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  • The Descendant in the Greatest Show♣ ∂εscεη∂αηтs and the greatest showman
    12.1K 169 7

    Before Maleficent was brought down by her own daughter Mal, she tells Mal about a twin sister she has somewhere in the world.

  • My Bad Girl
    139K 3K 36

    See what happens when different worlds collide with each. A vampire falling in love with the oldest daughter of a dark Fairy.

  • Break This Down [D3]
    43.7K 1K 14

    "This is a job for pirates!" In which a captain joins forces with a deceptive soon-to-be queen to free the children of the Isle. or In which the Core Four and a snow princess team up with villainous pirates to save the whole of Auradon. "I'm in charge. Let's go." ==== #1 in Descendants3 // August 15, 2019 #2 in Carlos...

  • Hooked on You [D2]
    40.1K 1K 10

    "You're not just saying that, are you?" In which the daughter of the Big Bad Wolf and the son of Captain Hook find love in the most unlikely of places. "I've been hooked on you since we first met." ==== #10 in HarryHook // August 15, 2019 #14 in Descendants // August 24, 2019 #2 in Descendants2 // November 16, 2019

  • Special [D1]
    40.5K 1.1K 12

    "He's special to me." In which the daughter of Elsa helps the son of Cruella de Vil realize that there is good in the world. "You're special to me too." ==== #351 in Disney September 6, 2019

  • Descendants one shots
    57.6K 641 25


  • Descendants LGBTQ+ One-Shots
    395 15 7

    What the title says✨

  • 💚 My Dragon 💚 ~ Mal X Reader
    12K 223 17

    Your the daughter of the Queen of Hearts, Ever since you were a kid, you had a crush on Mal. Everything about her led to you getting butterflies. You had created such a great friend group with Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos. But while messing around the Isle you were chosen out of 5 kids to go to Auradon, to steal the mag...

  • Forgotten (Uma x fem!reader)
    38.8K 899 15

    Y/n is the daughter of The Queen of Hearts/The Red Queen. She was left on The Isle of The Lost along with Uma. Y/n was best friends with Evie before she met Mal, but was left and Evie didn't even have the decency to tell her she was leaving. What happens when Y/n wants revenge on the VKs? What if she falls in love tho...

  • Descendants: y/n wolf story
    9K 161 21

    A white haired lone wolf goes to Auradon where she gets the chance to find where she belongs along with her 4 friends. She also finds love with one of her friends. this is a combo of two Disney Movies. there are some clues in some chapters😉 Book 1💜 Warning: it may suck and this is my first book so yeah Enjoy!

  • OC Descendants Story
    428 14 13

    Madelaine is the youngest daughter of Hades and Maleficent. Her sister is Mal; her best friends are the crew, the VK's, the Smee twins, the Facilier's, & Dizzy; and her lovers are Uma & Harry. She lives on the Isle of the Lost and is a powerful villain kid.

  • The Other Daughter
    60.5K 1.2K 17

    Mal has a sister that she abandoned on the isle, promising to come back for her. Uma takes her in and they rule the isle together while growing feelings. But will that all change when Mal comes back?

  • Melissa Hades and Harry Hook's Daughter
    77.2K 1.1K 19

    Melissa is the sister of Mal but she hates her and her mother Maleficent so she lives with her dad Hades, Melissa is dating Harry the son of Captain hook what happens when Melissa finds out she pregnant and gives birth to a girl well check it out.

  • Elicia's Ice-A Descendants Novel
    319K 7.8K 73

    All Elicia, daughter of Queen Elsa, ever wanted was to fit in and make friends at Auradon prep. But when the four kids from the Isle of the Lost show up, and her powers grow out of control, will she ever find the life she wants? Footnote--I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS EXCEPT FOR ELICIA! the rest belongs to Disney...

  • Descendants 3 Daughter of Hades
    52.1K 974 19

    Harmony's loyalty to her father will never die but will her friendship to Mal survive?

  • Descendants 2 Daughter of Hades
    102K 2.3K 37

    It's been six months since Harmony and her friends saved Auradon from Maleficent, everyone is happy except for 2 very important girls. When Mal and Harmony feel like they don't belong anymore they go back to the Isle of the lost.

  • Disney Descendants Daughter of Hades
    265K 5.8K 39

    Harmony is one of the 5 kids from Isle of the Lost. She is a total daddy's girl and would do anything for him even if she has to burn down Auradon. How will she and her friends handle being in a new place? How will she be without her father for the very first time?

  • Descendants 2 & 3{Uma x Fem! Oc}
    547 19 4

    Malissa is the second daughter of Maleficent and younger sister of Mal Bertha. Malissa had tried her hardest to get her mothers attention, but it was Mal who had it all. She rarely lived with her mother, she mostly hung out at the docks with her friends Uma, Harry, Gil, Hannah and Hayley. What happens when after six m...

  • Parker Pan
    7.5K 177 10

    Parker Pan, new comers know her as Peter Pans daughter. But once you get to know shes the lesbian who can pull of any look. a lot x multiple oc's Disney descendants I know the description sucks

  • Princess of the Dammed (Blue Flames Book Two)
    25.2K 532 14

    Six months after Bens coronation and the discovery of the prophecy the VK's are settling into life pretty well together. All except Mal and Holly, With Evie with Doug. Carlos trying to work up the courage to ask out Jane. Ben and running Auradon Hayden being pponited royal advisor and Jay with Tourney and fencing, The...

  • Queen of the Underworld (Blue Flames Book Three)
    29.4K 651 17

    A year after after The first vk's came the head back to pick out the next set to come ashore and join them in the fairytail land of Auradon. Every child was welcome, until Hades tried to escape. His escape could lead to the closing of the barrier angering Holly beyond belief. A new evil arises one no one saw coming wi...

  • Princess of the Dead (Blue Flames Book One)
    73.4K 1.4K 17

    The Daughter of Hades is ruthless and mean. Shes scary and basically rules the Isle Mal has always been second best to her but she doesnt mind knowing the Holly was always gonna be scarier she was the daughter of a god. Maleficent and Hades are always at each others throat's. Unlike most VK's Holly and Hades get along...