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  • The Impossible man (doctor who fanfic)
    89.2K 4.4K 52

    What if someone who can't exist, turns up across the street from you and asks you to run away and have adventures with him? What would you do then?

  • Between The Lies
    124K 2K 5

    When high school sweethearts, Lloyd and Tiffany, are found murdered in the woods surrounding Martingale High on prom night, all eyes turn to the five students who were with them in the hours before for answers to the mystery of their unexpected deaths. Someone knows what happened. Somebody's lying. The question is, ho...

  • Doctor Who and the Lost Secret
    117K 4.6K 20

    There are bigger secrets lurking in the universe. Too big for even the Doctor. And it all originates from one girl. Cali. A girl who can't even remember her own life up to the age of six. He should have known her secret. He should have been the first to discover it. But the secret was lost. Up until now...