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  • Anything For Rachel
    4.1M 226K 56

    ***Sequel to 'Roses for Rachel'*** Everything has changed, and the stakes are twice as high. Rachel's story continues.....

  • Theurgy: The Journey's Dawn (Book One)
    40.3K 3.1K 70

    #1 THEURGY SERIES Lyse Opal, a born simple farmer who grew up in a small village of one of the most powerful empires of the world. One that had stayed in peace, recently disturbed. Of many things, he wanted to preserve this peace, become someone to inspire others, like the heroes he is told. To become a legend. S...

  • The Painting
    118K 7.8K 94

    "It took me five seconds to fall. The impact on my chest jarring my body but not my mind. I suppose this is the point where your life is supposed to flash before your eyes as time itself freezes - and it did in a way. But I didn't relive my life physically like walking through an old memory, déjà vu in each step. It w...

  • The Agent's Secret Daughter
    27.2K 492 48

    *CRIMINAL MINDS FANFIC* ⚠️Contains triggering subjects⚠️ Madeline Diana just short of 16 has had a pretty chaotic life. Her whole life she has been surrounded by death until it had suddenly stopped. Around 5 years later it returned but this time even deadlier! She now has to face a journey full of pain, misery, loss...

  • The Keeping of Words | Spencer Reid
    170K 4.1K 55

    When the BAU is called in to consult on the case of a war criminal, Bianca Brown enters the life of Dr. Spencer Reid. With a soft spot in her heart for poetry, stars, and kind-hearted geniuses, the two literature lovers seem to fit perfectly together. Their love is a whirlwind of coffee and promises to stay - but such...

  • Sinner | Spencer Reid
    639K 14.3K 44

    "He tends to ramble a lot," she says leaning in closer. "I don't mind it," I reply. "Actually, I think it's kind of cute." Jaella Fox, an FBI agent with seductive skills is called to the BAU to help with a murder case. She meets a man with hazel eyes and an IQ of 187. Will all of her past secrets be revealed? Will...

    391K 10.6K 25

    └> 𝘀𝘆𝗻𝗼𝗽𝘀𝗶𝘀 ❜ . . . ♪♪♪ : 𝗌𝗐𝖺𝗇 𝗌𝗈𝗇𝗀 - 𝖽𝗎𝖺 𝗅𝗂𝗉𝖺 can you really put a past behind when it's full of bright red? can a ledger so dark and bloody be covered up? can it really be possible to run from a wave of a crimson past? because eventually, the wave will catch up. and the wave will destroy...

  • eurydice // spencer reid
    224K 5.4K 25

    "i had studied love so much. in music and in science. but i never really understood it until i met you." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ in which jupiter beauliu is too beautiful for such a cruel world. *completed on 4/24/2020*

  • DAMAGED // spencer reid
    275K 4.9K 39

    Meet the newest addition to the BAU: Dr. Adeline "Addie" Grant. Not only is she as smart as Reid, fellow doctor and (definitely not) crush, she's a total badass in the field. But a tragedy forces Addie to open her personal life up to the team and save the life of one of her own, and that's just the beginning. 🥇 #matt...

    2.3M 74.9K 41

    [COMPLETED] ❝ we need someone to replace blake and i think we should give her a chance. ❞ ❝ spence, she's a criminal. ❞ the four horsemen had earned the title of the most dangerous group that the behavioral analysis unit had ever worked against. luckily for the team, in their possession now was quinn carson, the membe...

  • 𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐍𝐊𝐈𝐋𝐋𝐄𝐑 [spencer reid]
    470K 12.5K 41

    ━━━━ 𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐍𝐊𝐈𝐋𝐋𝐄𝐑 〝 you know, your brain actually begins to deteriorate by age twenty-seven. 〞 〝 you must be so fun in bed. 〞 .・。.・ in which he never knew how to find love, and she can't seem to hold onto it. .・。.・ [completed 1/31/21] [spencer reid x female oc] [time...

  • BLACKBIRD | Spencer Reid (2)
    179K 7.5K 26

    ❝ EXCUSE ME, I HAVE TO GO KILL SOMEONE. ❞ ❝ I REALLY HOPE SHE'S TALKING FIGURATIVELY. ❞ ( BOOK TWO of FIGHT OR FLIGHT ) Scout Wiley was once in love with the abyss. It was her mistake for getting too comfortable. She knew she shouldn't have lied, that she shouldn't have messed with things out of her control. Sco...

  • FREAKING OUT ² ➢ spencer reid
    300K 8.5K 59

    || SEQUEL TO EASY WAY OUT || After quitting her job oversees, Isla Rafferty soon finds herself lost, alone, and once again longing for Spencer Reid; the man she left behind. [word count: approx. 184,000] COMPLETED.

  • MOCKINGBIRD | Spencer Reid ✔️
    1M 32.9K 68

    ❝ YOU KNOW, YOU'RE RUDE. ❞ ❝ WOW, YOU'RE LIKE A DETECTIVE OR SOMETHING. ❞ Scout Wiley has two sides. The loudmouth mailroom girl who hates coffee, and the trained assassin who never misses her target. Thanks to years of training, these lives have been kept separated. But after an unusual incident, Scout can't hel...

  • Searching in the Pages (Pirates #2)
    495K 2.8K 4

    *WATTYS 2018 LONGLIST* Second book in the Pirates series

  • Destiny [D.H.]
    317K 7.6K 103

    Eliana Hart comes from a long line of born werewolves. But... Two of her best friends, Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski, don't know that. Eliana's home life is far from easy. Between a neglectful father and an abusive mother, she's had a rough life. The night before the second half of sophomore year, she goes into...

  • AFTERLIFE º teen wolf²
    19.2K 552 12

    ❛ i didn't plan to come back from the dead, i didn't plan to be this way and im definitely not behind whatever's happening here. the fact you even think that shows how in your head he is! ❜ [sequel to mermaid] [takes place season 5] [h20: just add water x teen wolf]

  • flicker // peter parker
    1M 33.3K 90

    In which a young girl, Elenora, finds her father. And a curly-haired boy with a totally rockin' suit. disclaimer : i don't own marvel STEVE X OC!DAUGHTER BUCKY X OC!DAUGHTER elenora, Connor, Bridget, jade, Beatrice, Marley are my characters. plots are mine. Cover created + edited by @maddiewriter0108 disclaimer : the...

  • Wrong Number, Kid
    89.3K 2.2K 30

    Delilah Smart accidentally texts Peter Parker when she thinks she is texting her friend Ella. She gets to know the Avengers without knowing they are the Avengers. Through them, this little orphan makes some real friends. A/N: This is not my own idea. I fell in love with other stories and wanted to make my own with a t...

  • Always Silent, Peter Darling
    650K 24.6K 28

    After a traumatic experience at age 6, Peter Parker hasn't spoken a word. Most blame it on the fact that he witnessed his Uncle die in a horrible fire, this is only partly true. Now, almost 10 years later Peter is given the chance to finally speak, but will he take it? Or is the fear of his Aunt to much for him to tak...

    31.5K 1.3K 44

    [Sequel to UNORDINARY.] ❝𝐒𝐨, 𝐲𝐨𝐮'𝐫𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐥 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝? ❞ "Yes, that would be me." After finding a portal to another world, things begin to change for Vanessa, especially after Hydra's kidnapping. The secret is almost out, and there are bigger things coming in the near future. Bu...

  • poisoned 🕷️ peter parker [1]
    673K 20.1K 26

    Jessica Lewis has super-powers. At age seventeen, an accident in her father's laboratory would have killed her. But instead, she woke up the next day in a hospital room looking completely different and with a man who insists on finding out what can she do. Had she only known how much her life was going to change, she...

  • Punching Bag
    270K 7.2K 23

    "Hold on!" He asks vehemently. "What do you want?" I ask, irritated. His blue eyes widen and still manage to shine in the dim moonlight, his dark, golden hair looking like a halo on his head. America's golden boy he is. He hesitates at my question, as if he doesn't even know himself. "Why don't you come back with me...

  • Adopted By The Avengers
    175K 4.6K 37

    **READ AT YOUR OWN RISK, THIS SUCKS BUT I'M TOO LAZY TO FIX IT** The team didn't know what caused them to want to go to a foster home and adopt a child. Hell, they honestly didn't know half of the reasons why they did things, but this just seemed right. When things start going from bad to worse, the Avengers must dec...

  • No Choice
    67.2K 1.9K 12

    It's not like I'm here for a joyride or some other stupid shit. Apparently, I'm Tony Stark's daughter. Yay. A product of one of his past crazy nights out where he was a little less than careful. My mom decided to drop this on me last night, then left for work, whatever the fuck that is for her, then the car came home...

  • Opposites
    358K 9.2K 53

    She was alone. Not just in the physical sense, but the emotional one too. A girl left to fend for herself. That wasn't to say that she had no one to take care of her, she did. It's just... sometimes a group home isn't the most welcome environment. They always told her that her parents had a friend who would come for h...

  • Everything's Going to Change
    124K 2.8K 36

    One moment can change everything. My name is Charlie Davenport and this is the story of the day I was adopted by Steve Rogers.

  • Gangster Child
    179K 5K 55

    After living most of her life with an abusive brother who's on the run for murder, Sadie Holt is fed up with life in general. That's why she's a little more than grateful when the Avengers show up to rescue her. Only problem is, where is she going to end up with no one to take care of her? I guess that's a question fo...

  • My letters to you - Spencer Reid x OC
    186K 6.3K 41

    After the USPS creates a penpal pairing program, Elizabeth Mills is encouraged by her friends to sign up and talk to someone new. Spencer Reid, bored with only getting bills and advertisements in his mailbox signs up for a penpal. The two get paired up, and begin writing to each other every week.

  • Leah Stark - The Unknown Child
    266K 5.8K 57

    Abusive Stepfather. Check. Dead Mother. Check. Father who just happens to be one of the most influential men in the world. Check? When Leah left her home at ten, she couldn't possible have imagined that her life would get this complicated, this quickly. And yet here she was, having a DNA test to prove she was the one...