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  • The Empress of Doom[ONC 2021]
    225 51 11

    "I am not the hero you want me to be." Enavee, a sixteen-year-old mortal teenage girl, lived with her grandmother and a two-year-old step-brother, Kosug. She lost both of her parents, just like Kosug at a very young age. Nobody knew who they were, nobody cared, not even her. Until one day royal guards came crashing do...

  • Gunmetal Wings | ONC IV
    44 15 3

    What do you do when your dream world traps you and leaves you powerless? Kanda is a normal college student, plotting her way through the darkness of undergrad for a breath of fresh air. With the pandemic in tow, she's stuck at home with her overbearing mother and absent twin brother as her country locks down for the s...

  • Lost in Music | ONC 2021 | ✏
    354 118 10

    A girl has been using music as an escape for over a year. It affects her daily thoughts, moods, eating habits, and memories... And the sad, melancholic state of herself and her family is not improving. Can she, and they, return to a happier life? *** Written for the Open Novella Contest 2021 Prompt 28. You're never...

  • One Last Adieu (ONC 2021)
    331 72 11

    She knew death was coming. Her name was Marina Stanfield and with her newfound abilities, eyes could be more than the window to the soul---they could be the window to the future. "Imagine all the things we could be if we weren't controlled by insecurity." -Bridgett Devoue She came to Marina Stanfield hoping to help th...

  • Z-BITES | #ONC2021
    1.6K 408 8

    The world as Evren once knew changed massively from doing homework to fighting for survival in a zombie infested planet. Countries were wiped out within months some even days. Bringing a global impact on food and resources. But the infected wasn't the only thing Evren had to worry about. Her last group encounter had...

  • Wandering Queen | ONC IV
    228 71 6

    A queen must save her kingdom from the rumbling that can be heard from underground - threatening to drag them down once again. + As the queen of the first Surface nation in a millennium, Komen has a goal: liberate the rest of her people from servitude, from which they could never leave on their own, from a nation in t...

  • Unraveling Eden (ONC 2021)
    332 73 10

    In Eden Rutledge's dreams, she travels to a distant past while she spends her days living in the shadow of her parents' expectations. As a founding family of the picturesque town of Echary, reputation was of the utmost importance, especially after her sister's untimely death. On the town's anniversary, the Rutledges h...

  • Let's Talk About Murder | ONC 2021
    756 175 19

    🏅 ONC 2021 || round one qualifier ❝A simple game of dares turns deadly.❞ ••• Truly devious by Maureen Johnson meets One Of Us is Next by Karen McManus. Orion Academy is the academy that every student dreams to attend. From lush green ga...

  • The First Gift | ONC 2021
    955 139 12

    Lara Skyborn has a destiny: to receive a Gift -- the kind of magic heroes of legend like the First Lady Elena bore and granted. Having trained and studied her entire life for a chance at the honor, Lara has always dreamed of one day being worthy of being bestowed a Gift. What she doesn't know is that with a Gift comes...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mask of Bone - ONC2021
    1.1K 201 14

    Zaketa presents a carefully crafted mask to the world; one of sharp edges, privilege, and bravado. Only those closest to her, her most loyal guards, know the real Zaketa. And she is so much more than what her warlord father has crafted her to be. In the somewhat distant future, disease and hunger is commonplace. The c...

  • Long is the Night | ONC 2021
    205 26 5

    US Army veteran, Trinity Llewellyn, once believed in myths and magic. But one fateful afternoon in Iraq leaves her scarred inside and out. Ten years later, she's lost all faith in fairy tales and happily ever afters. Her only solace is the wilderness, where she can lose herself in another world. She never expected, ho...

  • Pestilence Plagues | ONC 2021
    175 50 5

    Hayley Clarke was doing so well. Her secret was deeply buried. Nobody suspected a thing and that was how she would very much prefer to keep it. Unfortunately, things did not seem to go her way when a deadly virus began wreaking havoc upon the world. When the Mutant Hemorrhagic Fever (MHF) infected someone she held clo...

  • Love Hierarchy | ONC 2021
    626 185 17

    Power equals love. In a world suddenly dominated by obsessive matchmaking with the supernatural, it's a race to get the guys and girls who rank high on a global list. Zara Baier wants nothing to do with the craze, finding no interest in those with unnerving power. Yet, a surprise is in store for her as she finds her...

  • Never Sleep Again | ONC 2021
    588 122 13

    ONC2021 Prompt #32 - "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." -Edgar Allen Poe ___________ The Dream Snatchers--they're a group of ravens; they say they snatch our dreams through our breath while we sleep, and after it hap...

  • Sincerely, War Bird | ONC 2021
    283 35 5

    A child buried in history, now wears a different skin. Both in equals and rivals of magic and judgment. © arden reni. all rights reserved

  • Arsala: The Weapon (ONC 2021)
    392 77 4

    [ONC 2021 Round 1 Qualifier] Arsala has been training for ten years, lying in wait to be used as the weapon that she was brought in to be. But when push comes to shove, will she cross the line to what she has managed to avoid so long? The king has been kidnapped as a part of a political movement to prevent the allian...

  • NAINA ||ONC 2021||
    270 54 8

    Naina, a crazy girl, exiled from her hometown, accused of practicing black magic that took her parent's life. Her unique ability, unknown to the world. It burnt down along with her parent's body. Her name itself held deep meaning. Too many secrets she stored inside her, regretting every time why she did not heed her p...

  • Butterfly // ONC 2021
    184 50 10

    Based off ONC 2021 prompts 59 & 67 Viha Vivi Malik left Lovewood and never looked back. The dead-end town had nothing to offer to her anymore, or so she thought. When family persuades her to return home for a high school reunion no one asked for, she is forced to face some of her greatest enemies, including the worst...

  • Rebirth || ONC IV Entry
    73 11 5

    After drowning in a rescue attempt, Raiyu wakes up blind in a world where humans are hunted and traded by supernatural creatures. Worse, he is sold off to the enticing Vester Versipelle, a shifter with mysterious powers who just might need his help after all. With no clue of his current predicament, Raiyu strikes a de...

  • Immortal: Life After Death (ONC2021)
    30 5 2

    Side Story for an upcoming Vampire series. They begged the Devil for power. For immorality to protect their village from men who turned into beasts each full moon. Their souls were the price, one they were desperate enough to pay. The unquenchable thirst was only one of the consequences they would face for their actio...

  • A Tale of Two Vampires I ONC 2021
    3.3K 648 25

    Despite the fact their hearts no longer beat, vampires really aren't all that different from human counterparts. Some are kind, some are vile, and most are stuck trying to navigate the muddy middle. Enter our two vampires: One would never manage to fit all the candles on her birthday cake even if she desired to celebr...

  • The Last Werewolf (Vidar #1) #ONC2021
    1K 261 11

    After the events of Ragnarök, the God Vidar has settled in the nice and quiet city of Antwerp where he keeps an eye on the local paranormal community. Nearly a millennium later, Vidar is a grumbling bookstore owner by day and a lazy paranormal detective by night (albeit a slightly furry one during a full moon). The mo...

  • The Soulmate Paradox
    2.1K 336 10

    Once, Kang Jeong-Soon and Gregory Gan were in love. After a music festival brings them together in a flurry of first kisses, matching headphones, and off-key singing, they're convinced they're going to spend the rest of their lives together. But then Gregory leaves, and he never comes back. Two years later, Jeong-S...

  • Of Love and Death and Everything In-Between | ONC 2021
    923 182 18

    It's hard to get back to normal when you find out your life wasn't normal to start with. By some miracle, Ian and his mom survived the tragic car crash that claimed his dad's life. After making peace with his loss, he wants nothing more than to spend time with his family and a girlfriend who adores him. But when the r...

  • Hypnotics for Restless Dreamers | #ONC2021
    338 60 4

    1969. It was the year of Manson's helter-skelter, the year we put a man on the moon, and the year two strangers watched the world end in a mushroom cloud of nuclear war. 1966. This was a much better year. Well, for everyone except twenty-two-year-old Annie Edwards. Because it was the year she first saw the blonde-hair...

  • A Special Summer (GirlxGirl)
    741 131 17

    3rd Place: Humor Awards 2021 Sees a girl that will probably stab me. "Is this a wife?" Alexirae (Alex) is struggling with a mental illness that cause her to have short term memory and a condition to where she sees her life as a video game. Because of this condition Alex tends to hear voices. In an attempt to learn how...

    Completed   Mature
  • first love / late spring
    360 63 4

    fuck prom, let's watch the stars instead.

  • How to Pass Villain School [ONC 2021]
    144 29 9

    Blendyn tried to defend himself, but Grissom cut him short. "You didn't take the test?" "Not yet." "But you killed him?" "Ye-yeah" The headmaster leaned forward, focusing his round icy eyes on the nervous teen. "You're in." ~~~~ Ostentatious Villains Academy is probably the only place left on Earth...

  • Elevate | ONC 2021
    251 73 5

    How would you react if the elevator in your workplace took you to a different world at every floor? Sintra Magnus, CEO of America's most renowned charity organization finds herself as a player in a vicious game of wit and skill when an elevator ride with her rival company's boss takes them to a divergent world at each...

  • Diwa and the Monster Hunt (ONC 2021)
    180 41 9

    Four years after her mother moved away, Diwa's father is finally getting remarried. Diwa's life as she knew it is getting invaded by monsters. Again. *** Eight-year-old Diwa has never met her mother: she left long before Diwa could even remember. All Diwa's life has been just her and Papa. But that life is threatened...