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  • In Fair Verona | ONC 2021
    1.6K 355 14

    A historical fantasy novella inspired by 'Romeo and Juliet' After being stood up and then dumped by voice note, Kenna Fernsby is convinced that there was never a tale of more woe. Fortunately, she's wrong. Unfortunately, a temperamental goddess hears her thoughts. The next morning, she wakes up in fair Verona... or...

  • FALLING (onc 2021)
    783 29 15

    When Ariana arrives at the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, she has no idea how she got there from the modern world. The townspeople believe that in her, their prayers to the god have been answered, for they need the prophecies of a priestess to tackle the threat of invasion from the North. But as Ariana is not what they...

  • Alexis of Troy | ONC2021
    1.3K 260 15

    It's a legendary love story: Helen, the most beautiful woman, gifted to Paris, prince of Troy by the goddess Aphrodite. They fled Sparta and her husband, Menelaus, for Troy. Their love sets in motion the most notable war in Greek legend: The Trojan War. That's the official story, but I'm willing to bet you didn't know...

  • The Illusionists |Open Novella Contest|
    551 66 18

    In Torleen, the altar boy is shunned. In Crowsport, the brother is on the hunt. In D'Arcy, the princess is on the run. But all have unlimited amounts of time to love to die to kill to rise to become a master Illusionist

  • Rewriting Shakespeare: An ONC 2021 Novella
    108 9 6

    Sadie just wanted one night to wallow in her single status. She wanted to watch a sappy love story, throw popcorn at the TV, and blame Shakespeare for all her false delusions on love. But when she wakes up to find herself transported to London in the late 1500s, will she have the courage to critique one of the world's...

  • Anywhen | ONC 2021
    2.3K 244 5

    In the year 2210, Magna is sick of being unappreciated by her father. Back in 1840, Lord Edmund Worthington is less than enthused by an idea of an arranged marriage. --------- Magna Reign fears her father will order her to take a sabbatical after a full-blown love scandal turns into a media circus. To prove to him she...

  • The Highly Debatable Existence Of One Mina Maelstrom (ONC 2021)
    342 75 14

    The year is 1681 (or at least it would be if Time would mind its manners and wipe its feet). The British Empire has spilled into the lightless void between worlds, and a number of highly questionable deals with the beings within have allowed them to spill a little further into the dimensions beyond. No one is very ple...

  • His Second Best Bed With The Furniture
    104 8 10

    OPEN NOVELLA CONTEST 2021 ENTRY Watching Romeo and Juliet, adding with her broken heart, she began to ridicule the work as she drinks 'till her consciousness drops. Only to wake up in the era which the writer is still commencing on it. Funny experience at first, but all began to be severe for her heart and mind when s...

  • Open Novella Contest 2021 (WTT Promo)
    471 61 11

    The long-anticipated fourth installment of the Open Novella Contest is finally here! We challenge you to write a brand-new novella in the span of 13 weeks. Are you ready? This book features those entries which fit WattpadTimeTravel