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  • Broken planes
    7.2K 663 16

    Even when you love someone with all your heart, You can still not know how to do it right A story about how love is not always beautiful sometimes it's just ugly. And instead if being a part of us it consumes us as whole. TW::// contains mature themes, mentions of depression, death and se!f harm.

  • Hum tumhe chahte hain aise..!!
    213K 16.9K 62

    Fun loving, extrovert, musically inclined Mahir... Introvert, simple and quiet Bela... What happens when they meet? Hmm... they become friends... But what about love?? Well.. Love follows.. doesn't it always !?? Then what happens?? Duh !! Read on !!!

  • THE BET: a behir story
    92.5K 6.8K 38

    Love is phenomenal, love is unconditional, love is everything...but what when love is a BET!? MAHIR SEHGAL, a good looking, handsome college boy. The experts of the BETS..the winner of all. Bad boy. Flirt. A sawage. What happens when he's told there exists a girl, who may turn him down, everytime he'll approach her! W...

  • Zindagi... ab tum hi ho!!
    115K 11.8K 40

    Hearts meant to be together always find a way to each other. The location, circumstances or distance don't matter. Meet our protagonist, Mahir.. After being jilted, he has no interest in anyone. The only thing that interests him anymore is alcohol which helps him forget all his pain. So, when he runs from home to esc...

  • You're all I need..!!
    19.3K 3K 11

    What happens when you meet someone unexpectedly and it clicks... When you find the one that completes you, the one you think is meant for you... But... what if it's a little too late?? What if you find that special one when you are already married to someone else.. A Behir story!! ❤️

  • Ethereal | ✔︎
    2.4K 343 6

    Reva is not shy, not sweet and certainly not a cheerful person. She is smart, confident and a beautiful woman, atleast that's what she shows to the world. Series of heartbreaks and a family who never cared have led to the abandonment and trust issues in her. Having lived alone all her life she was used to it, until R...

    Completed   Mature
  • Until you♥️
    315K 26.6K 66

    COMPLETED ✅ #1 in indianlove on 6/5/21 #1 in india on 26/6/21 #7 in romance on 26/6/21 Opposites Attract? Maybe! This is a story where two totally opposite individuals come across each other. They start from cursing each other. The only thing which is common in them is their profession. Both are doctors. Let's s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ready, Set, and Cheer!
    53.8K 2.4K 45

    Julie Roberts is a straight A student, who is too serious to be involved with guys. Her life long ambition is to get into her favorite university, Chipgal, an international university that trains cheerleaders. Unfortunately teen sensation Laurent Nicolas comes to town, during the most important year of Julie's life, E...

  • Babysitting The Bad Boy
    25.2M 925K 39

    {#1 in teenagers} {#2 in fiction} {#2 in popular} "You better not tell anyone about this." "Aw why not? I'm sure your fandom of desperate girls would love to know that their precious prince charming needs a babysitter." I smile innocently back at his death glare. "I'm serious, nerd. I could make your life hell." ...

  • Love of my Life
    157K 5.8K 51

    EXCERPT You believe him to be the love of your life. What if he is not? what if you are wrong? when you think of having an apple life gives you a lemon which is what exactly happened in my life. "See I don't have time for your drama, I don't know what you have dreamt about this life with me but remember this I don't...

  • Destiny United Us
    43.9K 3.6K 12

    *Short Story* Mirunalni, an orphan yearning for love masks an introverted nature to survive in this cruel society. She struggles hard in her life and finally secures a job at one of India's biggest IT company Hope Technologies. Siddharth, our hero is the CEO of Hope Technologies. Even though he is from a wealthy famil...

  • My Indian Love
    92.5K 3.6K 36

    Xavier Rossi is topmost Italian-American billionaire ,who is the defination of a perfect man.topmost eligible bachelor in the country ,age 24. With his own multibillionaire company ROSS Enterprise Corp. But is also cold,strict mafia and every girl throws themselves to him,though he give them some one night stand but n...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Italian Billionaire's Lover
    26.6M 486K 34

    She's nothing like the classy, curvaceous, leggy blondes that frequent his bed...yet something about the bedraggled red-headed scrawny woman draws him to her, that he feels compelled to bed her. She thought it a cruel joke when he asks her to dinner. Why would this hot as--hell, jet setting billionaire want to go to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Falling Perfectly
    1.1M 37.5K 41

    In this sequel to Falling Helplessly, Miles and Isabella find each other again. It's as if they're meant to be. What will the future hold for them? ***** On Isabella Gallagher's twenty-second birthday, she runs into the love of her life who left her...

    234K 12.4K 59

    The sky was dark , the moon and stars have long gone hiding behind the clouds indicating the upcoming rain. She sat on the window sill with a shattered heart , her mind body everything was numb. She looked at the sky silently asking God , why . Why she has to be the one who has to be the victim , the victim of the cr...

    Completed   Mature
  • We Happened
    363K 19.2K 41

    Not everyone in the world has everything they need. Rishabh Jaisingh is successful and has every materialistic thing in the world but the only thing he lacks is emotions, happiness and love. His past has made me shut down all the possible way to find love but they say love has it's own mysterious ways to find you. Hi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stay With Me Always
    57.9K 2.9K 65

    "I'll never let anyone get close to me. Ever again. I'm never letting anyone break me again." That's what she promised herself but what happens when she meets somebody willing to break those walls and love her with all her flaws? The story is unedited. It may have grammatical mistakes and some spelling mistakes. Igno...

    Completed   Mature
  • It's time to move on
    304K 12.1K 39

    She picked up some item from the shelf and was about to turn away when I suddenly said "Don't buy that" I don't know why the hell I said that. I don't even know what she is picking. Scared that she might go away, I said the first words that came into my mind. She stopped suddenly and turned back to look at me. A look...

  • Agreement Marriage
    1.1M 52.6K 54

    Agreement Marriage, is a wonderful love story between two complex people. Radhika, a next door girl from a middle class family got married to an arrogant business man Arjun only for two years in an agreement marriage. Arjun is a man who has lots of dark secrets. Here their love story starts. Let's see how they both s...

  • Crossfire[Completed](Wattys2017)
    237K 11.1K 24

    When the love of Anna's life, the campus Prince- Blake Rendell dates her sister, Anna decided it's about time she kidnap the prince. In her mind anyway. Follow her crazy, hilarious journey of how she tries to get the prince with a drop of fairytale and twist of the Big Bad Wolf- Hunter hot on Anna's tail. And Hunter d...

    Completed   Mature
  • Long Distance Relationship | ✓
    109K 13.8K 38

    •• Cause annoying you is my favorite hobby! •• ━━━━━ Aditi and Karan are thrown into a long distance relationship within the first year of their marriage. Will their marriage win against the ldr demons? ━━━━━ Aditi : Karan Shenoy, stop spamming my chat box and focus on work! Karan: Why are you all wet? Can you do tele...

  • A Love Like This.... ✔
    363K 14.2K 40

    Completed. ---------- "Why is Parth calling you CEO?" He asked suddenly. "Because I am one." I said proudly. "But I don't know, I mean your company... maybe something small you do." Roy shrugged and rubbed the back of his neck. "Your mother knows me, Mr. Singhania." I smiled. "As well as your father. Well, we even da...

  • Got Somebody To Love... ✅
    1.6M 73.9K 63

    "Aaradhya, I just want you to trust me for once, Please Aaradhya." He pleaded literally begged. His eyes were fixed on me and he was waiting for my reaction. I stood there numb finally managing myself to open my mouth. "I believe you Riddhant." That's all I said and left. ________________________________ Aaradhya is a...

  • How to Woo Your Bride
    285K 15.4K 55

    COMPLETED! "I need time, please. I don't think I can be friends with you right now. I'm sorry. I really am," she said. Madhan merely nodded. This wasn't what he wanted to hear from her. Now he was at a loss of what to do. Did he overstep the boundaries? He did, his conscience told him. The girl just admitted sh...

  • His Lady Boss [#Completed]
    170K 9.6K 40

    Samy felt like her head was going to explode. She literally felt a bullet train passing through her brain and fighter jets piercing through her ear drums. At that delicate moment, she realized Sid's hands were on her waist, slowly sliding, as he twisted his thumbs through the fabric and was slowly lifting her shirt...

    158K 9.3K 39

    "Do you call this shit food? Make me something else!" A woman Noor couldn't stand for a single second screamed at the chefs and servers. She turned around at the sound of Noor's heels at the kitchen entrance. Arms crossed, eyes piercing deep into her soul, Noor took a slow, intimidating walk over to her. " no...

    Completed   Mature
  • Meant To Be His [MTBS #1] | ✓
    483K 15.7K 43

    • BOOK 1 IN MEANT TO BE SERIES • • COMPLETED • • STANDALONE • ~ "I was never yours." I retorted angrily. "Oh sweetheart. You were always mine. You belong to me. Only me." He told me smugly. "Once I made a mistake but now that I have realised you can never escape me. I will make you mine by hook or by crook an...

  • Unwillingly Yours
    742K 52.5K 106

    BEST RANKING:- #1 in Indian Fiction as on 01/21 #2 in India as on 10/20 Bonjour😊 As the name suggest Unwillingly but yours. Story of a simple yet mysterious girl Meera and Hell arrogant but Greek God Abeer. If you readers thinks it as a normal love story where they'll meet and fall in love...You Are Very Wrong.... "A...

    Completed   Mature
  • Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!(Only Sample)
    215K 3.5K 16

    Ranked #1 in Tamil! Ranked #2 in India out of 25k stories! Ranked #1 in Indian our of 12k stories! Suspense-Romance-Thriller! (Hehe I tried!) Dear readers, you can find this book on Amazon, Novel-cat, Hi-Novel, Web-Novel, Novel-Now, Libri, Goodnovel, Bravonovel, Popink. Yadav Rishid is a hot young business-man who is...

    Completed   Mature
  • First Love
    278K 11.2K 29

    Anjali and Aditya met in college and became good friends from the start. Just as their relationship is about to take a turn and they start to develop feelings for each other misunderstandings pulls them apart. They come face to face again years later when Aditya's mother arranges a marriage between the two. Aditya coe...

    Completed   Mature