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  • Kotlc Crossover with Percy Jackson
    225 44 5

    Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase and Leo Valdez are on a quest and they end up in London. Meanwhile, Sophie foster, Keefe Sensen and Dex Dizneee are also on a quest in London they both meet up. Then there is chaos!

  • KOTLC LGBTQ+ Oneshots
    1.6K 77 9

    requests are open!!! some lgbtq+ oneshots for kotlc! angst, fluff, I do it all! well, except the nasty stuff. you know what I mean. but I do take requests! feel free to request anything you want, just make sure it includes kotlc characters and incorporates the lgbtq+ community into the story somehow :) disclaimer: I d...

  • Dear Keefe, - Love Foster | ✔ | #3
    70.5K 3.1K 61

    Dear Keefe, This is from my six years without you. When I was having trouble moving on. I hope you read these someday, and know just how much of a pain you were. Love, Foster -------------------------- #1 in kotlc ----------------------------- Review by @Daphiphi - EDITED to make sure there are no spoilers. This boo...

  • What is wrong with me (a Sokeefe Story)
    1.2K 34 5

    Sophie finally goes on a "date" with Fitz!!!! But when she goes all she can focus on the boy it the table in front of them... *doesn't happen until future chapters* This is a Human AU, and a Sokeefe story. A slow story, not a lot of time skips, never more than a day. Slow updates... Srry Best score 343?-Sokeefe

  • what are you reading keefe?
    561 14 4

    basically just your regular old kam story i might also do a sokeefe one but idk

  • Heart of Matter (Book 1)
    92 4 3

    Fitz had filled Sophie's heart with Shrapnel, but her stomach still did flips whenever she was with him. Yet Keefe has also crossed her mind. One day Sophie has a dream where she finds the feelings in her heart, and knows who her soulmate was meant to be.

  • Fearless - A Linhella Story [UNFINISHED]
    7.4K 318 18

    CONTAINS MORE MATURE CONTENT THAN ANY OF MY BOOKS. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK Marella Redek was never scared what anyone thought of her. She was herself 1000% of the time and if someone wasn't a fan of it, well then she could care less. And Linh Song loved it. She loved everything about Marella. Her fiery personality. The...

  • Caught || Kam Oneshot
    231 16 2

    Tam catches Keefe reading a fan fiction about them. Things get awkward. This is a human AU... yeah

  • KotLC oneshots!
    625 7 10

    Heyyy!!! So these are my KotLC oneshots some of them are happy, miserable and just action-packed while others are just fun happy ones! Some will be ships and some will be friendship oneshots! In this, my readers can ask for a certain one shot in the comments though! Anyway, enjoy this one-shot story! Oh and P.S all ch...

  • Kotlc Oneshots
    26.1K 694 59

    uh. so description... yeah these are just some kotlc oneshots and stuff... what the title says-- you can request stuff if you want but there's a good chance I'll never get around to it. matters on how motivated i am ...yeah-- also! all characters, settings, etc belong to Shannon Messenger, not me. unless i specify oth...

  • Always & Forever (Sokeefe Oneshots)
    388 16 4

    A KOTLC sokeefe fanfic, along with some oneshots sprinkled throughout the book. * I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING. ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO SHANNON MESSENGER*

  • A Way To Leave Their World Behind (KOTLC fanfiction)
    329 85 4

    A game for Survivors For those who seek to find... Leave their world behind... One Sunny afternoon Amy Foster was waiting for her mom to come back from work only to see Sophie Foster and her elf friends standing in her door way. She was surprised that they needed her help with an old human game. But the game isn'...

  • ѕσкєєƒє σηєѕнσтѕ ~somewhere only we know~
    55.8K 2.1K 51

    Sokeefe for the shipping soul~♡♡♡

  • Meant to Be
    77K 1.1K 29

    Who will she choose? The handsome boy she has crushed on for years and who seems to be perfect in every way? Or the sweet, broken boy who always supported her and stayed by her side no matter what?

  • My KOTLC Ramblings And Theories
    1.7K 147 15


  • Alternate Kotlc universes
    47 8 3

    Uh... well, I'd think it's kinda obvious but... um, my alternate universes?

  • Oneshots (Kotlc)
    46 3 2

    Um... title anyone? I'll take requests. Any ship. Except Sophitz.

  • Shipmaster: A Kotlc Story
    3.7K 213 26

    "Keefe, love at first sight," Sophie said "I have liked you from the beginning," Biana exclaimed to Dex/Tam "I never loved anyone besides you," Fitz told the chandelier I wish love was easier for them... (My description is horrible, but the book isn't so click on it) (Shannon Messenger's characters not mine)

  • Keeper of the Lost Cities: Somewhere [Completed]
    1.1K 45 15

    After Nightfall, Sophie Foster thinks she might finally have a break. But when she finds a close friend broken and unwilling to be helped, it's up to Sophie to save them. My first ever fanfiction.

  • we fell in love in october
    46 8 1

    a Marellinh oneshot based on the song we fell in love in october by girl in red

  • KOTLC: Never Kiss your Best Friend's Boyfriend
    8.5K 395 17

    Human AU. Sophie Foster made a huge mistake. She kissed her best friend's boyfriend. And Biana Vacker found out. Sophie and Biana suddenly find themselves fighting over Keefe, and Fitz, Dex, Tam, and Linh are caught up in the mess. But they don't know what Keefe is hiding. With the group seemingly split apart, everyon...

    59.4K 3.4K 71

    THIS IS A SHIP WAR FOR KOTLC. vote on all the ships that you like! I'll keep updating which ship has more votes so we can see which ship is liked more by the fandom! Also comment why you ship whoever you ship! Thank you @Alycorn007 for giving me this idea!

  • Internet of the Lost Cities
    597 16 4

    Dex creates a discord server for the Keeper crew, and invites EVERYBODY to it. This will end well. ships: Marellinh Sophiana Kam

  • KOTLC Oneshots
    2.3K 127 15

    I present to you, my nonexistent readers, KOTLC oneshots! There will be fluff, songs, cuddles, friendship and... I haven't really decided yet. This is my first writing on Wattpad, or any other site, so bear with me, please!! If there are any requests, (probably not), I will most likely accept them. Constructive critic...

  • The Brave Moonlark human AU
    501 30 10

    Sophie Foster is human. As her Adopted Dad Grady is battling Cancer, her mother Edaline is struggling to keep her family going. She sends Sophie to her new school. Will she be able to get through this dark time in her life? Or will she break from sadness?

  • Black Swan Project's
    540 29 8

    Sophie Foster is broken. Physically and emotionally, as she struggles not to lose all hope, she discovers that she is not the only one the Black Swan created. I DO NOT OWN ALL OF THESE CHARACTERS!!!!!!!! credit goes to Shannon Messenger on all characters except A few.

  • The Green pill- A kotlc story
    2.2K 88 6

    Remember when Sophie had to choose between the dangerous green pill and the white pill? Have you wondered what it was like from the point of view from one of Sophie's friends watching the allergic reaction happen? Well this is a short Keefe POV from that scene starting when she has to decide between the two. I hope y...

  • ᴘᴏᴏʀʟʏ ᴡʀɪᴛᴛᴇɴ ᴋᴀᴍ ᴅʀᴀʙʙʟᴇꜱ
    18.2K 640 23

    Drabbles/One shots about the ship: Kam (Keefe Sencen and Tam Song).

  • Accidentally Sophie Scencen
    5.7K 191 11

    Sophie and Keefe are the main characters in a school play for their school. After a game of Truth or Dare, something crazy will be revealed...

  • kotlc | oneshots
    1.8K 61 10

    .✫*゚・゚。.★.*。・゚✫*. in which the keepers gang fall in love .✫*゚・゚。.★.*。・゚✫*. keeper of the lost cities oneshots lgbt+ friendly i take requests