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  • Magical Light Academy: The Holder
    453K 14.6K 37

    Synopsis Trix Yngrid Miwora is the holder of the Dark Golden Magic. She's the most important weapon for the dark empire to bring back the life of their beloved Dark King. She's the most dangerous magic user living in the Magical World. She has no intention to become an ally with the Dark Empire. They left her with n...

  • The Girl In The City Of Hinterland
    69.5K 5.9K 44

    Escaping from the person she hates the most. Elara found herself in a strange and perfectly fine abandoned city but it turns out that she unknowingly entered a different world. Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Adventure Read at your own risk.

  • The Lost City of Eriendelle
    249K 8.5K 44

    Celestine is the one and only daughter of the King and Queen of Eriendelle. She was hidden from public because she is considered as the miracle of the Royal Family and the gem of the Eriendelle. Also, She's the crowned princess of Eriendelle --the one who will inherit the throne of the Queen when the right time comes...

  • Conquerors of the New World ✓
    659K 33.7K 88

    VRMMORPG | TAGLISH | Unedited A Sci-fi/Fantasy Story ⋘ ───────── ∗ ⋅◈⋅ ∗ ───────── ⋙ The life of a gamer is perfectly ordinary. Eat, game, sleep and repeat. That's the life of Levina, the woman who never backs down, until one day, a mysterious phenomenon arises in their world, where reality and fantasy suddenly ove...

  • Alquemie
    338K 18.2K 60

    "She's not a mage or a monster or a magical being. She's not anything we know of.. She's not even human." "She's the most unique existence." "She's deadly." "The enemy of the gods." These are some of the words that describes her. But how well does the world truly know her? This is her story. This is her tale waiting t...

  • Elysian Tale: Flare of Frost
    731K 45K 71

    Flare Fyche Henessy is her name. Living an adventurous life across the four continents of Elysian Empire. She's a daredevil, blunt, and feisty woman of the Fire Tribe. Untamed like a tigress, hot as a wildfire. The woman with so much finesse, and messing with her, means meeting her hellfire. However, no one truly kn...

  • Luminous Academy: The Intellectual
    4.4M 28.8K 10

    Lucy Cardova's not an ordinary girl, that's what she thought she was. With her knowledge and intellect, neither did she knew she's beyond that. One incident changed her life and brought her to the other side of the world. The world of magic and deep wisdom. Traditional and is sophisticated. The world of Immortals and...

  • Dovetail
    177K 12K 48

    [Royal Academy's 2nd book] They won and they lived but will they be able to survive the emerging bloodshed? Seconds, minutes, hours, days-- no. 4 months have passed and they're still on the move. The newly formed Pharaohs have been sent to countless missions, probably for them to prove their titles. As secrets start...

  • Magisch Academy: The Heartless Princess
    1.6M 42.8K 66

    WARNING: Mature Content / R-18 / SPG Akisha Raven Scott a heartless woman who found herself entering a school that she didn't know that actually exist. She planned to be invisible to make her stay in the academy a peaceful and quiet one so for her to do that disguised as a nerd to hide her ethereal beauty. But unfortu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Andora Academy: The Reincarnation Of August [Completed]
    63.4K 2.6K 60

    Warning: This story contains childish scenes and cringe moments. "Do you believe in reincarnation? You were born as a princess. But, you're not really one. " Written by: OwSoyoung Disclaimer: I didn't own any pictures that has been used in this book. Credits to the rightful owner

  • Wonderland Magical Academy: Touch of Fire (Cloak PopFiction)
    12.4M 329K 50

    [Date Started: March 2013 Date Finished: August 2013] Date Published: June 4, 2015 This is a fantasy, Action, Teen and Romance Story XD An academy full of magical powers. This was about a girl who's discovering her own magical power. What would she do in an academy full of magics? All Rights Reserved 2013 [NO SOFTCOPI...

  • Lumina Academy: The Guardians (Realm Series #1)
    42.4K 1.6K 31

    Book 2 of Lumina Academy: The Golden Hope (On-Going!) *** Realm Series #1 Lara thought that there will be no problem anymore since the war between rebels and Elementlists is already done but she's wrong. Completely wrong. Because the god of darkness created a mess again that will put the whole Magic World into chaos o...

  • Royal Academy #Wattys2020
    2.1M 58.3K 54

    Luna. Every day it's a different version of itself. Sometimes frail and pale, sometimes vigorous and lustrous. Will it ever overcome its uncertainties and finally be free from being alone or forever succumb in darkness with the light shining out of its soul? She whose name is from a loyal companion, lonely and cratere...

  • Realm of the North
    33.7K 3.2K 42

    REALM SERIES #1 // COMPLETED Rhianna Dione Ferrer always wanted her freedom from her own family. She's the sole heir of their company's empire and when she ran away, a group of men tried to get her. And again, she ran away from them. Everything was a mess, her family, her decisions, her life. And when she finally let...

  • The Dangerous Princess: The Red-Eyed Lady
    1.7M 51.3K 55

    [Completed] Highest rank so far: #1 fantasy *** "And you're from?" "Earth, of course!" natatawa kong sagot. Natawa lamang siya sa sagot ako. "Specific, iha. Sa Witchery World ka ba galing?" And that caught my attention. I stared at her blankly before blinking a few times. "What?" As if she caught my reaction, she aske...

  • The Semideus
    1.2M 52K 51

    SOON TO BE PUBLISHED | "Lives in exchange of one life." Every year, the Olympus Gates opens for mortals who dreams to become a Semideus, a mortal favored by the Gods. However, one needs to take the Semideus test and must be prepared for the consequences. One will become a Semideus if he/she passes, but meeting death w...

  • Sirene (Published by ABS-CBN Books)
    5M 154K 22

    May isang pinaniniwalaang alamat ng Karagatan na kung saan may mga sirenang nagbabantay ng mahiwagang Perlas sa Hilaga, Timog, Silangan at Kanluran ng Pilipinas. Sa tuwing kabilugan ng buwan ay nag-aalay ng buhay ng tao ang mga sirenang iyon para sa Karagatan. Sa loob ng ilang libong taon ay napanatili ang pangangala...

  • ACADEMIA: Finding The Lost Princess
    3.1M 84K 41

    READ AT YOUR OWN RISK PLEASE. - - Academia is a World where magics exist... The Queen of Light Academia born a Child who have a Powerful Magic. She is the strongest of them all. One day, A war came so they fight but After the war, The Princess is gone... -- • Completed Highest rank achieved - #5 in Fantasy Started:...

  • ACADEMIA 2: The Broken Wing
    1.4M 42.3K 44

    The Darkness inside her is awake. Anger running to her veins now. Strong, Powerful and Fearless. Her broken wing is needed to be payed. But who will pay? Who will she trust? Who is the real enemy to her? Let's join again keira to her journey, oh scratch that, The new Keira... -- • Completed Rank #15 in Fantasy - 5/13...

  • Frankincense Academy: Enchantsia's Primary S-Class Princess [Completed]
    3M 69K 123

    This story is clearly fantasy. Language: Taglish ________________________ Frankincense Academy... A school of power users... Winthropians... Aquaellans... Gardaniahns... Flamarians... And Enchantsians... All come to this school... All... Except 1 kingdom... Ythyria... The Ythyrians who wanted to rule the whole magic...

  • The Legendary Princess
    1.1M 29.1K 57

    Highest rank #18 on Fantasy Highest rank #1 on Fairytale Highest rank #12 on Mystery Highest rank #7 on Random She's cold but sweet. She's strong but afraid. She's calm but reckless. She's quiet but smart. She's beautiful but deadly. Her name is Cassandra Icea Morriz Samonte and she's the Legendary Princess of Maje...

  • Deathbound [Published Under Cloak Pop Fiction]
    1.6M 63.7K 58

    A girl comes to destroy his world. A boy vulnerable for her existence. Their worlds collide and their fates are chained. Her existence is his destruction. His being is her weakest link. When the nightmare becomes a reality What are her defenses to live and survive? Alison has the ability to control human minds and...

  • Guardians
    6.5M 248K 45

    Standalone novel || Guardians are powerful spiritual beings, and only true Divians can use their powers. ( completed )

  • The Vampire's Kiss
    768K 44.2K 45

    Bloodstone Legacy #3 Laurelia Therese is a girl who strive hard on her study, hoping that it will help her to have a better life. Isang tipikal na estudyante na umaasa na magkaroon ng magandang hinaharap. Isang gabi, nakatakda na ang kaniyang kamatayan. But destiny didn't go well when someone intervene. Someone resurr...

  • The Vampire's Possession
    391K 21.9K 33

    Bloodstone Legacy #4: The Almost Lost Legacy How long they will try to defy the destiny? Story Started: May 18, 2020 Story Ended: June 22, 2020 Book cover made by: Hanahie_Sheena15

    Completed   Mature
  • Leam University : School for Mages | REVISING
    1M 28.4K 63

    University Series # 1 She's Aubrey Mae Clark, an ordinary girl in an ordinary world. She thought that magical things will never exist. She didn't believe in fairy tales, fantasy, magic or things out of ordinary. But when she took a step in a school she had never seen before, it was hard for her to believe that...

  • Magical Sacred Academy
    1.5M 38.9K 75

    Magical Sacred Academy: The Long Lost Princess #01 HIGHEST RANKING ACHIVED IN FANTASY A simple girl with an extraordinary life. Witness as Ayumi find herself in the middle of the war of charmers and a mission given by the Gods. Controlling not to be attached and fulfilling her mission while the unwanted feelings...

    Completed   Mature
  • School of Myths
    1.9M 36.9K 55

    Genre: Action, Fantasy, Comedy, Romance, Vampires, Werewolves, Supernatural, Harem Si Rain, isang 15 years old boy na high school student, kasama ang kaniyang ate na si Rachelle ang napunta sa lugar kung saan kinatatakutan ng lahat ng tao. Ang "The Den of Evil". Lagi kasing nasisipa itong si Rain sa lahat ng school...

  • School of Myths: Ang ikalawang aklat (COMPLETED)
    740K 15.8K 57

    Genre: Action, Fantasy, Comedy, Romance, Vampires, Werewolves, Supernatural, Harem Lumipas ang dalawang taon magmula ng mawala si Rain. Maraming nagbago sa kanilang section. Hindi na sila isang block-section, kaya ang iba ay nalipat sa ibang section; tulad nila David, Melisa at Krystine na napunta sa class wind-3. Nap...

  • School of Myths: Ang ikatlong aklat
    204K 6.4K 51

    Genre: Action, Fantasy, Comedy, Romance, Vampires, Werewolves, Supernatural, Harem Dahil sa kagustuhan ng kaniyang pamilya na lumagay na sa tahimik ay napagpasyahan ng mga ito na magtungo sa Travincial. Hindi ito tukoy ng kanilang anak, si Jared Euphemia at hindi rin siya nakakasiguro na hindi na sila hahabulin dito n...