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  • Kotlc, Hoo og Hp into the Hungergames !!! :)
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    read the name :) ill be adding extra characters including: Stina and Malfoy.... ill reveal no more!! by the way, this is the sequel to 'ULTIMATE WEREWOLF' and the story i wrote with SparKotlcAlicornGirl: 'COPS AND ROBBERS' bty the awesome cover was created by @--ZigZag-- go ahead and check out their graphic shop!

  • kotlc, hoo, hp roleplaying the game: ULTIMATE WEREWOLF
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    Hi! in this story HOO HP and KOTLC characters play a game together, ULTIMATE WEREWOLF. beware, this story includes: Group Physical Therapy, Teddy Bear Picnics and a Banana (Keefe calls it 'Bahama') Eating contest! this is my first story and its written by me -nicknamed MOCKINGLARK- and the amazing SparKotlcAlicornGirl...

  • The Team Of Valiant's Roleplay| Kotlc themed
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    Welcome to @TheTeamOfValiantss Kotlc Roleplay! Pick your character here...but don't just stop there! Write a short story about your character and have it displayed in our book! Join while you can!

  • The Fandoms
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    Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Sophie Foster and Katniss Everdeen have received mysterious letters from their worst enemies. Their closest friends and family have been taken, and the only way to find them is to find each other and defeat them. When worlds collide, who will win, good, or evil? This is a story combining H...

  • The Hunger Games Kotlc Style~paused until December
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    Alliance are made and broken. Plans and pitfalls. Love and heartbreak. It's the Hunger Games Kotlc style. This book is currently on hiatus as I am working on my NaNoWriMo project, so it won't be updated until mid December. Trigger Warning: blood, death, murder, gore (not super gory tho)

  • A Diffrent Enemy - A Sofitz Kotlc Fanfiction
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    Sophie is married to Fitz and they have three kids. A long time ago Keefe was turned by the Neverseen. Becoming evil. Now he wants revenge on Sophie and her family. Along with his wife, Marella he sets out for Sophie. Marella lost control of her flames and the council exiled her. She quickly turned to the Neverseen wh...

  • Kotlc High School!!!
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    This is what I think would happen if Sophie and her friends were humans and went to Kotlc high school! ( KHS!! ) Warning: includes heaps of typical high school drama!! :)