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  • Destiny
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    So, basically story ye hai ki Veer is a hot young guy and a responsible father and on the other hand Bani is like teekhi mirchi chulbuli nature and girlfriend of mahaan chep ji Jay 🤣🤣.. So, let's see how Vani will get married or fir chepu ka kya hota hai

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    No description...intro padhne mein sirf 2 minute lgega... pleeejjjjjj bache ka intro padh liyo😂🙏🏻

  • Vani Randoms
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    My thoughts ❣️

  • Beyond Great Darkness
    3.5K 476 12

    This is a tale of Aadinagin Bani and Cheel Prince Veeranshu. Follow them as they discover their friends and foes and how they finally defeat Markaat. (Veer/Bani, Tapish/Meera, Includes New Rituals, New Legends) Disclaimer- Nagin 5 belongs to Balaji Telefilms, Colors TV and anybody else that owns it. I do not claim to...

    2.2K 415 5

    "See, I told you, you cannot kill me. Your love for me is way more than your love for the country." "You're right, I cannot kill you. But I can surely kill myself." I point the gun at my head. Sparing him means betraying my country. But I don't regret the way I should. He's right. My love for him is way more than th...

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    so guys I am very excited for this story and and hope you all are also so let me tell you about this story .. this story is same as sharbhi song (BEPANAH PYAAR)but a little bit changes there is not vani there is sharbhi surbhi and sharad which make the story more interesting and unique I hope you like my story idea pl...

  • VANI (On Hold)
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    made for each other

  • Tere Ishq Main | VANI |
    2.5K 284 5

    A unique story of love and hate

  • My Loving Boss (Vani )(ff )
    2.3K 399 5

    The story is about the arrogant man veeranshu singhanai a ceo of singhnia industries a play who gets attracted to his PA and wants a onenight stand with her whereas Bani sharma a simple modern hard working girl girlfriend of nakul Mehta who loves her boyfriend to the core Lets see what happens Will veer ever fal...

  • Regret (Vani ff)
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    (College darma) Some decisions of are always regretful...But the decision that veer took that day was heart brokening for bani....and regretful for veer...what was it? Did bani accept his apology latter? Read now to witness these amazing saga of love-hate-revenge-regret...

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    Hello guys this ts is based on the story of naagin 5 couple Veeranshu Singhania and Bani Sharma. The story starts when mayuri and shukla give nagfani to veer and bani goes to nag mandir to get the medicine which is found there only . Hope you guys like it .

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    no description peep in to read

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    Its a dark love story of Vani. Veer married bani for taking his revenge.

  • Tu Hi Hai Ashiqui
    4.6K 966 11

    (COMPLETED) A horror story writer Bani Taneja brought a house to write her new story is she alone there ? is there someone else too?

  • Nafrat
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    Nafrat story is the story of Veer, Tanuja and Bani, Who lives in a small city Jaipur and have different plans in life. Tanuja in nafrat story has only one dream i.e to fly in London. The second lead Bani is a bright student and wants to become successful in life. The third lead Veer has fallen in love with tanuja le...

  • 3-4 shorts vani os
    7.7K 1.1K 24

    This will be a 3-4 shorts vani story I will update long but not every day 1-2 times a week This story might be naggin5 track or my own track

  • AASHIQUI 18+
    19.7K 3.5K 29

    Tu hi hai ashiqi, tu hi awargi ,tu hi hai zindagi ,tu hi judaa Kabhi kabar ek pal me puri zindagi ka pyarr mil jata hai aur kabhi puri zindagi bhi ek pal ka pyarr nahi milta ......... The story will take some supernatural turns later with lots of suspense, thrill and romance

  • Ishq Sufiyana ( Vani One Shots )
    4.2K 436 5

    Collection of one shots on Veer and Bani from Naagin 5

  • Complicated marriage life
    4.9K 1K 18

    The story is totally different this is a new track and u all gonna like this from the middle path and now u all have the ques that why I am saying this because the track is too much complicated and I wanted to write this one because it was too interesting And I wanted to say sorry to vani fans because I am going to d...

  • Tum hi ho ✨♥️
    2.2K 234 3

    what if bani and veer's parents fix their marriage ... Jay and shanaya cheats veer and bani .. veer bani agreed for Marriage .... Can this two heartbroken souls can love each other ?? Want to know just peep in the story.......

  • can i ever be yours (COMPLETED)
    12.4K 2.7K 30

    Veeranshu singhaania and bani sharma, two individuals devastated by the play of destiny... What happens when they cross paths? Will they find their true love Or ......... The characters are taken from the serial named Naagin5. This story has no relation with the storyline of the original show. This is strictly a wo...

  • Hostel ki Mahabharat
    1.6K 250 7

    So guys this is my 4th story on Vani💜 So you guys all have heard about school and college love storys but this story is totally different . This story is based on hostel life 💛 with to much drama and to much hungama 💙 To much crazyness and to much pagalpan💓 This is a love story ❤ This is dramatic story ❤ So just...

    7.8K 1.3K 15

    Veeranshu planned to kidnap someone for a particular reason. Unfortunately he kidnapped wrong person, Bani sharma. Later she became his nighmare and then soulmate vice versa.

  • Vani OS: Pura, Haq se
    1.3K 126 1

    Markat truth is out, finally hatred between cheels and Naag Nagins is over. Jai has turned positive and has fallen in love with Bani. Something happens that Veer free Bani from this marriage

  • Naagin 5 season 2
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    love story

  • Vani fanfiction
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    Here's presenting my first own story on wattpad hope you guys like it

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    this ff is not related to is totally different.all are simple human being

  • Love Beyond Friendship
    22.6K 4.4K 36

    What happens when the two souls who refers themselves as best friends are forced to get married to each other? Is it only friendship or something else? Will they realise their love? Peep in to get the answers for those questions and get ready to witness a different storyline here 😉❤️

  • His
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    Bani's feeling for veer

    Completed   Mature
  • The prince of cheel and the princess of naagin
    5.2K 632 17

    A story about a a prince and princess who hate each other but a shocking turn make them to fall in love

    Completed   Mature