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  • Fill The Gap (Misfits Series #7)
    2.8K 200 4

    A story about a girl with so many dreams in life but became a victim of bullying because of her teeth which led her to lose confidence-widening her distance from people and the opportunities that come to her. Will she able to stand on her own? Will she able to accept the reality or fill the gap that she has?

  • Misfits Series #10: Play the Part (SOON TO BE PUBLISHED)
    425 75 3

    Despite being labeled as a musically gifted person, 16-year-old Nike Biasca thinks otherwise. The reason? Her prosthetic arm. Thrown in a place where surviving is close to unimaginable for someone like her, the aspiring violinist sets off to explore the brisk, cruel world--away from the comfort of her grandparents' h...

    4.3K 359 12

    MISFITS SERIES #1 I am not a criminal, but they look at me with a disgusted expression. I am not a clown, but whenever they smile at me, it seems that I am the funniest person they've met. Their criticisms, their sharp-tongued remarks make me question my worth. I just want to feel the feeling of being accepted. I just...

  • Clear Your Heart (Misfits Series #02)
    676 126 12

    Akira has psoriasis, a skin disease that's been passed down in their family. She never had clear skin, but she has a pure conscience, a pure heart. But living in a judgemental society where judging flaws and imperfections seemed to be people's daily routine. See how she cope up with her imperfections and judgments peo...

  • Under The Standard (Misfits Series #8)
    141 20 2

    Rhaya was hospitalize for more than a week because she was vomiting everything she eats and she didn't have the appetite to eat. From 45kg she weighed down to 33kg in just a week. She was severely underweight, a literal skin and bones. She hates her thin body but still afraid of gaining weight. She eats large servings...

  • Unravel Your Crown (Misfits Series #5)
    396 69 4

    Misfits Series #5 Waking up every single day, hating herself, her own reflection, and her hair. That's how seventeen-year-old Elisha Sta. Monica lives. No extravagance. No sophistication. She's content being at the end of the line, bowing her head, and keeping her distance from the crowd. She's no princess but has a c...

    1.1K 251 28

    Misfits Series#6 Status: On-going Started: 02/05/21

  • Misfits Series #09: Along The Uneven Road. (SOON TO BE PUBLISHED)
    790 129 10

    ON-GOING. Misfits Series #9. (SOON TO PUBLISHED UNDER GRENIERIELLY PUBLISHING). An inborn uneven breast girl, named Rizanne Mian Tanjili. She's always bullying because of her condition. She's only child, so, that's why her parents are strict when it comes to her. Rizanne also known as Zanne. She never fighting back...

  • Omit Your Uncertainty
    259 51 3