

    // sequel to you matter to me // "won't you stay alive i'll take you on a ride i will make you believe you are lovely." slow updates!!

  • ~Loved~ Ichimatsu x Reader
    2.5K 127 1

    A one-shot that I was inspired to do by a friend. Hope you enjoy. (Art does not belong to me)