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  • One Last Shot
    413K 12.1K 38

    COVER CREDIT - @mahgadahling When play boy hot shot Houston Davis had no choice but to turn his act around or lose his NHL contract. The last thing he expected was his PR and management team to come up with something so absurd that it would actually work. Would it work so well that he would break the contract they mad...

    Completed   Mature
    4.7K 208 6

    The title says it all, but if you need a description den🤷🏽‍♀️ Hani and Kit are dating and things are going well when Hani becomes pregnant, but... they used protection. So how did this happen? Read to find out.

  • Cooking With The QB ✔️
    7.7M 253K 48

    "You mean your entire college career depends on me?" Axel laughs, his eyes twinkling. "Maybe..." I grumble, keeping my eyes on the floor. "Oh, this is gonna be fun." ••••• In the college of UCLA, there's one man who runs the show. Axel McSmith, the star quarter back of the football team. With girls constantly dro...

  • The Billionaire's Nanny
    2.4M 105K 99

    New updates every weekday by 9 am Thanks for 3k reads❤❤ "I don't care," Lucas snapped back, "get her out of my house and find someone else." "Lucas!" she scolded. "she's the first nanny the kids accepted without a fight." "We'll find someone else. For now, get that piece of shit out of my house, I can't fucking sta...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Brother's Best Friend | ✓
    11.3M 227K 45

    "Since the first day I met you I've wanted to do this so bad Holly". Just your average cliché wattpad story. Read at your own risk. You will encounter typical romance tropes and predictable plot twists but an overall good read. *smut warning*

    Completed   Mature
  • Sinnful Temptations✔️
    1.1M 26.4K 26

    MATURE CONTENT Lilah Myers has always been close with her brother, Micah. He is always supportive of her and is there when she needs him. She has grown up with one rule: no fooling around with her brother's friends. This isn't a problem for Lilah. That is, until Micah's insanely attractive tattoo artist, moves in wi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Off Limits
    3.9M 104K 57

    | Complete | REWRITING + ROUGH DRAFT | Riley Greene was all set for her summer vacation with her college boyfriend, Kevin. With her bags packed and passport ready, she was excited to go sight-seeing through Hawaii. All her plans came crashing down when Kevin decides to end their relationship...the day after graduation...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Brother's Best Friend✔️
    1.1M 22.6K 34

    You're going to pay for that." I whispered to her, making sure to graze my mouth across the spot that makes her breath hitch. When I saw her remain unfazed, I leant behind her and switched on the shower... causing a small gasp from her beneath the chilling water. Placing both hands either side of her head, I leant int...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unexpected
    2.4M 2.1K 4

    Amelia Hanlon is a sophomore in UCLA, intent on keeping her perfect life intact. But when her relationship falls apart, a handsome stranger becomes a fixture in her life and a friend from the past resurfaces, it's all she can do not to panic. Nicolas Silva is a junior and perfectly content with his bachelor lifesty...

  • Saved By A Bad Boy
    1.4M 40.7K 53

    Our moms were best friends. There wasn't much more to it than that. Every holiday, vacation and weekend, I was forced to spend time with Jax and his family. When I was four years old and he drenched my favorite blouse in ketchup, Jax and I became arch enemies...and then - somehow - we became best friends. But like I s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Opposite's Attract
    63.7K 1.2K 40

    (Completed) Nicklaus Tomas is the most notorious bad boy. Specifically, the Eastsides Gang Leader. Nicklaus has tons of secrets that he keeps in his heart for him to only know. Enter Claire Evens. The shy and the good girl or how people rephrase it to, Coles little sister. When Claire and Nick unexpectedly stumble u...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Fake Boyfriend
    77.4M 2.6M 99

    He was so close, his breath hit my lips. His eyes darted from my eyes to my lips. I stared intently, awaiting his next move. His lips fell near my ear. "Shut up and kiss me" He whispered roughly. A chill shot up my spine. I pulled back, staring at his eyes and leaned in.. ********** What happens when Alexis Dawson- "r...

  • Through his eyes
    60.4K 2.6K 40

    she softly tugged at the hem of my shirt to pull me even closer. We were so close our chests are almost touching, her fingers gently tracing across my jawline "I hope you're not forgetting that we re currently at Walmart" I murmured "I'm not - it's not like we are doing anything" she said below a whisper, I chuckled...

  • Minor Difference
    140K 5.8K 49

    So, uh....Who kissed you first?," I break the silence that filled the car. She turns her head to look at me. A small smile forming as she shakes her head. "Of course that'd be the first thing you'd say," She rolled her large brown eyes playfully. She surprisingly doesn't seem angry. She's loose, "it was Finn." My st...

  • Hoe
    319K 19.6K 31

    Don't judge a book by its cover.

    106K 3.3K 37

    what happens when an outgoing girl clashes with a quiet boy read to find out... #1 in black fiction #13 in urban fiction!!

    Completed   Mature
  • It Happens ✔
    180K 5.3K 42

    !MATURE CONTENT! "Are you checking me out?" I straight out ask. I have nothing to lose, anyway. "Don't you check me out too?" "You didn't answer my question, Brian," I say, rolling my eyes. "Fine, you caught me, but don't act like you never stare at me in class," he says, and I look at him, kind of shocked because tha...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Neighbor
    389K 12.4K 36

    He wanted Sex. He always got it. She had an obsession with him, but hated him for it. Landon Robinson was an asshole, egoistical, and most importantly a well known man whore but he was beautiful. Kayla Wright was a very objective individual and every chance she got she reminded Landon of the fact that he was, indeed...

    Completed   Mature
  • Best Friends with Benefits
    1.3M 33.8K 43

    "Amari, you guys have been best friends for too long. There's no way you two haven't done something." "We're just friends. Some of us can manage keeping our hands to ourselves." ---- Amari and Tyler have been best friends since they were kids, but, as always, people grow and things change. Amari, once boyish, begins t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Chasing Dylan
    402K 17.1K 60

    Dylan Gold was only six years old when her mother died. Soon after, her father remarried a woman that despised her. At school, her step-siblings pretend not to know her. Her life is completely turned around when gorgeous, Welsh transfer student and alleged "bad boy" Callum Gage starts at Glendale High. Taken by her c...

  • Innocence #1
    2.3M 45.7K 19

    Ella Mathews sees the world through innocent eyes. She is sweet, understanding, and everyone just instantly likes her. When she starts her new job at Collins Industry as a personal assistant to the head Collins himself, she wasn't expecting to be attracted to him. Blake Collins has everything he could ever want in lif...

    Completed   Mature
  • Onahi / Bwwm
    6.3K 255 10

    A weird but wonderful love

  • BFB (Bestfriend's Brother)
    48.9K 1.1K 33

    Hi guys my name is dakayla and usually I'm reading stories on here but something inspired me to make my own book so be free to tell me what you think. What will happen when Naomi falls for Matt, her bestfriends twin brother? Matt pushes me against the wall.I can feel the heat of his breath as there is no space betwee...