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  • Invincible
    2.3M 163K 105

    "I didn't know you had friends like Isaac," Willa said in greeting. "I don't," muttered Jared. Isaac rolled his eyes. "Yeah, you don't. You have //one// friend like Isaac." His voice turned into this stupid mock whisper and he leaned towards Jared conspiratorially. "It's me, by the way."

  • To Have Loved [BxB]
    1.4K 104 9

    "'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." "That sounds like pretentious bullshit." "It's Tennyson, actually." --- Out of all the things that could go wrong in Kayden's life, the least expected was catching feelings for his rival. Elias Astor is annoying and cocky, and Kayden could debate c...

  • strange to hear «dps//anderperry»
    11.9K 514 13

    i whisper with my lips close to your ear, i have loved many women and men, but i love none better than you. o i have been dilatory and dumb, i should have made my way straight to you long ago, i should have blabb'd nothing but you, i should have chanted nothing but you. -walt whitman, to you ~~~~~~~~ basically just...

  • Kaleidoscopic
    163K 11.5K 75

    In the middle of Des Plaines, Illinois, three boys find themselves in a tangled knot of angsty lust and amateur love. Evan Webster has an average American life. When he isn't at swim practice or the movie theater, he's trying to make time to study biology. He likes Spiderman comics, chocolate chip cookies, and kissin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bi-Curious (BoyxBoy)
    40.2K 1.8K 55

    Local bad boy, Ethan Dechart, is starting to get worried about his friends as they start getting him into more and more trouble. Luckily, he's saved when he meets a new friend who shows him that he doesn't have to put up with his crew. College freshman, Charlie King, is handsome, witty, and compassionate, with many s...

  • Artificial
    206K 13.6K 20

    Auden is in love with Ethan, but he pretends he isn't. Ethan pretends not to notice.

  • My Bubblegum Prince ✔
    3.4M 157K 53

    Everybody knew Paxton Flynn was gay. Nobody knew anything about Sebastian Crown. Everybody had a crush on Sebastian. Paxton, well he has had his moment. Paxton's the popular nerd. Sebastian's the loner Jock. Paxton finds it hard to stop talking. Sebastian's always quiet chewing on a bubblegum. When these two worlds co...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lost Boy
    347K 18.9K 26

    Broken boys break hearts.

  • Brandon. Yes, THAT Brandon.
    178K 9.7K 40

    At West Crimson High, student population 500, one person's business is everyone's business. This is no exception in Brandon Shay Owens' case. The athletic, popular, top grade boy has no care in the world besides his father's acceptance of him and undeniable hatred of football. Until autumn of his junior year, of cour...

  • Loose Ends
    92K 5K 14

    super rich kids but nothing with fake friends, super rich kids with nothing but loose ends. Wealth is something that is desired by people around the world, a concept that fascinates thousands, leaving them unsatisfied with what they have. Some people work for their wealth, and some people are born into it. Caius Benne...

  • Why I Love Him | ✓ [SAMPLE]
    214K 5.4K 12

    [THIS IS A SAMPLE] Read the full story on Radish fiction. The link is in my Wattpad Bio. ---- Johnathan has always been helplessly in love with Wayne. Wayne, the top of his college's engineering class. Wayne, the student council president. Wayne, the best graduating student in their class. Wayne and Johnathan used t...

  • Why You Shouldn't Lend A Bad Boy Your Clothes
    3.9M 182K 42

    Everything in Jules Hatcher's life is going well: he has a girlfriend, a job and pretty decent grades. That is until he (literally) stumbles into Hunter Adams, the bad boy and player that everyone knows. Soon Hunter has managed to turn Jules' entire world upside down- and make him discover a side of himself, that Jul...

    Completed   Mature
  • Switching Teams (BoyxBoy) (Completed)
    445K 18.4K 37

    #1 in gaypride *********** ©MadnessReverie At this moment, it doesn't matter that Cara is all over me. It doesn't matter that her body feels all wrong pressed against mine. ********************************************* Brandon has a secret, one that he isn't ready to share. But High school isn't exactly the best pl...

  • Invisible Boy
    135K 11.1K 25

    Micah Greeneway is invisible. Not the teen angst kind but actually invisible. It's hereditary, a family secret locked up like Area 51, but that's not really how he rolls. Even with his mother's disapproval, Micah continues the vigilante life style. After all, it's not that dangerous, right? Because no one can see him...

  • Symphony of the Words Unspoken (boyxboy)
    307K 13.7K 26

    Jasper Whalen wasn't looking for love. Sure, he had a few relationships here and there, but they had all been with girls, and for him that didn't count. He didn't think he'd ever fall in love, and he had begun to accept that. So imagine his surprise when he meets Gale Woods, a mute street violinist. Gale was everythin...

  • Flat Tire
    186K 12.6K 13

    Every night, Jamie gets a lift home from his co-worker, Will. (Not so) coincidentally, Jamie has been hopelessly, desperately in love with Will for the last eighteen months. Will, on the other hand, has a girlfriend. And so it goes, Will drives Jamie home and talks about his girlfriend. Jamie sits in the passenger sea...

  • It Wasn't for You [BoyxBoy]
    206K 10K 16

    Colin Ray was dumped by his girlfriend Ellie and as the day goes on it only seems to get worst. It was just his luck when he decides to announce his love for her and Axel Harrison the town's not so necessarily "bad boy" responds. "I love you" he screamed at the top of his lungs for Ellie to hear and to his surprise a...

  • Obsession (BoyxBoy)
    259K 7K 10

    ****UNDER REVISION AS OF 6/24/2021 **** Daniel Davis is constantly picked on by the starring quarterback Damien Kane. Daniel has no idea why Damien is going after him, but he soon finds out when a new guy comes into the picture, Ethan Wright. Ethan is openly gay, but becomes very popular. As Daniel spends more and mor...

  • Loving You (ManxMan) ✔
    200K 4.8K 9

    The one where the jock and the wallflower meet after six years. - Alfie really shouldn't have gone to the reunion. He should have just stayed home and watched the Harry Potter marathon showing on ABC but his dad and best friend had urged him to. He learns a cou...

  • Camouflage (boyxboy)
    373K 18.9K 27

    I didn't have time for annoying boys. He was handsome, cheeky, and quick-witted; exactly what I didn't need. I could easily fall for this boy, and that was something I had to avoid at all costs. In some ways, dressing as a girl was even more damaging than being myself. Sure, I didn't get beaten up or mocked, but it di...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nerd Alert | ✓ [SAMPLE]
    5.9M 145K 12

    [THIS IS A SAMPLE] Read the full story on Radish fiction. The link is in my Wattpad Bio. ---- Alexander isn't your typical nerd. He'll say what he wants, do what he wants, and verbally bash you while doing it. That's what Travis, a soccer player assigned to be tutored by Alexander, hates most about him. Confusing feel...

  • Outcasts [boyxboy]
    390K 14.9K 11

    Jules has a problem- everyone thinks he’s a girl. When Jules moves to a new school, he finds himself making quirky new friends. Josiah, Lea, Jimm, and Chance are outcasts who have banded together, pulling Jules into their group as well. Jules finds himself being put into outrageous situations thanks to his new friends...

  • Stockholm Syndrome? ✔
    503K 23.7K 41

    ***Official WP LGBTQ account book of the month: November 2016 ❤*** ***#20 Action what's hot list: 9/14/17*** noun: Stockholm syndrome 1.Feelings of trust or affection felt in many cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim towards a captor. Origin 1970s: with reference to a bank robbery in Stockholm. Felix an...

  • The Art of Faking Straight
    1.8M 57.3K 29

    To his peers, Liam Kingsley has it all-girls, good looks, loving parents, and a best friend that'll fight for him until the death. Little does the school know that Liam's faking it. Faking it all. Fearing the loss of everything he's worked so hard to achieve, Liam forces himself to constantly keep up the act of a char...

    Completed   Mature
    2.8M 432 4

    (MAN/MAN)/(PREVIEW ONLY) His friends call him Toby. He's grown taller, firm, as handsome as everyone had expected. The man's dark eyes are open and honest when he speaks to the elders at church but wicked when night falls and he stumbles into his house, half boozed out of mind. I don't know what had broken the Tobi...

  • A Bisexual Story (BoyxBoyxGirl)
    163K 3.2K 35

    EDITING!! The heart is going to want what it wants. No and's but's or if's. Nikita is a gal that has the super model status even though she's still in high school. She is the most popular girl in school that every guy (and some girls) want. She loves the mornings and boy bands! Blake is a guy that pretty much likes t...

  • The Butterfly (boyxboy, Gray/asexual) -Complete-
    173K 11.7K 48

    ** Being edited ** Noah is a swimmer on the USA Swimming National team with his eyes on the Olympics, but even he may not be able to keep up with Mitch.

  • Superhero, Superqueer
    11.1K 762 20

    Everyone's different. No one is ever the normal person you think they are. Collin Ravok is no exception. With cherry red hair, being an adopted child, being gay in an era where it is once again believed to be sin (thanks to a no good politician), and on top of all of that being a superhero, life isn't the piece of cak...

  • My Mate is a Crossdresser
    229K 8.4K 16

    Anthony is a werewolf about to find his mate. Alex is a little gay cross dresser. This is a gay romance book. THIS IS THE ORIGINAL. THE ONE WITH THESE CHAPTERS PLUS MORE ON THE WAY IS ON @psychokenetic5 PROFILE.

  • For Him(boyxboy)
    142K 6.1K 34

    "You're cute." He said that to me on the night of my fourteenth birthday. It was Halloween and our friends had dared me to go trick or treating as a girl. Seth stole my heart that night and because of the feeling of life I got while I wore that black, form fitting minidress- I was liberated.